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babushka -

Reading a long book in a few days and then coming back to face reality after after it ends is probably the closest we can experience to a time-traveller who has just returned from a journey that lasted for years back to his time where everything looks like they've just left.

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babushka -

well now ive read the news and my brain just shut off completely

fallow -

thats fair...the other day my sister was like "yeah in class they gave us an assignment on writing about news articles but the teacher said if we didn't want to dive into that hole she'd post links to not-depressing news articles for us to use"
she's been avoiding it too (as have i) bc just. Everything tm u kno.

anyway, just reminder that you dont have to read all that-

hope ur hangin' in there!
//(hehe this is silly to me because it is a word and also your name and reading it either way is slightly different meaning from the other...it reminds me of how my name is frost and people make jokes all the time about me being on the grass or on rooftops in the chilly morning!)

babushka -

hope puns! i put this name in my desc very recently so im only getting used to all the english puns :)

and yeah, even in less disturbing times a lot of news articles are actually written to be disturbing/bring light to disturbing things. and the evolution never prepared us to be aware about every disturbing thing happening around you!

as for how i feel - news wasn't the only reason my brain shut down. i think that was the first time in my life where my brain literally went "wow, too traumatic. im not processing all of that. im just shutting down" instead of repression, escapism, etc. thats probably awful but also a good protection mechanism. and im better now!

fallow -

yeahh i read a book a while ago about how fear works and it talked about how peoplebrains decide how likely to happen something is based on how much they've heard of it happening (which is probably why my anxiety thought it was Fun&Fresh to tell me I needed to worry about fantasy-story-type-hazards around the house haha) and the book said the news can really skew the brain's count of what's likely and what's not and that's the reason for the evolution thing you mentioned.

about your brain yeah that makes sense, flight response type deal...I'm glad you're doing better now!!

babushka -

that explains.

fallow -

the book is called 'the science of fear' by daniel gardener if you'd like to give it a read

[warning: it has a photo of a big spider on the front tho, that scared some of my friends when i was carrying it around]

naiad asked:

I didn't think of music that fits the tone of the book but that might help me pay attention to reading better in general honestly. I really love that idea!

=3 i am glad, and i hope it does help you!!

yeah i often find myself thinking about how much animation/film can accomplish with atmospheric music and sometimes I wish there was music for books that could somehow adjust itself depending on what was happening in the book at any given moment but music based on general theme is the closest we can get I think. Sometimes this leads to silly juxtaposition like when a dnd group I'm in was using background music while playing and so there was really dramatic lotr music playing while we were arguing about whether one character was allowed to use a spell on another's pet frog.