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robot -

drew one of my d&d parties in the don't starve art style

only one here that's mine is antoine on the far left

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My verison of Maria Robotnik

fallow -

this is really lovely style, love how some parts you use lines some parts you dont! feels very purposeful and effective!

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beefox -

can peeps give bee tips how practice and improve art? bee try hard but not sure how get better

beefox -

@cjadewyton commented:

ye, bee still getting there, want more squoshy face like chibi cause think is cute and less circle, def not going realistic bee no good at that at all hehe

and thank thank will look proko c:

fallow -

helps me to look at artists whose styles i like, sometimes ya just see someones art and be like "i like how they draw noses" and then try draw noses their way and see how it work

heard people talk about their style be little odds&ends they pick up from other styles and thats true for me (experiment experiment experiment! =D )

also is helpful to--if program have "flip canvas" option to flip canvas and look at it backwards, can help with faces especially; if something looks off but not sure why is helpful to flip canvas

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goth -

i got procreate and im trying to get the hang of it 😭

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autiestella -

stella want... new art style
not replace just diff purpose
but so far remove off what stella normly do... how do train HANDS to new art style??

fallow -


do you need train hands or train brain?

for me to use different style i more need train brain, think about shapes in different ways and have clear boundaries on what this style is&isn't

but if is specifically hands for you, not so much brain...i don't have much more suggestion than practice? if you maybe doodle and see what happens then you could build off of something you notice in your doodling, or just doodle to explore

if you do digital could try using different brushes, i like to use different brushes for different styles to make them look rougher/cleaner/however i want it to look. obvs is not whole style but it's nice for my brain to be like "this brush is for this style" to keep organized

if do traditional is interesting the difference between pencil and pen/other ink! kind of have to do things different with the different tools because pencil you can erase but also it smudges, and ink can't erase but it looks bold and bright...

so yeah, i guess what i say is, changing what you draw with can change how you think about drawing while using that tool, so maybe this would help you explore new style?

whatever you do i wish you luck! =D

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Happy International Nonbinary Day

fallow -

i really like the way you used flag's color palette! it looks rlly good =D i tend to forget how cool purple and yellow are...

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experimenting with this silhouette style so here's a thing based off a "ring around the rosie" style song about covid some people on tungle made

fallow -

ooh this is neat! the style reminds me of this one picture book I read as a kid, it was a folktale and if i remember right the pictures were made by carving wood/stamping it [i think there's a name for that i just can't remember it!]

  • i like how Miss Rona [presumably thats their name, based on the text?] is looking out at the viewer =0 spooky vibes
    it's striking because the other characters are confined to the 2d plane while she is not!
  • is there a significance to which places you decided to fill in with white and which you did not?
  • i like the shapes you used here! the shape-forms feel simple without a lot of abstraction...like, i'm having trouble wording this more clearly but it looks like it could be an illustration from a children's book of fairytales or the like. like...the shapes look really clear and purposeful, and convey what they're supposed to without much exaggeration...like one of those things in animation where it switches styles to something that looks more like paper while someone is telling an old tale (or just talking about something they did the other day). [Hopefully something in this ramble conveys what I wanted it to, ehe!]
  • do you have the link of the post =0 if you don't have it on hand that's perfectly chill! i know how digging around the tangle can be hehe (also i bet sometime soon ill just open the app and it'll be right there for inexplicable reasons because The Void tm)
    but yeah i did not know someone wrote a song! this is a neat idea.

katiebirdie -

thanks for the comment!!

1. fun fact, miss rona seemingly breaking the fourth wall wasn't intentional at first- i drew her first and just meant to have the children looking her way, and only realized the effect half'way through drawing.

2. the white spots like the horns and the mirror (which looks more like a window whoops) are basically meant to establish the focal points, i.e. the characters' faces; people naturally look at faces when they're in art or real life (and even when they're not) so the white near/behind the faces basically helps sell it as the intentional focal point instead of it just being a consequence of human nature. it also helps balance the image, since it's pretty asymetrical with most of detail being in the house on the right. because the image is mainly black, a huge white space has the same "weight" as a bunch of small white lines, making it feel like both sides have equal weight despite one lacking detail compared to the other. it's still a little unbalance even so imo, but oh well.

3. i think i get what you mean? like, because there's very little detail in the clothing or faces (except maybe the boy's) and no shading at all it feels very wood block print-esqe, or like it could be a very pared down version of a more complex style. (a friend on discord also compared it to heiroglyphics, which is neat!)

4. yeah, here it is! it ended up more a lullaby than jump-rope song by the end, but it's still a very interesting bit of collaboration! https://yourfriendlypyrovampire.tumblr.com/post/618047230983749632/zebracakesarecopingmechanisms