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Looking at the star-filled sky, I sometimes imagine it as a flowering garden, sometimes a dark, dangerous sea, sometimes a taciturn face flooded with tears.
Nikos Kazantzakis, tr. by P. A. Bien, from “Report To Greco,” publ. c. 1961

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conner-kent -

Something slow and dark strikes me,
though just behind this agony,
I have held the stars in my hand.
Julia de Burgos, Bitter Song

crownedwithwisteria -

it's 12:30 am and since I'm only apparently permitted to have a single brain cell at night I have only just realized that I am an adult and that means if there is a meteor shower,, that is supposed to peak at predawn,, I can stay up all night watching the sky if I want to and no one will stop me

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Mermay Day 13 - Galaxy

fallow -

oooh this is really pretty!! i like how detailed the linework is; it conveys the emotion really well! (also the colors are ooooo)

goropancakechi -

Do you ever wake up and wonder if you should try to go to sleep again or just. Give up and stay awake

fallow -

yeah that was me this morning,

usually what i do is go downstairs and make myself some oatmeal (im always hungry by that point) and spend a bit reading/something similar. then when im done eating and ive sat around digesting for a bit i go back upstairs and try going back to sleep. doesn't always work but at least a higher success rate than doing nothing at all!

this morning instead i went outside and looked at the stars. the moon had already set but i saw jupiter as well as scorpio (which i mistook for orion until a friend corrected me!) it was pretty. being awake very early always makes me want to play guitar but i generally don't for fear of waking the family haha..

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I thought I'd make my first post a good one and share my most recent, non work piece!

I'm participating in a year long journal trade and this is a piece from one of those. The theme for this one is lineart. Each participant started with their own journal and laid out the guidelines for it as well as adding the first art. My journal is fanatsy creature themed and I'll post the pages I did for it soon. After the books have gone through all 12 participants we get them back to keep!

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oooh this is so pretty!!! the way you drew the hair is really neat, it makes it look very flowing. & i like the type of shading you did around the neck area too i didnt notice it at first but its very tidy and it looks cool!

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lost all motivation and havent drawn for a month, but hey, here's some bird

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As promised, one digital skitters. And now ya'll know that the inside of his mouth is white.

Bonus on a dark background:

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ailuroscorvus -

she folds paper stars

and puts them in jars

looks at them to remind herself

she does have happy moments too

-reifying happiness