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beefox -

bee want talk bout communication.

lots people go "oh bee no talk must be hard cause hard communicate" but is like.

issue not bee nonverbal, before when verbal was still big issues.

brain just. can't.

no way work out word things right that allistics understand easy.

autistics better understanding bee but just is. not talk not issue, issue brain and words.

bee say prefer sign cause easier communicate, and is true! sign more information dense, more flexible, make more sense bee. but still struggle lots. get overwhelm. is just hard.

bee put on brave face lots, cause hate people say that should just learn talk cause communicate easier.

but no matter what, people always always misunderstand bee. very few people understand. real only other who think bee.

and just frustrate. make want hide, never communicate, hate hate hate. just wish people understand.

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autiestella -

stella got few followers under 18 & just want say

hey. take care of selves, have fun, & let no one take that fun away!! might feel now that need be "cool" & "not childish," but is silly & false. explore & go wild, hold onto love & awe & curiosity! being teen already scary enough, let alone if trying limit self & fit in silly mould. you deserve better treatment from self!

so! want dye hair? self insert & ship? experiment w labels? fun alt fashion? DO IT ALL, in whatever capacity you able!!
who cares if doesn't stick for long? prob not much WILL for very long time, & that's fine! is just part of live & grow!!

(understand many people have bad bad experience with aba

but just wanted quietly pop in and say is not always bad--obvs can be bad since so many people have bad experience but! times change and things improve and just wanted say that not all aba automatically bad; i [old enough to understand agreed to it] have aba and sat down and talk about what i wanted to improve, was not try fit in nt mold but rather try be able function around house pbbpjjfdkghtt learn to cook and clean and things like that since is hard for me to finish tasks, and i remember at beginning when agree to it person told me we could stop at any time, and anyway yeah just has been helpful for me get better at chores and para is nice and obvs manymany people not have this experience and end up rly bad situation but jsut wanted point out since seems mostly unanimous 'aba is bad' on internet that good aba is possible.

not sure if just different provider or different parents/age but hope other places get better too hope doesnt have to be badbad ableism thing anymore, obvs not everyone need/want aba but just, hope practice as a whole keep get better, just want say own experience since is different. hope have nice day!)

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autiestella -

one thing stella not understand
when post is supportive & inclusive, & someone (sometime even OP) say "share to make bigot angry"

stella hope if someone accept her as autie, is not to "make ableist angry," is cause they want be nice person who think auties are ppl
& if someone accept her as queer, is not to "make homophobe/transphobe angry," is cause they want be nice person who think queer ppl are ppl

someone of marginalise group is not object which only exist to make bigot angry
& marginalise ppl not need be remind ppl hate them just cause exist
is good alienate bigotry, but just being nice person should be done to be nice, even when IS in face of bigots

babushka -

people on the internet are angry and feel good about making other people angry because this emotion is easier to feel. but the thing is, bigots are already angry all the time. sometimes they're taking this anger out on marginalised groups, even. we don't need anymore of that.

i feel like, most of the time, purposefully making people angry doesn't really solve any social justice problems at all, not in the long run at least. but some people just like the thought of making others feel negative emotions, i guess, especially when they're (often rightfully) angry themselves.

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fallow -

ive been making somewhat cryptic posts on my character mal's worldanvil profile as the storys been going down, its here if u'd like to observe the chaos >=3 https://www.worldanvil.com/hero/mallory-yun

(fyi the story does involve school, a cult, and kidnapping and mal does curse, just a heads up)

babushka -

i like this very much

fallow -

=D !!!! happy!!

we're gonna make a group blog to put all the stuff from that story in so u can expect more related things >=3 we've only done three sessions but there are Many shenanigans and i heard wf was doing a podcast feature at some point and im totally gonna be on that train if/when its set up!!

(also we did just play again so expect more worldanvil posts lol)

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beefox asked:

hey just so know, bee support endo systems, and as is on your dni thought maybe want to know so can unfollow if want? are welcome to continue follow but want to be transparent so don't make uncomfy

idioticsilverware -

oh! thank you for letting me know! nothing against the endos personally, like as who they are (or people who support them!!) but I don't understand it. if anyone is willing to talk me through why they say they are what they are, then I'm all down for it.

at the moment though, it just makes me uncomfy based on what I know about them. its more based off if you want me to unfollow you, because that's one of the things that aren't a hard rule. no hard feelings if you do!!

seriously though, if you're down to talk about endos or if anyone else is, hit me up? i'd love to learn more but one of our alters is a hard no on the subject so we added it to our dni.

beefox -

oh sure! am not expert on topic but basically:

endos are systems not from trauma, which can make some uncomfortable cause maybe feel like that if can be system without trauma, then trauma not valid.

there not lots difference, they just systems like any other, often different difficulty but in end, brains are weird and science only really look at traumagenic, cause traumagenic most often need help so end up in medical system more. slowly research being done on endo, but still not lots. but they are people and systems like any other, and while lots of roumors about how they bad for trumagenic, but in bee experience they just that, roumors. every endo system bee ever meet (and bee meet prolly at least hundred) have been very respectful about traumagenic experience and stuff

feel free ask any questions have! am try answer, or ask friends who can!

idioticsilverware -

(response under cut bc this post is long)

i did a little research and it all told me the same thing: endos are faking. I'll do more research, from other resources, but I still don't understand how endos could even come to exist if there wasn't the initial split from early childhood. and how they could come to exist with the same disorder, like wouldn't it be another disorder if it wasn't from trauma? or at least a subtype, of sorts. and, how is being endogenic different from just having tulpas, at least subconsciously?

beefox -

ye, lots people say are faking cause no really understand, but spend 10 minutes with endos and is pretty clear to see they not.

they have lots of the things no one talks about, many similar experiences etc.

as why can happen? no one really know, we no actually know for sure how systems happen in first place, and the common "trauma before 9-12 years old" has been proven to not real make sense in more recent research (for reference, that is from one study in about 1980s, and personal who did that study actually lost their license for psychology for abusing their research for profit and keeping people in their practice, is real horrible that trial so be warn if look up)

if want bee theory: brains weird and just sometimes things don't happen "correctly", maybe is cause pieces no form together like meant to, maybe brain just created new people cause can?

in short: we don't really know, cause science only look at people who lives being detrimental from something, not people who function okay.

people can't really create tulpas subconscious, lots and lots effort has to go into making brain switch from "singlet mode" to "plural mode"

and think big thing that is important here is that system ≠ DID/OSDD, way bee usual explain is that did/osdd is systems where the brain is causing issues cause of trauma, but there are systems where brain doesn't do that, and so alters can work together better and as such aren't disorderly. a disorder by definition has to be detrimental, and some systems aren't!

lots people out there say endos fake because they scared. they scared that if endos real, then what if they aren't traumagenic, but endongenic, and their trauma didn't actually happen or wasn't hurting enough.

people get scared of unknown and different. they get scared cause they want be understood, and if they no understand everything about themselves, well that scary and no one wants think about that, so if say something not real, no have to think about.

other question to ask is why? if endos fake, why? there nothing to gain.

is not attention, most endos don't tell anyone outside system community.

is not for access mental health, many psychiatrists would refuse help them

is not privilege, all systems more likely get hurt by people, known as system or not

there is no gain to faking it, especially not for years, and even if are some fakes, why would be thousands? if not 10s thousands, who faking?

there is no sense to fake. so that conclusion must be wrong.

(plus, many endo bee know actually have big fears of "what if faking", and fakers don't worry about if they are faking, cause they know they are, is a conscious choice)

idioticsilverware -

that,, actually helped a lot!! thank you!! :D I understand more now

beefox -

just want check where you stand on endos now? cause not quite sure

idioticsilverware -

i'm gonna need a day to get more information and let everything settle out in my brain correctly but I think I do understand them now and are okay with them.

beefox -

awesome! if would like friendly discord that maybe help learn stuff (esp terms) can invite you one, server is very focus on learning and sharing so sure you no get yelled at or anything c:

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babushka -

saying religious people inherently have better morals/more value in the face of god than atheists is obviously wrong but... what made you think that the opposite is true? because i see a lot of atheist following the logic they're inherently better people because of their beliefs and that's not really something i wanna see. people have different morals and motivation to do stuff regardless of the prescence of religion in their lives.

mcatnip -

yeah!! the only thing the word "atheist" says about someone is that they don't believe in gods. That's It. there's no moral value attached to it

but, that said, people that yell about their atheism in every conversation usually are the ones who beleive they're better than everyone because they're atheist

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conner-kent -

All I knew was that I thought about good fortune, or love, or health for the person the item was meant for, and my thread would begin to glow. If I maintained my concentration, every stitch I took with the glowing thread would be like one word in an incantation, one ingredient in a potion, the whole piece working as a completed charm when I was done. There was a feeling, too, that welled within me when the process was working just right. A kind of deep-seated happiness, simple but complete, like the feeling that came with seeing a baby laugh or smelling fresh-baked apple pie or hearing soft rainfall on the roof. And though I was tired—and hungry—after working on a charm for a few hours, I was calmly content.

Torn by Rowenna Miller

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conner-kent -

I climbed the stairs to the base of the tower. My steps echoed into the night, the loneliest sound I had ever heard. There was no door, so I simply walked inside, into a round, empty room, open to the sky. I felt like I was inside a spool of thread; there were no windows, and the walls around me had no edges or corners. Where were the stairs up to the top? The room seemed to stretch the deeper I went inside. Its stillness reminded me of a temple, but there were no deities to worship. No incense, no offerings to the gods. And I no longer felt alone.

Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim

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creatorsguild -

Hey gamers, swimmers, and everyone in between!

Trying to find more people to reblog some tasty, tasty art from, so if you're a content creator, please give this a like or a reblog so we can look at your blog and give you a follow! If you have an art tag, you can leave a comment to tell us what it is so we can more easily find your stuff!

We have a heavy leaning towards visual art, so Digital and traditional art, 3d renders/3d art, physical crafts like plushies and the like.. but we also look at and share cosplay, writing, music, and stuff like that! Just know that we more so try to share original writing and music, opposed to fanficition and remixes.

Oh and one last thing! We dig deep when looking for art to reblog, so that older art that didn't get the spotlight it deserved will more likely make the rounds on waterfall! We want to give everyone a chance to have their art seen, so from time to time we'll be repouring really old art o:

and remember, we also have a discord server if you're interested! and just recently started using twitter!

Happy creating! Have a great day!

fallow -

this sound cool project!! main art tag "fallow arts" but also have doodles in "fallow scribbles" and more-

quarantine day 125(?) - 5:43 am

its been two days and im still laughing over compilations of flug saying jefecito. they keep replaying in my head i went to bed laughing and woke up laughing i spent most of yesterday downloading minecraft texture packs and thinking about how i should really work on my comic or do chores but no this is my life now i guess

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babushka -

I was reminded of пятидесятирублируй joke and i am really wondering if this kind of wordbuilding works in English or any other language.

babushka -

waterfy'all how do you say "send me 50 roubles" in your language, if you need to say it using only one word?

(roubles is money, but you can use your local currency, like "send me $50". you need to convey the message that the person you are talking to (presumably your family member) needs to send you a fixed amount of money in one word).

пятидесятирублируй doesn't exactly work in English since in English every noun can be made a verb with no hesitation. пятидесятирублируй is a verb, which can loosely translate to fifty-rouble-me-up, but that doesn't really count as one word.

what would you say in this situation?

fallow -

dang that's really interesting, the closest i can think of would be envíamelos (send them to me) in spanish but there ain't really a way to specify what you're sending or how much!

i'm curious to see other responses =0 this is a really neat question

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naiad -

oh no lmao i haven't eaten mcdonalds in a looong time and we had it last night and i woke up with stomach problems and i was kinda stuck in the bathroom and i called into work (because i always have to call another person from another shop and i didn't want to be in that situation and i also was worried about dehydration because of it. aannnd i was totally honest with the lady who i called in with but she was like "nausea and diarrhea are covid symptoms" so now i can't go in again for 14 days and i'm so embarrassed

fallow -

wowie thats an entire ride, hope ur feeling better-

reason am not on wf as much is cuz school end (ironic i kno)

was use wf to procrastinate, now that have free time mostly am doing other things like play game and draw x'D logic tm...

will still be here tho! just not all time. will defs pop on to post art am doing artfight and stuff! hope yall doing well!

see i like fer.al but think there is something be said abt how encourages the opposite of "leave place better than you found it"

is not big quarrel with game just...thing on my mind, as i run through pretty fantasy forest collecting stuff with the implication that am killing bugs and bats and stuff, pulling up rocks and plants and putting them in my pack,

is just something i think of. think this game have space to make statement if they want to about environmental stuff. obvs not want compromise core mechanic of game! but think would be cool represent more sustainable ecosystem instead of current world you take and take from and then grows back when you're not there.

(honestly when i started i did not harvest all the things bc i thought they wouldnt be able grow back if just clear-cut all of them. turns out they do just reappear which was not sure how feel abt that on one hand means no micromanage things on other hand it feels...off. misrepresenty i guess. do not want to destroy beautiful forest but game says is ok take take take no repurcussions.)

(i would like to see some discussion of this theme in game lore, maybe smth where npc says Sparks need change ways to some-other-thing instead of harvest everything all time, then see if players do that or not and update world from there? just think would be neat. would be neat make players think about what they're doing instead of just take all the time cuz maybe habit would carry over irl, habit of leave place better than found and stuff.)

what do you think?

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kanaya-maryam -

at some point some kind of little protomarsupial tried to go eat some delicious fruit and was bullied and, filled with the greatest possible case of sour grapes, decided it was going to instead only eat the poison-filled leaves of a tree that explodes sometimes

millions of years later their distant offspring now comfortably fills the ecological niche of being total fuckheads

*closes book titled the history of koalas*

is just me or is ironic that same people who take first amendment free speech out of context and apply to say, being banned from website and things, seem heavy overlap with people who want less regulation on corporation??

first amendment is for usa government specifically, government can't get you legal trouble for saying random stuff (except maybe hate speech? dont remember) but it dont apply to corporation bc corporation is private entity is not government and is not control by government

conservative ppl tend support deregulate market and stuff, not want putting restriction on company, but also tend use free speech as argument against [insert anything here] which usually ends up being say that social media place violate free speech by ban them but if social media was required to not ban ppl because free speech then that would be government regulation of corporation?????????so dont understand their logic there maybe they just not think abt it???

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babushka -

How do you hhhhhhh self compassion

darkhorsedouglas -

It's hard to do. My anxiety used to make me focus on my mistakes and nothing else. Like, getting nervous about something I did wrong 3 years ago.

The easiest trick I've found is to tell yourself "good job" for the small things. Did I get my dirty clothes washed today? Yes. Then I say out loud or in my mind. "Good job me." Did I stay calm while talking to a rude customer? Yes. "Good job me!"

Telling yourself good job helps with self-confidence. And helps you notice the good things you are doing. It's easy to look at the mistakes you make and think you're a bad person. But if you increase the number of times you encourage yourself it makes it easier to see the good things you are doing.

The final step is to change what you are thinking about. If you notice you are thinking to yourself that "you suck" or "you're so bad at this". Catch yourself and think of one of your "good job!" moments.

Ex. "Darn I didn't get the dishes done. I suck at being an adult." *pause* "But I did do the laundry today and cleaned up some trash in the living room. I guess I'm not that bad at being an adult."

babushka -

sounds like it'll help! thanks!!

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kidd -

seeing a well-meaning but ultimately stupid post circulating tumblr about the new pokemon unite game. the OP does the whole tumblr song and dance about how you're a horrible person if you support the game because it is being funded by Tencent.

if after reading that, you have questions, let me elaborate with some Lore before i explain my opinion

what is pokemon unite?

pokemon unite is a MOBA coming to the Switch and mobile devices, created by a partnership between the Pokemon Company and Tencent. i believe it is intended to be free to play.

what is Tencent?

what isn't Tencent? it's an insanely huge conglomate with international reach that is owned/operated in Shanghai, China. most people are familiar with the fact it owns Riot games and therefore League of Legends. it became notorious in social justice circles for censoring any pro-Hong Kong politics (and players) in Riot games. however, Riot is not the only company Tencent has its claws in.

while it is one of the biggest gaming companies--if not The gaming biggest company--in the world, its reach is well beyond gaming. Tencent offers streaming services, social media, teaching platforms, AI software, facial recognition software, movie production, e-commerce and online payments, etc. what it doesnt own, Tencent invests in: it has invested in Discord and Reddit, for example.

I can't even compare it to a western equivilent. it's way too big--it's like if Facebook, Google, Disney, and Amazon were a single company. it is everywhere. and it is watching. so...

are you a horrible person for supporting/playing Pokemon Unite?

no!!!!!!! Tencent is something that is so insanely huge and powerful that many people CANNOT not consume their products/services. living in China, I literally have no choice but to use Tencent and their services in daily life. my work depends on their services to function. it doesn't make me a bad person, nor does it make pokemon fans bad people for playing a free game by the Pokemon Company.

besides, again, even if you don't play tencent games, you very like use a product or service owned and/or invested in by Tencent anyway. if you're european or american, you likely use services/products free of Tencent that are just as awful in their own ways (FB, Google, Amazon, Apple, etc).

what's important is to be aware and remember there really is no ethical consumption under capitalism. don't let ignorant people who underestimate how powerful Tencent is make you feel shitty about enjoying a free pokemon game.

babushka -

I think i saw this post too, and i really don't like how it's worded. They could have just wrote the facts as they saw it: the game is funded by Tencent, like many other things, Tencent is doing terrible things, in case you don't know it, period. But no, they just chose to write "if you claim to support black lives and at the same time want to play this game, you are a hypocrite". It doesn't even matter if you know who supports who, you are a hypocrite anyways. "Mom, can I play this game about cute pokemons?" "Absolutely not, you racist piece of crap!! Get out of my sight!!"

I think people being guilt tripped by those kinds of posts are the very reason those posts spread.

kidd -

that is exactly the post i saw. i have since seen another one on the same topic which was worded a little better.

but even with the better wording, i do not agree with shaming people for enjoying a game sponsored/invested in/owned by tencent--even if they do know how terrible Tencent is. while well meaning, it is so...delusional to think not supporting one tiny free game by the company will matter. Tencent is just too big.

americans especially shouldn't be jumping on Tencent when we depend so much on Amazon, Disney, Google, and Facebook--all awful companies with their own amounts of human rights violations and censorship. i might be being too sensitive, but it comes off as so self-righteous and a little racist to target Tencent.

of course, if you somehow live your life without any of the mentioned companies above, then talk all you want i guess. but tencent is so ingrained into chinese society and daily life that calling anyone who supports is a bad person is just evil. it's a result of global capitalism and a monopoly that has been allowed to grow far too powerful.

fallow -

oh oh this make sense. yeah me i try minimize supporting company like amazon google etc but they still everywhere =| most i can do is just Not Buy Things but am still young so dont control money in the house, could probably do more than i am right now against them but have other things to worry about so dont really get around to it.. [more ramble under cut]

did not know about tencent! vaguely aware somethings Up in china high surveillance stuff some sort of conglomerate thing of companies fused with government?? dont know much about it since i dont live there but some years back saw article where china build diplomacy-meeting-place gift to a country in africa then country find out meetingplace is bugged, remember i talked about that and someone say china government does a lot of spy things like that these days.

is scary to think is company so much bigger than companies i am familiar with. didnt kno they could get that big honestly! is it so big bc it not have competition?

sometime i feel like i am behind in perception of world, spend so much time school learning history not present that could prob tell u more about ancient china than china now, at least if i remembered all the stuff they taught

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babushka -

really wanna address @kidd 's thoughts about Sinophobia in a separate post if they don't mind

I don't really know why this happens, but i guess, people really want to have something which is easy to hate on? Because when the actions of Chinese government started getting viral recognition, very few people started saying "Chinese government is bad". Most people just said "China is bad. I hate China" and so on. There was a wave of hate for everything made in China (which is a lot of things) or funded by China and it never really stopped.

The same thing happened to Russia before that. No one on the viral internet post says "Russian government is bad", everyone just says "Russia is bad". And if Russia is bad, that means it's cool and woke to boo Russian contestants on song contest, and uncool to even reblog pictures of Russian forests. Bad! Country!

It's so easy to label a whole nation or country as "bad", and i imagine that sinophobia got even worse since the virus... Why is this kind of logic, logic of someone who straight up writes war propaganda, is still allowed?!

fallow -

sinophobia is word for be racist to Chinese people right? if so then i wrote an essay on that! it has indeed gotten worse since the virus. lots worse. can share essay if people want read, was for english class but yeah my topic was racism+covid. was suppose compare with witch hunt in the crucible (assignment find historical thing where harmless group gets accuse of smth not their fault, mob mentality etc).

yeah is sad..people make generalization, try simplify complicated things...

which person you mention straight-up write war propaganda?

(also i havent seen original post so if something i say very off-topic is prob bc i dont have context ehe)

just woke up from this highkey stressful dream about going shopping???

i mean it was about more than that, i remember some other parts that I can't explain but

in the main part I remember, my family and I were going shopping, just at a normal grocery store, except there were all these protections in place, idk if it was for covid or what

and anyway I guess I wanted a pie? and mom sprayed whipped cream in a pie tin and I was like >=| is it vegan whipped cream tho (also how is that a pie) [food being vegan or not is a constant in my dreams I swear I had this entire one where I was explaining to dad that no there was not one single hot sauce bottle on this shelf that I had seen that I could eat because they all had milk powder really tiny in the ingredients list]

anyway yes it was vegan whipped cream and I was already holding the closest thing to a vegan pie the store had which was some combo of peanut butter chocolate and bananas in a wide paper bowl (not baked just called a pie anyway because reasons) so anyway ofc I scraped the whipped cream out of the pie tin and put it on my "pie"

and then later we went to check out

and this was the part when things started to get stressful

dream!me remembered there had been headlines about people carrying "pie alternatives" [for the record vegan pies exist and theyre delicious im laughing my butt off now that im awake] getting harassed but especially Black people carrying pie alternatives?? (hello racism getting a cameo in my dreams apparently) anyway I started getting nervous about that because see there were all these crowds in checkout lines and such and the parking lot...checking out went alright but when we were outside trying to get back to our car we were stopped by this guy who was a mashup of one of our family friends and tim minchin

it was his job to check our groceries (i dont remember what for) and he was kind of an asshole about it but we let him because we knew he had a gun =/

I held out my pie, assuring him it was just peanut butter/chocolate/banana with whipped cream, and he reached over and (with gloves on; gloves were required for the job) lifted up a huge chunk of it to my dismay and took a bite. He set the rest of the chunk back in the tin and I felt relieved (I really wanted to be able to eat that ~pie alternative~ later on). Next it was time for him to check everyone else's groceries.

My sister had some sort of candy, almost like large sprinkles, and he made a show of checking the sprinkles container and then using sleight of hand to (somewhat noticeably) hide some of the sprinkles in his palm and eat them. He laughed and I saw the sprinkles in the back of his mouth. I was mostly just thinking about how we were halfway done and we could go home soon and was relieved that things were going well.

Mom didn't have anything to get checked because she wasn't carrying that particular type of grocery (maybe it was sweets? maybe that's what had to get checked?) so now the guy turned to Dad and asked him if he had anything that required checking.

Dad stood there in his blue t-shirt, arms folded, photography gear slung over his back, no visible groceries to speak of, and said "Fuck off."

This was the part where I started panicking because, if you remember, in this reality the people who are hired to check sweets have guns. I knew that dad was pissed off because of the way the guy had been treating us but swearing would certainly not help.

I went up to dad and tugged on his shirt and tried to get him to calm down but he kept telling the guy to fuck off and refusing to answer the question of if he was carrying sweets.

The guy started threatening us. There was something about eyes?? like dad had lost two of his eyes and he had two left but the guy was happy to take care of that for him??? i dont know what was up with that, visually we all looked normal, but somehow we at the same time had different amounts of eyes and anyway I didn't want any of us getting shot in the eye so I was still urging dad to comply

another sweets-checking person who was dressed in a very specific white suit-type thing that i don't know the name of pointed a gun at dad in passing bc he saw that he was causing a scene

this dream did not resolve except by me waking up! end the story how you like but it would seem there was just about one plausible conclusion and it did not involve me eating my pie alternative!

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supermario -

Good luck with the art fight stuff, y'all!

fallow -

Thanks! =D

mathematics said: "#i have no idea what it's about lol"

Allow me to explain >=3

Artfight is an annual event that happens in July! It's about a month long and it takes place on artfight.net

Anyone can participate! There's two teams which people vote on the themes for throughout the non-artfight part of the year--this year's teams are sugar and spice, and past teams have been dream vs nightmare, sun vs moon, tea vs coffee, magic vs tech, etc! The themes are mostly just for fun, they don't necessarily affect the art you draw but some people lean into it.

How it works is basically you join a team and make art of the characters of people on the other team to get points! Drawing their character is an "attack" and it gets your team points, unless you attack your own team members, in which case the points don't get added bc thats friendlyfire.

Attacks get points based on how much effort/detail etc is put into the art! Art doesn't just have to be drawings; it can also be sculptures, 3d models, crafts, food...it's pretty expansive!

People join it mostly bc it's a fun art exercise and also other folks make art of your characters ='0 it's a nice community thing!

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guess relatldy
stella not see this enough & want say

you not bad person for intrusive thoughts ... no matter how violent or awful
you deserve love & whatever help can get, to feel safe in own body & own head

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on flipside, if you not someone w intrusive thoughts:
pls not reject person if admit to intrusive thoughts
intrusive is intrusive because thoughts make distress, & not mean any real desire
is scary & unfun, & not everyone in position where can work through - "just refuse think" also tends make worse, cause can force focus back there

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intrusive thoughts by definition unwanted

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@babushka said: "#you are not your thoughts #even in general i think"

yeye is important thing in meditation! the idea that thoughts are not you, just things that happen to you, and theyr influence by so many other things so when upset at self for thought just remember: it didnt come from you and it doesnt have to be you; what is you is your choices and random thought is not one of them

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guess relatldy
stella not see this enough & want say

you not bad person for intrusive thoughts ... no matter how violent or awful
you deserve love & whatever help can get, to feel safe in own body & own head

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on flipside, if you not someone w intrusive thoughts:
pls not reject person if admit to intrusive thoughts
intrusive is intrusive because thoughts make distress, & not mean any real desire
is scary & unfun, & not everyone in position where can work through - "just refuse think" also tends make worse, cause can force focus back there