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clouds and the ocean r so therapeutic to paint. heres a city in a boat

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this was for that style-bending art challenge! basically, i asked my art friends what things were distinct for my style and i had to create a piece of art without any of them. they said blocky and painterly brush strokes, the colors red and blue and brown, and people. came up with this in the end- there are some bluish and brownish shades, but they're almost all just fun uses of greys, dark yellows, and the surrounding colors. the closest i got to brown was a khaki beige-ish color.

built alex's room in mc, modified the colors and doodled over..

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oh thats neat!! i tried to do something like that for one of my stories but stopped cuz i was having trouble with scale lol. this is a cool room, i like how u made shelves out of the stairs!

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i present to you: my dad's cat

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💛💛💛💛💛💛quality cat 10/10

also thats a beautiful forest ='0

if my cat jumped up a tree while i was walking them i wouldnt kno what to do honestly x'D

the tnaen’s home planet, ll'tnaen, is a wet and foggy world filled with high cliffs, peaks and deep below the fog are vast oceans and lakes, the fog is perpetual and has never lifted in known tna history

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Little House [Voxel art]

A little thing I did while thinking about how to adult

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ooh this is beautiful...! are they for a setting of some sort, or are you just practicing houses?
(I like all of them but the one at the bottom right that looks all mushroomy is especially neat!)

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Curt Walters - Spring’s Quiet Hour, ca. late 20th century

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oh this is beautiful.............

[id: a painting done in saturated pastel colors depicting a landscape. The foreground is an open grassy meadow...beyond this a forest arises, trees with bowing branches like those of willows and pale leaves or flowers. A softly-brown chimney marks the place of a house largely obscured by the trees, though beyond the chimney, portions of the cherry-red roof are visible. Beyond the house trees begin to get taller and more varied in shape, notably including one which rises with a tall straight trunk above the rest, branches small and sticking straight out, holding up tufts of green leaves. The forest continues until it fades into the sheer cliff of a mountain, painted in muted purples and blues, that forms the background of the piece. end id.]