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[id: a three-panel comic.

Mal as a child, maybe around ten years old, stands with their long dark hair messy over their face, wearing a t-shirt and jeans and holding a stuffed bunny in one arm. They're drawn in shades of blue. From out of frame, their mom asks, "Are you sure you want to bring Chuffles to school, hun?"

Mal clutches Chuffles tighter and nods silently as a sort of vivid darkness gathers around their head.

The third panel is golden and warm as Mal's mom stands smiling down at them. Her hair is pulled back in a ponytail and her face is kind. She says, "Alright. Ready?" and holds out a backpack.

end id.]

we just started another dnd campaign (itll continue alongside fallin' angels, we're just taking a break from that for now so our dm can work on somethin different) and its pretty epic and its set in high school and yeah its just been very good so far ill prob post abt my character later im just excited !! hope we get to do second session today but depends on how long the other players are watching minecraft championships fdjksl

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babushka -

i completely forgot drama is a genre. google suggested me "japanese college drama" and i was like. wtf happened. did one japanede college call another japanese college out and get cancelled. how is it even possible

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i dont even kno if anyone here speaks spanish or if im just throwing stuff into the void

fallow -

regardless i will continue to do so because i did not spend ten years on nothing

fallow -

@lovecubus said: i... want to communicate w/ others in spanish but am concerned that my 4 years of hs spanish would be offensive or "too formal" ._.;; least seeing your posts helps me practice!

aww am glad of that!! aprendería español en escuela tambien pero empezé más temprano que high school. quiero aprender como hablar casualmente tambien porque no pienso que pueda aprender de un libro de texto sin hablar como un libro de texto fjdksfljdgh

recuerdo une de mis maestres (de ciencias, no de español) nos dijo que su espose mexicane no permite sus hijes a tomar los clases de español porque no quiera que elles aprender "white people spanish". a veces me preocupo de que hable "white people spanish" pero no hay mucho que puedo hacer sobre eso, ¿no?

una vez haya ofrecido para traducir y ayudar familias hispanohablantes ir de compras porque hay muchas personas que no les entienden. era interesante porque me parece que las familias suponían que pueda hablarlo o no pueda hablarlo y no consideraban el espacio entre de los dos. fue un poco incómodo pero pienso que vale la pena y me encanta conectar con otras personas

reason am not on wf as much is cuz school end (ironic i kno)

was use wf to procrastinate, now that have free time mostly am doing other things like play game and draw x'D logic tm...

will still be here tho! just not all time. will defs pop on to post art am doing artfight and stuff! hope yall doing well!

since ive taken theatre, doing plays has become another constant in my dreams, along with school, family gatherings, and checking to see if the food is actually vegan.

opportunity asked:

have you shared your artfight page yet? ive seen you posting about it but i can't find if you said your user for it yet ^^ (i love your ocs btw!)

oh thank you so much!!! ='D fdksjlhdghj am really happy to hear u like,,

characters and stories are my Absolute Favorite and yeah is just..is just so good when can share and other folks enjoy???

my artfight page is here: https://artfight.net/~Skycicle

im on team sugar!!! some of my chars are hidden rn bc i haven't updated their pages in a few years but i'll unhide them when i do =0 dang im finally free of homework that means i can actually work on hoi polloi now...............the possiblities...................

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soon im gonna get more books, more classics i've decided, i have a few im interested in getting but i limited the list so i wouldn't be tempted to try n get them all at once and overwhelm myself 😅

fallow -

cool cool! in terms of classics my fave the crucible, not sure if mantis read already bc for me at least we read for school but- is very neat

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kidd -

seeing a well-meaning but ultimately stupid post circulating tumblr about the new pokemon unite game. the OP does the whole tumblr song and dance about how you're a horrible person if you support the game because it is being funded by Tencent.

if after reading that, you have questions, let me elaborate with some Lore before i explain my opinion

what is pokemon unite?

pokemon unite is a MOBA coming to the Switch and mobile devices, created by a partnership between the Pokemon Company and Tencent. i believe it is intended to be free to play.

what is Tencent?

what isn't Tencent? it's an insanely huge conglomate with international reach that is owned/operated in Shanghai, China. most people are familiar with the fact it owns Riot games and therefore League of Legends. it became notorious in social justice circles for censoring any pro-Hong Kong politics (and players) in Riot games. however, Riot is not the only company Tencent has its claws in.

while it is one of the biggest gaming companies--if not The gaming biggest company--in the world, its reach is well beyond gaming. Tencent offers streaming services, social media, teaching platforms, AI software, facial recognition software, movie production, e-commerce and online payments, etc. what it doesnt own, Tencent invests in: it has invested in Discord and Reddit, for example.

I can't even compare it to a western equivilent. it's way too big--it's like if Facebook, Google, Disney, and Amazon were a single company. it is everywhere. and it is watching. so...

are you a horrible person for supporting/playing Pokemon Unite?

no!!!!!!! Tencent is something that is so insanely huge and powerful that many people CANNOT not consume their products/services. living in China, I literally have no choice but to use Tencent and their services in daily life. my work depends on their services to function. it doesn't make me a bad person, nor does it make pokemon fans bad people for playing a free game by the Pokemon Company.

besides, again, even if you don't play tencent games, you very like use a product or service owned and/or invested in by Tencent anyway. if you're european or american, you likely use services/products free of Tencent that are just as awful in their own ways (FB, Google, Amazon, Apple, etc).

what's important is to be aware and remember there really is no ethical consumption under capitalism. don't let ignorant people who underestimate how powerful Tencent is make you feel shitty about enjoying a free pokemon game.

babushka -

I think i saw this post too, and i really don't like how it's worded. They could have just wrote the facts as they saw it: the game is funded by Tencent, like many other things, Tencent is doing terrible things, in case you don't know it, period. But no, they just chose to write "if you claim to support black lives and at the same time want to play this game, you are a hypocrite". It doesn't even matter if you know who supports who, you are a hypocrite anyways. "Mom, can I play this game about cute pokemons?" "Absolutely not, you racist piece of crap!! Get out of my sight!!"

I think people being guilt tripped by those kinds of posts are the very reason those posts spread.

kidd -

that is exactly the post i saw. i have since seen another one on the same topic which was worded a little better.

but even with the better wording, i do not agree with shaming people for enjoying a game sponsored/invested in/owned by tencent--even if they do know how terrible Tencent is. while well meaning, it is so...delusional to think not supporting one tiny free game by the company will matter. Tencent is just too big.

americans especially shouldn't be jumping on Tencent when we depend so much on Amazon, Disney, Google, and Facebook--all awful companies with their own amounts of human rights violations and censorship. i might be being too sensitive, but it comes off as so self-righteous and a little racist to target Tencent.

of course, if you somehow live your life without any of the mentioned companies above, then talk all you want i guess. but tencent is so ingrained into chinese society and daily life that calling anyone who supports is a bad person is just evil. it's a result of global capitalism and a monopoly that has been allowed to grow far too powerful.

fallow -

oh oh this make sense. yeah me i try minimize supporting company like amazon google etc but they still everywhere =| most i can do is just Not Buy Things but am still young so dont control money in the house, could probably do more than i am right now against them but have other things to worry about so dont really get around to it.. [more ramble under cut]

did not know about tencent! vaguely aware somethings Up in china high surveillance stuff some sort of conglomerate thing of companies fused with government?? dont know much about it since i dont live there but some years back saw article where china build diplomacy-meeting-place gift to a country in africa then country find out meetingplace is bugged, remember i talked about that and someone say china government does a lot of spy things like that these days.

is scary to think is company so much bigger than companies i am familiar with. didnt kno they could get that big honestly! is it so big bc it not have competition?

sometime i feel like i am behind in perception of world, spend so much time school learning history not present that could prob tell u more about ancient china than china now, at least if i remembered all the stuff they taught

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babushka -

really wanna address @kidd 's thoughts about Sinophobia in a separate post if they don't mind

I don't really know why this happens, but i guess, people really want to have something which is easy to hate on? Because when the actions of Chinese government started getting viral recognition, very few people started saying "Chinese government is bad". Most people just said "China is bad. I hate China" and so on. There was a wave of hate for everything made in China (which is a lot of things) or funded by China and it never really stopped.

The same thing happened to Russia before that. No one on the viral internet post says "Russian government is bad", everyone just says "Russia is bad". And if Russia is bad, that means it's cool and woke to boo Russian contestants on song contest, and uncool to even reblog pictures of Russian forests. Bad! Country!

It's so easy to label a whole nation or country as "bad", and i imagine that sinophobia got even worse since the virus... Why is this kind of logic, logic of someone who straight up writes war propaganda, is still allowed?!

fallow -

sinophobia is word for be racist to Chinese people right? if so then i wrote an essay on that! it has indeed gotten worse since the virus. lots worse. can share essay if people want read, was for english class but yeah my topic was racism+covid. was suppose compare with witch hunt in the crucible (assignment find historical thing where harmless group gets accuse of smth not their fault, mob mentality etc).

yeah is sad..people make generalization, try simplify complicated things...

which person you mention straight-up write war propaganda?

(also i havent seen original post so if something i say very off-topic is prob bc i dont have context ehe)

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babushka -

so afaik america is named after a person who has enslaved native americans, why don't we rename an entire america, maybe this will solve the problem for once

fallow -

i was under the impression "america" was the name of a cartographer but it was a long time ago when we learned abt that time period and also maybe the cartographer had slaves hang on im curious now lemme look it up real quick-

ok yea looks like nobody's exactly sure just where the name came from but one possible origin is from the name of Amerigo Vespucci who was indeed a cartographer and had slaves; not sure what people the slaves were from but. yea

looks like some peoples have other names for the continent/s (or parts of it) instead of America--the Guna people, who live in the Panama region, call it Abya Yala, and I can't find other examples of existing names right now but what I read suggested there were more.

Personally (and it is possible that I am wrong; I'm not from one of the native peoples and do not know what is most important for them in terms of progress and stuff; the following is just my opinion based on what i know)

Personally I think there are more important fronts to be trying to make progress on in terms of equality and rights etc though if renaming america would help in any way then I guess that'd be good too? As a bystander I'm more concerned about the whole "forcing them onto reservations and then later building oil pipelines through the reservations" deal as well as some ugly stuff that's happened historically and the fact that that isn't being taught much at all in schools+that we learn vaguely about the groups in the historical sense but not in terms of where they are/how they're doing now, and I have the feeling that if we tried to rename America current ah powers-that-be would try to use that as another wedge issue to divide the populace even more than we already have been; I can easily see republicans getting pissed about that since they've been getting upset every time someone renames anything and that would become an entire patriotism thing blah blah blah.

Also I'm aware you prooobably didn't mean this post that seriously? I just like examining ideas.

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on the US Supreme Court ruling on DACA

zylphide -

i know the supreme court decision on DACA is likely to be overshadowed by their decision on gay and transgender rights, but i think it's really important to talk about this since it affects me personally.

i've kept my head down and tried not to draw any attention to myself about this, but you know what? fuck it.

for anyone who doesn't know, DACA (deferred action for childhood arrivals) is an obama-era executive order program that allows undocumented immigrants who were brought to america as children to legally work, get social security numbers, and just live without fear of deportation. approximately 650,000 people, including myself, are part of this program. it started in 2012 and trump tried to rescind it in 2017. this caused a whole slew of legal battles, after which it was kicked off to the supreme court.

now i hate that i even have to say this in the first place, but myself and other DACA recepients, as well as those who were ineligible to apply for DACA (you have to pass a strict background check and fit into a very specific set of criteria to be eligible), are american in every aspect except legal. we grew up here, went to school here, said that cult-y pledge of allegiance for however many years we were in school. we are your neighbors, your friends, your classmates, your co-workers. thousands of us are out there on the front lines fighting covid-19 right now. we don't fit into the cultures of wherever we came from, hell, some of us don't even speak the language of our "native" country.

and yet, the president of the united states of america went up there on his podium and told us that we should have our ability to work taken away, that we should be allowed to be deported on the whims of ICE. let me be clear - we had to submit a lot of information to get DACA, including our current residential address and our biometrics. ICE has that information and could get us whenever the fuck they wanted, if DACA got repealed.

now, he might have said that he was rescinding the program so it would force congress to pass more permanent legislation for undocumented immigrants, but there's no guarantee that congress would do that. they'll probably just sit there and do nothing, which is exactly what happened 2012 when obama tried to pass the dream act.

from september 2017 to june 2020, a period of almost three years, me and the 650,000 other DACA recipients were wondering if we would be at risk of losing everything.

thankfully, the justices ruled in our favor (and just barely, at that).

but just because we won this battle doesn't mean that everything is fine and dandy now. the supreme court said that trump was not allowed to rescind the program based on the justifications he gave, however, he is allowed to try again, with better justifications, which is exactly what he's going to do if he gets re-elected. he says he wants immigration reform, but it'll be his kind immigration reform, you know, the kind that places travel bans on people from the middle east? it won't be immigration reform that helps people in my position.

DACA doesn't provide us with a path to citizenship, just says we're allowed to work and not be deported, as long as we don't commit any crimes (not to mention it costs $495 every two years to apply, and you don't get that back if they reject you). people who are ineligible for DACA are still fucked. we're still living in legal limbo, with no status to speak of.

i know most of this site is european, but for the americans out there, we need your support. get involved and get voting, if you can. but most importantly, remember that we are among you. we may lower our heads and hide, try to become so integrated in american society that we are rendered invisible, but we are here.

supermario asked:

As someone who was always in public school, I can say that they had you reciting the pledge of allegiance from around elementary onward to high school, so basically your whole student career. My state also had a state pledge of allegiance that we had to recite after the national pledge.

huh interesting, we dont have a state pledge over here

[thinking face] i never considered states might have their own pledges but this is further evidence to put into "the usa is just 50+ countries in a trench coat" pile, lol

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babushka -

Americans use the Soviet Anthem in memes much more often than their own anthem. The only thing I know about American anthem from athens is that it's allegedly starts with "oh, say, can you see?" To all the blind Americans - hang in there.

fallow -

inara said "my [something]" and i corrected "our [something]" and i was expecting her to call me communist then she suddenly starts singing some song that i dont know and im like "is that the-" and shes like "yes yes it is"

fallow -

if we're getting serious for a moment the usa's national anthem is about war =(

when i read about norway's national anthem being about how cool nature is where they live i was like "dang...who knew one could be jealous of an anthem" its just. it feels like anthems say something big about the countries' values and i'm not a fan of glory in war being one of those values, nature is much better

i never memorized the usa's anthem bc i went to a private school where we didn't have to do that type of thing, never had a daily pledge of alleigance until high school (man was that disorienting when everyone in unison stood up and faced the same direction and talked in sync with the voice on the intercom [kinda droning too, just reciting the words without thinking or meaning] it was a real wtf moment for me, i didnt know public schools did it every day or with that level of normalcy)

the first few times i stood too because i was caught off guard/didn't want to get in trouble but all the times since then i've sat or knelt. one time i was even standing to get a paper from across the room and the pledge came on and i just plopped down in the middle of the floor where i was. at camp they did the pledge too and they had a small team of campers (it was a rotating job) carry out the flag each day and go through a sort of ritual to raise it. my counselor who knows my view on this sort of thing allowed me to just read the attendance part of the script and then pass it off to inara for the flag stuff. every pledge they did at camp I ended up kneeling since the counselors didn't like it when I just remained sitting and the gravel hurt on my knee but I wasn't gonna stand because that's not what I believe in and I don't think we should be bragging about our country having "freedom and justice for all" until it's actually true.

i read somewhere that kneeling is better than sitting because it represents showing respect for war veterans. so maybe next time i'll fully switch to kneeling instead of sitting.

as a fun comparison, here's what I can remember of the anthem:

"Oh say can you see
by the dawn's early light
what so proudly we hail
at the twilight's last gleaming
whose red stripes and bright stars
through the perilous something
something something something
something something something something

and the rockets' red glare
the bombs bursting in air
gave proof through the night
that our flag was still there

oh say does that star-spangled
banner we hail
something something something something
and the home of the brave"

versus here's the actual copied+pasted lyrics from the internet:

"O say can you see, by the dawn's early light,
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming,
Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,
O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?
And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;
O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?"

[from wikipedia]

then it goes on for another three stanzas talking about war...i didn't know it was that long honestly, but i read it and i'm slightly taken aback. i mean it's not out of character, and i do think it's good poetry from a literary standpoint, but..."their blood has washed out their foul footsteps' pollution"? really? as a national anthem??? now thats just threatening!! (not to mention the two lines following that which are even more threatening and apparently a civil rights organization recently called for the anthem to be replaced which I didn't know about either so thats interesting)

if any of yall have questions about what it's like here for me (unless the internet is too swamped in that already ehe) feel free to ask, i am absolutely filled with stories and more than happy to share!! also if you wanna share something about your experiences where you live i'd be downright happy to listen!

transzoemurphy -

yo ive missed being on social media sm like..,.,.,Lit Erally i am so #lonely since corona started n i cant get on tumblr or reddit or twt or anythin n im so tired ajsskj :(

transzoemurphy -

see also: my antivax parents are driving me MAD

fallow -

if help at all i can inform you there is a biology teacher out there whose fave hobby is trolling antivax fb groups and seeing how long it takes for them to ban her

got banned from one thing by pointing out the 'yucky-chemical' shampoo ingredients list someone had posted was actually just list of all the compounds in a banana

naiad asked:

I looked online and our library is completely open, but honesly most of the city/state has been open since mid May and a ton of people have stopped wearing masks :(

[id: a digital cartoony doodle of fallow making a worried expression. end id]

ack..! this does not sound good. this is strange to me also, because in my state things are still pretty shut-down as far as i know. in fact i think we got new restrictions recently but i think that was more about looting than anything else.

i havent seen a lot of people honestly! one of my friends from theatre just walked by my house a bit ago but other than that i haven't been looking outside much so i can't really gage if people are still wearing masks here or not. the other week i went to the doctor and in the parking lot everyone was wearing masks but that was the doctors place sooo

pretty neat that you can access the library though! hope ya make the most of that

we're expecting school to still be distance learning when we go back. don't think anyone knows for suuuuuuure but i know my family at least intends on staying the heck inside for a good deal after things open up just in case.

ok but i just had a dream where i was at a weird family gathering and gramma (on my moms side, kinda short, curly white hair, glasses, nice but also really awkward with kids) made really bad oatmeal gave special to me and i was like [ a h . ]

like i put dried cranberries in it try to make taste better but it had like. salt or something?? in it and it just tasted really bad but i didnt want to hurt gramma feelings

so i discreetly got mom's attention and asked what do i do and we ended up deciding go outside for a bit and find way get rid of it there

we went outside, "outside" was [in true dream fashion] somewhere familiar to me buried in memories--the garden at my old school [on a hill, small gravel path, plaster art spiral pieces embedded with little colored glass in the ground, planter beds, mulch...]

i end up dumping oatmeal in compost there feel much better because now not expected to eat bad-tasting thing

(&now feel nostalgic for old-school-garden&park, went there most of my life, like ten/eleven years i think

can't go there now, not unless go unlock gate; probly not supposed to in this time. used to be hole in fence behind shed could go through, but someone came and patched it up.

(&now am reminded of story idea from last year...february i think...story idea where play-group of little kids in neighborhood stumble into pocket-world where time doesn't go...&one takes over tries to be king, &one plays at being a witch, &there's fantasy factions and battles and all that sort of stuff happening with them unattended...could compare with lord of the flies i suppose but am not such a fan of lord of the flies. i just want write about little kids trying make their own perfect society, discovering the whys&hows of it falling apart. learning history by accidentally living it on small scale. like how sister&i&our toys used to try to make economy in play-pretend but fell apart because sister&i not understand that everyone had to have job.)

so besides school i've been editing audio for @fallinangels right

i just discovered earlier that. well so i thought i had all the recordings in one place and since certain other people had certain amounts of recordings on certain phones which certain died [dsjlkfgh] there's an entire giant portion of the story that doesn't have recordings anymore so i was gonna just go ahead and start posting it in the middle because why not it's what we have

and anyway i thought the earliest recording i had was this one i'd been cleaning up but it turns out there was one on my old phone that i silently retrieved and put in my closet for reasons unknown to even me

& that recording takes place right before the events of the one I'd been editing


theres this one gap

theres this one gap. theres a gap of one session, one session, between the two, is missing. and that gap happens to be at a very important spot and im just sitting here like =| who recorded that part do i bother tracking it down do i-

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Websites learning how to block AdBlock is the biggest scam in history

ravioli -

You think I am thmart like thpaghetti?

fallow -

[id: screenshot of a waterfall user's tags. They read, "#its important to learn a little bit of html to counteract it. for some of them its as easy as deleting a division #sadly some are a bit more sophisticated though" end id.]

after seeing this post around I decided to try that bc I kept getting blocked from various news sites I was trying to get info from and it worked! there was a teensy complication but i got around that easy enough (a separate piece of html had it locked so u couldn't scroll, but i just went in and deleted the "no-scroll" part and then it was chill)

I was thinking about it as I did that and I was like, "is it okay to go around doing this a lot? I don't want websites to end up having to charge money and stuff because no one was seeing their ads"

but then i remembered that i was trying to do schoolwork and ads are. Immensely distracting for me so i was like "yeah ok nvm im going to set the big-picture thoughts aside for the moment i needa do this essay lol"