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thanks, atomicrops

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[id: screenshot of a game achievement in pixel text that reads, "Recieve: Polygamy". end id.]


[id: screenshot of waterfall interface. it says "Followers: 69". end id.]

waterfall on its birthday

fallow -

[id: screenshot of waterfall image post button, but it's been squished so the text says "Im age". end id.]

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someone: oh, you're a programmer? why?

other programmer: you see... in modern world, the machine is the future. and i am the one making it. think about it! this profession is both technical and creative. i self-actualize through my code. im working magic none of you can undestand


@fallow sorry for turning you into a meme hope you don't mind

fallow -

im honored

nearly made me spit out my müsli

[id: cropped screenshot of the messaging app Telegram. it shows a notification that says "Bernie Sanders joined Telegram". Bernie Sanders has no icon and as such simply shows as an orange circle with the letters "BS". end id.]

here are some cosplays ive seen around feral!

[id: a collection of screenshots of the game fer.al. They show players who have designed their avatars to look like other characters.

  • castawaykobold is cosplaying the NPC castaway (while standing right beside them)

  • zinc is cosplaying ralsei

  • burritocat is cosplaying eevee

  • bistro is cosplaying ink!sans

  • gloomybutt is cosplaying milotic

end id.]

minecraft wedding went pretty great id say

[id: minecraft screenshot. @inara, a player with light blue skin, pale purple hair, a white skirt/top and gold armbands, shifts next to abby, a player with pale skin and brown hair wearing a tuxedo with a flower on the lapel. Abby is also shifting. They're standing under a wedding arch surrounded by flowers and fallen snow. fallow, a player who looks like a blue slime creature with goggles on aer head, lurks in the background. end id.]

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Okay, Minecraft Wiki.

[Pic ID: A screenshot of part of the article for obsidian from the Minecraft Wiki. The text reads, "Destroying an obsidian block without a pickaxe, while underwater, without standing on solid ground, while under Mining Fatigue 3 from an Elder Guardian takes 50 times 5 times 5 times 5 times 370, or 2,312,500 seconds, or 26 days, 18 hours, 21 minutes, and 40 seconds. The derivation is from hardness times 5 (from not using a tool that can harvest the obsidian block) times 5 (from being underwater) times 5 (from not standing on solid ground) times 370 (from mining fatigue)." End ID.]

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now has anyone tested it is the question...

thellere -

I don't know what art fight is and at this point I'm too afraid to ask

thellere -

Ooh, OK. That sounds pretty neat but I'll be honest considering how much I've seen people have been hyping it up for the last couple of months that's a surprisingly anticlimactic answer

star-rice -

Thell, you cannot just hide this in the tags.

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worldbuilding be like e

mcatnip -

i accidentally hit post and yknow what? it's better this way

fallow -

valid and also i feel compelled to contribute this tangentially relevant thing i said the other day

[id: a screenshot from the chat program discord. it shows a series of messages with the icon/name cropped out. the messages read,

"new set of genders
lets just classify everything based on that now
make an entire language that has a suffix for thinsg
based on whether they believe in free will or fate
lets just
apply that to chairs now shall we
does this chair believe in free will
arguably that could lead to a classification of animate vs inanimate things but then there's the question of viruses
really any talent i have comes from taking the logical extension of ideas to the point where they no longer make sense and restructuring things around them in the industry we call it worldbuilding
i call it a good pastime during lectures"

another user has reacted to "[...] in the industry we call it worldbuilding" with an emoji that says "ok boomer". end id.]

built alex's room in mc, modified the colors and doodled over..

fallow -

oh thats neat!! i tried to do something like that for one of my stories but stopped cuz i was having trouble with scale lol. this is a cool room, i like how u made shelves out of the stairs!

updating refs on artfight and is very silly

im just. *dramatic picture of char holding instrument* ***sugar!!*** *dramatic picture of char holding instrument*

hes just There in between-

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I really want everyone to appreciate this cat that I follow on instagram 💖💕

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so pretty...very pretty cat

[id: screenshot of instagram post by "marceau_keebler_thatcher_isla"--is picture of a cat, presumably named Thatcher, who stands on a colored pillow on a couch. Thatcher is tall and lean with short fur and a pale chest, gray paws/face, blue eyes, and dusty-brown "pants" pattern. They have partial tabby markings on their head and legs; the stripes are somewhat broken and their color is a faded chocolate. Part of a cream-colored mayor's-ring marking shows on their chest. Thatcher's ears are very big, sticking out to the side instead of up, and their face is long and pointed. Their nose is a pale pink outlined by black fur. They gaze at something beyond the camera. end id.]

I need to share this with y'all

fallow -

[id: gigglingkitten's picture is a photo of a coloring book titled "Crush + Color: Jason Momoa (A Coloring Book of Fantasies With an Epic Dreamboat)" with illustrations by Maurizio Campidelli. The book's cover features a drawing of a buff person (presumably Jason Momoa) wearing a lei and a flower-print dress/tunic/uh, garment. let's go with garment. He is looking slightly past the viewer and making the surfer hand sign with both of his hands (thumb and pinky extended, other three fingers curled into palm).

fallow's picture is a screenshot of a telegram conversation between fallow and aer mom. mom's icon has been blocked out in turquoise. fallow's telegram background is a photo of a dandelion with a drawn-on face smiling maliciously. anyway the conversation reads as follows:

me: https://gigglingkitten.waterfall.social/post/377402

me: i dont understand the significance of this but i figured you might-

mom: 😂

mom: Rawr

me: ok then

end id.]

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uh i think the national anthem post broke my dash

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image 1: waterfall screenshot-- @autiestella commented on a post:


image 2: simple digital drawing showing a chibi version of fallow smiling, aer antennae sticking straight up in the air. beside em is a word bubble that reads "*chuckles* im in danger"

end id.]

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whats a queue?

kanaya-maryam -
  • [fancy pants avatar goes here] nerdt0pia commented:
    it's this thing where you set posts to be automatically posted while you're offline :O tumblr has one, I've never used it though

Hm I see. That sounds like it would be very useful. C: Maybe one day walter fall will have such an option. Until then I may spam. Thank you for explaining <3

kanaya-maryam -
            1. fallow commented:
              waterfall has it too


fallow -

hhow did u even do that to ur formatting x'D

kanaya-maryam -
    1. you gotta hit one of the Formated List Options
          • And then
                  1. Hit Tab Key on your Keyboard
    • Many times

    • it even works for bullet points but

      • only on the second press of the Tab Key

                                                • magical
      • tho I'm not sure screenreaders would like this formating? IDk.k

fallow -
                      • ye i have no idea how theyd read it lol but otherwise this is chaotic and im here for it

                        • haha maybe thisll make formatting transcripts of fallin' angels easier

                                                                - probly look really bad on mobile tho

beefox -


fallow -
                            • haha

                                                                                                                              - i dont know

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nobody asked but im gonna ramble on about my research project

so my lab works on endophytes, which are microbes that live inside plants and help em grow. my particular project is on some strains of Pseudomonas bacteria that i isolated from agave seeds

they glow in under UV light and they're so good!!!

they're highly antifungal (hypothesis: they're fungal pathogens) and they're super helpful to all the plants i've tested them on so far (carrots/coriander/rice/catnip)

right now a friend from another lab and i are collaborating on a project between her catnip and my Pseudomonas to see if my Pseudomonas can induce the catnip to produce more of the essential oil that attracts cats

i'm hoping to get enough data from my other aspects of my own project to have a scientific article completed by this fall/winter

zylphide -


so my experience working in the lab is only restricted to my specific lab, but in general, biology research labs in the us all tend to work very similarly (huge wall of text under the read more fkjsda)

usually in undergraduate classes, you're stuck in a huge lab with like 20 other kids, but when you're doing your own research (either as an undergrad intern type of person or as a graduate student), you tend to be in a very small lab with very few other people. my lab only has 4 graduate students, including myself. the biggest lab in my department has like 12 graduate students (and their lab area is much bigger as a result). there's visitors and undergrads who come in as well, but they tend to be "temporary" and dip out after 6 months or a year. generally you only really interact with your labmates, and sometimes the people who come over to your lab to borrow stuff or ask questions.

i chose plant pathology as my track precisely because i literally cannot handle hurting animals. i know mice as model animals is important for biomedical research, but that's a big no from me on that.

and honestly? most of my fellow grad friends are kinda bad at keeping their lab notebooks up to date. the lab notebook in a Real research setting isn't exactly the same as the notebooks you might have to fill out in class. the lab notebook is a legal document (at least here in the us), so you can't take it home or anything. most of the time we record data on a separate piece of paper (i have several random notebooks laying around for this purpose) and later on transfer it into the actual lab notebook.

in undergrad, there's a lot of following instructions, but at a graduate level, you kind of have to come up with your own instructions since you're solving problems no one else has ever solved before. it can get kind of annoying having to come up with novel solutions each time though, since there can be a lot of trial and error (and wasted time) involved dkjfakdsfj

i'd say a lot of people in academia are doing research to help better the world in some way. unfortunately, academia tends to retain egotistical people who value their reputation and publishable results rather than ones who are genuinely interested in passing on their knowledge. by the time grad students get their phds (and a lot of us drop out before then), they're burnt out by how academics (including people in their own department, or even their own advisors) treat them. i'm lucky my advisor is very laid back and doesn't treat us badly, but there are professors out there who are very mean to their students and basically treat them like slave labor.

from what i've read, nepetalactones activate some smell receptors in a cat's nose, so they're more like pheromones. i'm pretty sure they're not hallucinogenic, but then again, it's not like we can ask the cat.

our test run was on multiple plantlets. we don't test on just one plant because you need multiple points of data to make sure you didn't happen get an outlier. i think we did 7 plantlets per plate, with 3 plates per bacteria, totalling to 21 plants. that way we can get a good average and people can't dismiss us by saying "oh you only got those results because you have a small sample size"

if you really are interested in seeing if lab work is for you, i would recommend talking to professors who are doing research you're interested in and seeing if they would be willing to let you help them for a semester. my school let people do that for credits (or for money, if they were in a work-study program) and it's a good way to gauge if lab work is something you're passionate about. i know people who did bench work (actually doing the experiments instead of just reading/writing about them) for a year and decided they hated it, but it's only something they found out after they had that experience.

uh sorry this got very very long, i've been in a research lab for a while now and i have a lot of thoughts skjfksjf

fallow -

huh, thats neat!

yeah our teacher made sure we knew lab book was legal document. (i am in usa too) We did take them home so I guess that's one thing different but she had us follow rules she say she had to follow in industry job (black pen, X out empty space, put initials and date everywhere, etc)

also when she grade them...she take them all at once, and by surprise. you could tell on the day when she was going to do it--you could tell bc she get evil expression (more evil than usual i mean haha--she good teacher but very mischief) and sometime she stand at front of room grin and make grabby-hands as entire class realize what's happening

sometime people try to scribble last-minute in the book but she say nope nuh-uh gimmegimmegimme (grinning and chuckling and doing grabby hands while student reluctantly hands over book, she chooses which lab to grade by random so basically all of us were constantly concern about our grades dksfjgkh cuz sometimes it Would be That One Lab that we didnt finish...she say she do this bc in biotech industry you never know when lawyer show up, take your book for court case, could be any time; book need be ready else you get in trouble...i'd imagine works different where you are? sound like you work in college, i think she worked in company)

She tell funny stories like about how lab book need get witnessed by someone w/ PhD (and at her lab not many people had PhD, she joke about having to corner them to make them witness book x'3 ) and at some point her place have only one such person and she have entire book need be witnessed so she go up to their desk, dump her book there and run fdslkjhgfghj

huh, doing your own thing sounds...nice? both nice and hard i guess...

thats unfortunate, that people care reputation over doing good/helping world. &that people be mean. I remember when I was lot younger I was like "when i grow up i want PhD!" but then when I got in high school I learn PhD take like 8 more years of school and school very hard for me so this is no longer the plan. (...mostly wanted phd just so people have to call me doctor, anyway...fdjkgh u kno just. [non-gendered title that is also cool] "hey i want that"-)

ah i did not word clearly with the plant fjkgh i meant one type of plant rather than one actual single plant, was wondering if is special reason you try it on catnip in particular (like if you need catnip oil for something) or if was just to test

oh neato, thank you for response! no problem with long, i say long things too as you can see sldkjfgh



[id: screenshot which reads, "Catnip is a mild feline hallucinogen, but it is completely nontoxic to cats. It also resembles some properties of male cat urine, which may be why some cats react to the herb as though" end id.]

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if you feel like keeping this knowledge then please either save this to your device OR repour (or both! ^^)

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[id: screenshot from a discord conversation between lovecubus (nicknamed luvbuggie) and thellere (nicknamed The Science Team). It reads:

The Science Team (Today at 2:56 PM)
"Nah it's more me being very aware that I'm in a position to collect a ton of data about you guys if I wanted to so it was both a note to self to make sure I don't do that and also a memey way of telling you guys to hold me accountable if I do turn to the dark side"

luvbuggie [they💖them] (Today at 2:58 PM)
"*screenshots for future*"

The Science Team (Today at 3:00 PM)
"Screenshot this too
If I ever start selling data externally rather than just using it in-house (with the caveat that I explain what it's being used for and let you ask questions and shit), stop using the site immediately"

end id.]

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kinda pisses me off that people are saying queerphobic/acephobic/etc. shit while also supporting blm at the same exact time. we can uplift black people without shitting on others because i don't know if you know this but queer black people exist too. and they see that shit.

babushka -

i mean... it's like, right here

fallow -

[id: screenshot of mobile browser with text. url bar reads "blacklivesmatter.com/about" and page reads:

"We affirm the lives of Black queer and trans folks, disabled folks, undocumented folks, folks with records, women, and all Black lives along the gender spectrum. Our network centers those who have been marginalized within Black liberation movements."

end id.]

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Word List: Nonsense Words

Definitions of words that refer to nonsense

also here is a very important link

babushka -

Стоит начать нести ахинею,

Как появляются следом за нею,

(Просто,чтоб поддержать разговор),







Дальше вы сами справитесь, да?

(This is a russian poem about different words for noncence, but here it's only till the letter "E", then the author suggest we can "continue further by ourselves". First verse is about how when you tell one type of nonsence (ахинея), other types of nonsence (белиберда, бессмыслица...) also start to appear in the conversation.)

fallow -

fun fact gtranslate thinks its fun to throw in an extremely specific synonym that no one uses to replace exactly one(1) of these im. X'3
ur description is much more informative

do those russian words have specific differences in meaning? like i guess any distinction between "trivial nonsense" or "deceptive nonsense" or "lolrandom nonsense" or things like that?

oftimes i find myself wanting words that aren't there, for precision's sake

like. maybe they exist but if they do they're probably basically buried by now fdjdghdjxcv

[id: screenshot of text which reads,

"It's worth starting to carry nonsense,

As they appear after her,

(Just to keep the conversation going)







Then you can handle it, right?"

end id.]

#&its not annoying when u put russian stuff #sometimes i wonder about so much stuff being in english and how that might feel to someone who isnt super familiar with it #or just in general since languages are different and its like u can express different things better in certain languages and #yeah im not entirely sure what im trying to say #i guess just that for the record #i think having a variety of languages on here is cool #and whats also cool is we can get general vibes using translator stuff #obvs it wont be perfect but #this translation however plain does communicate "nonsense" a lot #so i can tell it apart from like idk a poem about flowers or #somethign else #anyway #tag ramble #fallow buzzes #babushka #nonsense #google translate #languages #screenshot #id #described #russian #poem #words #conversation

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really wish i could do cooking in the metric system tho like what even is a cup

im trained for the lab not the kitchen and i didnt even kno that a tablespoon was 15mL until a few months ago seems kinda unfair 2 me 2 just give things random names and never tell anyone what it means

beefox -

bee uses metric but no idea what cup is. cup is cup, use mesure cups and has things.

ohoh think cup is 250ml or 200ml! bee mesure cups have on them. but don't remeber

fallow -

[id: screenshot of a search bar and answer. in the search bar is typed "how many ml in a cup" and the answer is "1 Cup (US Legal) = 240 Mililitre". end id.]

oh yes yes it is 240mL! that's funny i never knew cup lined up to a whole number of mL

side note, why are there multiple types of cups,

[id: screenshot of a dropdown menu of units of measurement. There are lots of them listed alphabetically. The highlighted one is "Cup (US Legal)". Above that there is one that says "Cup (Imperial)". end id.]

ok apparently theres diffrent us/imperial versions of all those type of measurement?? looks like they only slightly different but seems like it would get confusing...[this is probably why lab use metric only not use cup or ounce]

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current mood

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[id: a screenshot of black and gray text on a white background. It reads,

"Trending in Russia


2,122 Tweets"

end id.]

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why is it that i only want to cause trouble at 3 am

coffee -

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[id: a waterfall screenshot which reads,

kirby commented on a post:

"real bastard hours"

end id.]


so like this is probably supposed to be a bot but honestly its entire blog has the energy of an AI-generated shitpost

[id: a waterfall post by the user rothdenelm on Monday 20th January 2020, 21:44:30. The post reads:

"Numerous reason for whizzinator

Whizzinator is mainly described as an item of sex model which is used by people for moist sexual intercourse encourage. It truly is re-usable too obtainable for both equally men's and females. The Whizzinator kit is commonly employed for illegal drugs along with urinetest in addition. It really is a wholesome as well as sanitary product as compared with classic approach so it's hugely required in the modern market. Get the hang of relating to this whizzinators, go through the link"

There is then a link to one whizzinatortouch dot com, but I have elected not to paste it here because it's probably not a good idea to visit.

The post's tags are #pest and #control. end id.]