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therainfallsystem -

so i'm doing math on harpy time and trying to decide how their calendar would work out, and by complete coincidence things are ending up similarly to the human calendar and i'm Mad because the similarity truly IS a coincidence and the math just Makes Sense that way

the star i'm using, zeta doradus, has a habitable zone at about 1.2 AU away, which would make a harpy year roughly 420 days long (blaze it?). harpies count in base 14 because they have 14 digits on their hands, so i thought, why not have 14 months in a year? but following that logic, why not have 7 days a week- but NO because humans have a calendar of 7 days a week, even though they count in base 10. so to be contrary, i Could do 5 days a week.

okay. maybe. so 420 divided by 14 is 30, divided by 5 is 6, therefore 6 weeks a month for 14 months a year. but that means 30 days a month which is ALSO like the human calendar, and i'm mad again because this calendar is marginally more logical and less arbitrary than the human one, but it doensn't look like it, it looks like i COPIED the arbitrary and silly human one, when i'm being LOGICAL

so tl;dr i'm pouting :<

beefox -

human math for day make no sense, base calander off something else. Don't have to be rotation of planet around star, could be base spiritual or similar

fallow -

oh that's true!

depending on what kind of society you're goin' for you could also have them base time off of events, like the first bloom of spring/whatever they have on their planet. That could be interesting because then sometimes their calendar would get irregular if something stopped the flowers/etc from blooming and they'd be "stuck" in one month or other unit of time until the flowers grew again.

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babushka -

american boomer moms with aschleyigh, kVIIIlyn and the like VS. soviet names урюркос, валтерперженкос, даздрастперма - fight

babushka -

while white suburban moms were looking for unique names, soviets were about inventing completely new names which would reflect the soviet culture, not be old-fashioned and the like. a lot of kids were named after Lenin, but not everyone could be Vladimir, so there were some different abbreviations of Lenin's name and initials such as Vladlen, Vilen to call the kids. Other names were abbreviations for popular slogans and big events in current history.