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babushka -

@fallow asdfghjkl WHAT

fallow -

yeah i just saw this

[id: screenshot of a post by babushka which is blank except for the text "privacy badger has replaced this spotify player widget" and below it a rectangle with a badger head that says "allow once".]

and my brain went thats it thats the post

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fallow -

aquí está.........el imagen más significativo del mundo........

[descripción- una captura de pantalla del dibujo animado Villanos que muestra Dr. Flug en un pose de concideración. Los subtitulos se dicen "[Música] rich ricci". termina descripción.]

fallow -

@autiestella said: not sure how caption translate .. but make stella think of "rikki riki", glanni glaepur/robbie rotten's disguise from 2nd lazytown stage play >:o

thats the thing it doesnt translate it means nothing as far as im aware,, i mean "música" means music but rich ricci? nothing, nada, its just. i have no idea how it got there or why which i think make it infinitely funnier for me

i look what you say up and

[id: photo of person wearing pink coat with fluffy collar]

is this disguise?

is very nice coat fjdkslgjfh

mcatnip -


glanni glæpur í latabæ holds a special place in my heart, please listen to my favorite song from it

fallow -

................beautiful................................the hat makes it 100x better somehow, i support this mischief

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stop -

is it ok for me to troll my workplace's parent company?

fallow -

speaking as a kid who has never worked and is probably a bad influence: yes

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kanaya-maryam -

whats a queue?

kanaya-maryam -
  • [fancy pants avatar goes here] nerdt0pia commented:
    it's this thing where you set posts to be automatically posted while you're offline :O tumblr has one, I've never used it though

Hm I see. That sounds like it would be very useful. C: Maybe one day walter fall will have such an option. Until then I may spam. Thank you for explaining <3

kanaya-maryam -
            1. fallow commented:
              waterfall has it too


fallow -

hhow did u even do that to ur formatting x'D

kanaya-maryam -
    1. you gotta hit one of the Formated List Options
          • And then
                  1. Hit Tab Key on your Keyboard
    • Many times

    • it even works for bullet points but

      • only on the second press of the Tab Key

                                                • magical
      • tho I'm not sure screenreaders would like this formating? IDk.k

fallow -
                      • ye i have no idea how theyd read it lol but otherwise this is chaotic and im here for it

                        • haha maybe thisll make formatting transcripts of fallin' angels easier

                                                                - probly look really bad on mobile tho

beefox -


fallow -
                            • haha

                                                                                                                              - i dont know

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goropancakechi -

Almost trips over my own feet while carrying a filled glass and an open water bottle


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An Anonymous user asked:

Do you ship Rav-e-Oli???????????


They gay af


ravioli -

I guess but not my fav rarepair

fallow reblogged kanaya-maryam
kanaya-maryam -

I miss when tumblr had 'reply with image' on peoples posts. You could upload the dumbest shit to random posts and nobody could delete it, not even the op.

fallow -

djkfjgh ive heard tell of ye olde times in which u could even edit other ppls' posts when reblogging them...are the legends true??

kanaya-maryam -

OH YEAH. You could edit other people's text or photo posts to say anything and it would look like they had originally posted that. I did gently misuse that to poke harmful fun at old mutuals.

I liked that you could edit other people's text posts for RPing because otherwise you'd end up with enormous text posts that were, no exageration, 20 inches long on your screen and shoved off the post entirely due to the old quote system.

I also remember that you could change images in photosets. So if you had a photoset of flower pictures, someone could reblog that post, and you could edit your photoset to have something else such as Sonic the Hedgehog.

So on the dashboard you would still the original photoset of flower pics, but on a reblogged version on their blog, you would see a photoset of Sonic the Hedgehog.

And oh yeah, they used to have <big> and <small> html tags that you could stack. The tag <big> stacked multiple times caused fonts to enlarge until you'd see size 64px words on your screen. And of course it caused the text post to become an enormous slog to scroll by. I think this was around or before the original xkit, but during missing e. So you couldn't block posts from appearing. You'd have to unfollow the person or wait until the dashboard cleared it.

Tumblr is a shitty website and I love it*.

*the normal aesthetic blogs I follow, not so much all the godawful people on it.

fallow -


that sounds both delightfully and terrifyingly chaotic. i am Amused

i do remember seeing posts with the old quote system that'd be reduced to letters stacked on top of each other cuz too many people had added stuff to the post...man. imagining the big/small tags and quote system working in tandem makes me have questions honeslty dkjfgh

chicory asked:


  • your marble story (iconic btw) reminded me of. something I did. it's time for: the sibling saga.
    background info:

    • sorry to break it to you but im the evil older sibling in this here establishment

    • i have one human sibling and shes great but as my dad put it when i was younger i was a little shit. i can confirm this, he basically sat me down and tried to explain to me that other folks have feelings. i didnt get it lmao-

      • so naturally i was really mean to her but in creative ways so its fine riiiiight /j
    • we bought this tube from the toy store. it's one of those ones that you swing around like a helicopter and it goes wOoOWooOoOoooOo at different notes depending on how fast you swing it.

    • we have a bunk bed. i am on the top of the bunk bed and she is on the bottom. we put the noise tube between the top bed and the wall so each of us had one end and we could talk to each other at night with basically a weirdass modern equivalent of two cans on a string.

      • recall again that im like eight to ten years old and i am a little shit.
    • so one night we're talking and she mentions she's hungry. i say 'oh i have something you can eat'

      • the foolish lass has not learned any better than to trust the fey. she says oh ok
    • 'should i send it down the tube?'

      • the foolish lass has not learned better than to trust the fey. she says oh ok
    • i roll a marble down the tube.


thats it thats the post- (dont worry shes fine she just has a chipped tooth and we're basically best friends nowadays)

  • other shenanigans include that time i got her to sign a contract agreeing to temporarily become my dog whenever i said a code word. the contract specified that she would be bound by its terms forever. this was not the first nor the last time i pulled something of the sort.

  • i am still Like That but nowadays rather more toned-down and benevolent because I no longer have the unburdened amorality of early childhood. however this tendency did lead to some friction in middle school.

corky-deactivated-2020MayWed-200513010536-3133 -

someone please convince me not 2 steal a witches hat cone from the bunch on my street i want 2 wear one as a hat @ my wedding n i know i can just buy one but it doesn't feel the same, nothing quite has the same pizzazz as petty theft of government property

corky-deactivated-2020MayWed-200513010536-3133 -

the government retrieved them before i was able 2 act, however, as i went on a walk i found another street approximately 1.5 km away that was having the same servicing done n i am incredibly tempted 2 go back n get one but this Extreme Stealth mission is hindered by the fact i'm 2 gay 2 own a regular, opaque, decently sized bag

fallow reblogged coffee
fallow asked:

okok i gotta ask

-why do u have a coffee badge
-its epic that its positioned perfectly so that ur icon is drinking it. 10/10

coffee -

cause im the physical manifestation of coffee 👌☕

also thank you! when i first got the badge and saw how it was positioned i was like i know exactly what im gonna do with this >w>

was floppin around the internet collecting fonts to consider usin' in my comic

turns out letterers think it is very funny to include random txt files in the zipped folders

& honestly?? i'd have to agree

[id: a cropped screenshot of a txt document which reads,

"Licensing Note:


Everything in this text file was typed from left to right by Apostrophe, who is the same person who made the fonts that you prompted you to download this file, which means that you are obliged to consider him a creative genius, applaud his every move, create a mental image of him, visualize him as your imaginary friend, mention him in your prayers, and smile while shaking your head at the memory of his name when you're drunk. If you do not comply with the creator's aforementioned requests, you are not allowed to use this font in any way. It is the creator's wish that you scratch your right elbow right now, otherwise no font for you. Also no font for you if you sleep less than 8 hours a day."

end id.]

nearly gave myself a foot cramp tryin'a figure out how u flip someone off with ur toes