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[Pic ID: A fan art piece of Minecraft. A Moobloom calf rests on the ground as a Bee flies beside it. End ID.]

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double daffodil

philadelphia flower show (2019)

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blobs -

some blobs like to relax in odd places, don't eat them though!

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am really proud this one, specificly glass c:

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First Flower

Can I interest you in a baby? Our first flower to fully bloom this year.

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this is a very pretty flower and i wish this plant well!!

<s> additionally i feel compelled to inform u that upon first glance i thought it was giving me the finger, [incoherent laughter] </s>

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A tiny kitchen with a little cake prep!

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[short id: a digital isometric illustration of a warm-colored kitchen, the owner of which seems to have been in the middle of making a cake. long id under the cut.]

[id: a digital isometric illustration of a kitchen. The two visible walls are varying shades of pale yellow and orange, and they have a few cabinets/shelves affixed to them. The floor is tiled in three shades of brown, one outlining the edge of the floor and the other two filling in the middle. There is a counter along most of the left wall and a bit of the right, with cabinets and drawers underneath. Against one of these cabinets stands a wooden stepstool, put there to let someone reach the open-face cabinets above, which contain a stack of plates, a large magenta bowl, two smaller blue bowls, and a cup.

In the remaining floorspace against the right wall there stands a gas oven with two burners and a sort of rack between them. Above the oven, mounted on the wall, there are two small wooden shelves. The top one is home to a bunch of leafy plants, and the one under it holds jars of honey and jam. A string is tied to the lower shelf's underside, and several leaf-sprigs as well as a couple of plant bulbs hang from it.

The counter is covered in cooking supplies. On the portion of counter next to the oven, there's a red vase that holds spoons and scrapers, and in front of it is a large white mixing bowl with a spoon. In the corner where the counter meets both walls there's a bowl of eggs, a bag of flour, and a folded yellow towel. To the left of these is a cake-stand which holds a pale brown cake, partially covered in white frosting. Next to this is a bowl of said frosting (atop another yellow towel) and a bowl of something small and dark, perhaps chocolate chips. end id.]

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White-browed tit-warbler (their Chinese name 花彩雀莺 is far cuter!) are super cute small birds found across continental Asia. Photos via Courtney Noir

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don't ask questions that you don't want answered

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troublemakers in troublemaker town

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this looks amazing :0 did you use a limited palette from the start or just kinda go where the colors took you?

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[id: an up-close photograph of a bee sitting on a flower. The bee is dark in color and has two lil' antennae on its head. The flower, as well as other flowers surrounding it, are yellow with fourteen oblong petals around a greenish-brown center. The bee and the flower it sits on are in focus, while the other flowers are slightly blurred. end id.]

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Something yellow: *exists*

Me, frothing at the mouth: nice

im testing out sum new brushes/style ideas and thought id share! been havin' a lot of fun so far :D

[id: Sissselia sits facing the viewer, her snout pointed downwards and her eyes staring directly ahead with an urgent air. She is drawn mostly in green sketchy lines, but some parts of her are a bright yellow--her eyes and scars--one over her left eye, two on her neck, and a puncture scar on her chest. Lines extend out from her scars into the background around her--they aren't physically there within the story but are intended rather to draw attention to them. She has been shaded with a brush resembling rough marker. The background is uncolored. end id.]