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Some other recent stuff: NeoScum band AU and casual Zenith inspired by the Gen Con-stand-in charity live stream the other week and a purple Lex bc the Moroverse has been living on the backburner of my mind again

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THE LONELY SISTER // They have eyes; eyes, everywhere, watching, always, and your attempts to close them only spill more blood.

I've been relistening to NeoScum and boy do I have #feelings about Pox being so tired of constantly running and always feeling like she's endangering the people she cares about just by associating with them

fallow -

ooh this is really neat designwise!! & i like the way u shaded her hair & how the lower bit of it has a gradient & all that good stuff
what inspired u to do character tarot/ish cards?
i'm guessing neoscum is a shadowrun podcast...? I hadn't heard of it before seein' ur art but I might try checkin' it out cuz it sounds neat!

ghostmoor -

Thank you!! I like thinking of, like, dramatic titles for characters and I've done a few tarot cards for other stuff in the past so it kinda grew from there. You are correct in thinking that NeoScum is a shadowrun podcast and it is VERY GOOD, they kinda toss out the really boring/tedious stuff and their GM, Gannon, does a lot of his own worldbuilding around the canon material. 10/10, I have both laughed myself stupid and cried for five straight minutes over this podcast, would recommend

fallow -

dfjkg so i started listening to it and i. absolutely lost it at the "yeah so we kinda destroyed part of the building and killed a bunch of people but we Didnt Kill the Security Guard"

i like how they do a lot of 'show dont tell' type stuff! i think i recall somewhere on the site it saying theyve got experience with improv and like...it rlly shows in how they have a ton of in-character interactions and mostly use dialogue rather than narrating what their characters do. At least compared to games I've been in there's a lot more dialogue here and I think that's pretty great! as well as not being afraid to make a fool of their characters and just generally the strong collaborative humor vibes??

//also just the fact that they started it like. en media res or however u spell that. with the van being already beat up and then getting towed like that was just really fun, it felt like the characters really knew each other and stuff even tho its just the first session, its like.......yeah, *appreciation*

im like, constantly tryin'a improve my gm/rp-ing skills and it's rlly neat to see how other folks do things!