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Forest Study

Reference: https://unsplash.com/photos/jFCViYFYcus

Wanted to focus on creating depth within a piece and it really expanded into this study of hue and saturation. Spend only about a hour on this bc its something I did before jetting off to work.

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sometimes writing is looking through ur tree handbook to find out which bark corresponds with ur main characters hair colour

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This is my second favourite drawing I have ever made

I flex with this one everywhere because this is the only landscape drawing that has ever looked good comming from me :,,,,,,,D

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very pretty!! i like slight blur in the front show distance and how you did this with so few colors.....remind me of don't starve! is good.

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Curt Walters - Spring’s Quiet Hour, ca. late 20th century

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oh this is beautiful.............

[id: a painting done in saturated pastel colors depicting a landscape. The foreground is an open grassy meadow...beyond this a forest arises, trees with bowing branches like those of willows and pale leaves or flowers. A softly-brown chimney marks the place of a house largely obscured by the trees, though beyond the chimney, portions of the cherry-red roof are visible. Beyond the house trees begin to get taller and more varied in shape, notably including one which rises with a tall straight trunk above the rest, branches small and sticking straight out, holding up tufts of green leaves. The forest continues until it fades into the sheer cliff of a mountain, painted in muted purples and blues, that forms the background of the piece. end id.]