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autiestella -

one thing stella not understand
when post is supportive & inclusive, & someone (sometime even OP) say "share to make bigot angry"

stella hope if someone accept her as autie, is not to "make ableist angry," is cause they want be nice person who think auties are ppl
& if someone accept her as queer, is not to "make homophobe/transphobe angry," is cause they want be nice person who think queer ppl are ppl

someone of marginalise group is not object which only exist to make bigot angry
& marginalise ppl not need be remind ppl hate them just cause exist
is good alienate bigotry, but just being nice person should be done to be nice, even when IS in face of bigots

babushka -

people on the internet are angry and feel good about making other people angry because this emotion is easier to feel. but the thing is, bigots are already angry all the time. sometimes they're taking this anger out on marginalised groups, even. we don't need anymore of that.

i feel like, most of the time, purposefully making people angry doesn't really solve any social justice problems at all, not in the long run at least. but some people just like the thought of making others feel negative emotions, i guess, especially when they're (often rightfully) angry themselves.

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babushka -

really wanna address @kidd 's thoughts about Sinophobia in a separate post if they don't mind

I don't really know why this happens, but i guess, people really want to have something which is easy to hate on? Because when the actions of Chinese government started getting viral recognition, very few people started saying "Chinese government is bad". Most people just said "China is bad. I hate China" and so on. There was a wave of hate for everything made in China (which is a lot of things) or funded by China and it never really stopped.

The same thing happened to Russia before that. No one on the viral internet post says "Russian government is bad", everyone just says "Russia is bad". And if Russia is bad, that means it's cool and woke to boo Russian contestants on song contest, and uncool to even reblog pictures of Russian forests. Bad! Country!

It's so easy to label a whole nation or country as "bad", and i imagine that sinophobia got even worse since the virus... Why is this kind of logic, logic of someone who straight up writes war propaganda, is still allowed?!

fallow -

sinophobia is word for be racist to Chinese people right? if so then i wrote an essay on that! it has indeed gotten worse since the virus. lots worse. can share essay if people want read, was for english class but yeah my topic was racism+covid. was suppose compare with witch hunt in the crucible (assignment find historical thing where harmless group gets accuse of smth not their fault, mob mentality etc).

yeah is sad..people make generalization, try simplify complicated things...

which person you mention straight-up write war propaganda?

(also i havent seen original post so if something i say very off-topic is prob bc i dont have context ehe)

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waterfall -

wheres the fun exciting jrpg where it just starts off each day with you taking all your various medications, vitamins, etc etc

fallow -

honestly for long time i been think of make game representing my daily life

could be powerful tool illustrate ones own experiences portray them to others...maybe someday if i do that could try make it so easy for anyone make game abt their life, could be neat tool communication

if was doing for me would have energy bar for meltdown + energy bar for anxiety but would affect each other--maybe be like one of those things where is 2 sides of one bar split at middle and if one bar gets all the way low it starts taking from the other bar

also would have hunger/thirst etc bars hidden unless u go to special place to look at them (i have big adhd i forget to eat and drink)

prob also some currency would have to spend on actions, would have hidden number generated at start of each day = how easy tasks will be for brain today, if not easy have to spend more to do things (adhd med would make slightly more likely easier number but still is random chance still could get low)

also time-counter at corner of screen would not say time would be more like morning/midday/afternoon/evening/night etc, and would be random timeskips of a few hours whenever go near mirror or just sometimes randomly

often would get stuck w no more task currency and not be able to do things. would be frustrating for player but, well, is frustrating for me!! no more currency, just end up do low-effort thing like look at waterfall or message friend.

also would be things like meltdown or panic!mode where not fully in control of character, if meltdown too bad just have to watch them flail around onscreen, only sometime be able control movement...depending on how meltdown+anxiety bar is doing dialogue be different, at low levels character start hunching over talk simple and make noises that wouldnt otherwise (is strange bc people who dont kno im autistic can still get read that Somethings Wrong when im low-energy like that, people im not around all the time seem put on edge/discomfort at seeing my discomfort and the big difference in how i move and bodylanguage)

would be something like brain-bar too where when walking around when brainbar is low would cause random minigames to pop up themed abt objects i walk past, best way i can think of to describe the ping-pong around the house of adhd, just keep distracting. need have high brain-bar but brain-bar go down so fast, i guess would represent just stimulation/engagement in general

sometime character would not obey controls, like if is friends fighting in chat online would not be able do anything except check chat or pace room

and when meltdown/anxiety bar low then certain things would make bars go down even faster, like if step on lines or do thing Wrong or wear the wrong shirt

+would be debuff from being around lots people but also other debuff from being alone

+would get energy from be outside or around happy plants

+sometimes if brain bar low also get play through daydream sequence >=3c or storyplanning, player get play as story character and act out scene before can proceed...

if was game of your life, what would mechanic be like? =0

alright but imagine if the real humans-are-weird thing was placebo effect

alien: so youre telling me...you can just. believe something will effect you...and then it will??
human: to some degree yes. sometimes this leads to people thinking random things are medicine when they're actually not. there's this entire process we have to go through to find out if medicine works where we lie to everyone involved so their brains don't make up fake data. anyway there's also that one guy who won the olympics out of sheer force of will-
alien: ......I See.

goropancakechi -

Not to sound like an old woman flailing her cane around, but remember when people were able to like things casually?

I miss that.

Can we bring that back please.

fallow -

"#nowadays it's either #'This thing is LITERALLY PERFECT and PURE and there is NOT A SINGLE WRONG OR BAD THING ABOUT IT uwu uwu uwu uwu' #or #'THIS IS LITERALLY THE SPAWN OF HELL IF YOU LIKE IT YOU ARE HORRIBLE AND SHOULD DIE' #like can. can we chill please"

yeah it's interesting how that happens...time for me to brain dump [under the cut]

i remember reading something relevant to this. I've mentioned "the science of fear" by dan gardner before [again, warning it has a spider on the front], and it had a part that talked about group polarization.

it was saying basically that when people with similar interests/ideas come together as a group, the opinions/views they have in common tend to become strengthened, because in the company of those with similar views they feel like they have to try harder/go farther in order to show their dedication to the view and/or fit in with the group. since everyone in the group is affected by this, the average level of extremeness of the viewpoint rises, and it just keeps doing that.

In the book they talked about this mostly in relation to politics but I think it can absolutely be applied to fandom stuff too. so that might be why people tend to be really vehement in their views of the stuff they like/dislike.

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babushka -

well now ive read the news and my brain just shut off completely

fallow -

thats fair...the other day my sister was like "yeah in class they gave us an assignment on writing about news articles but the teacher said if we didn't want to dive into that hole she'd post links to not-depressing news articles for us to use"
she's been avoiding it too (as have i) bc just. Everything tm u kno.

anyway, just reminder that you dont have to read all that-

hope ur hangin' in there!
//(hehe this is silly to me because it is a word and also your name and reading it either way is slightly different meaning from the other...it reminds me of how my name is frost and people make jokes all the time about me being on the grass or on rooftops in the chilly morning!)

babushka -

hope puns! i put this name in my desc very recently so im only getting used to all the english puns :)

and yeah, even in less disturbing times a lot of news articles are actually written to be disturbing/bring light to disturbing things. and the evolution never prepared us to be aware about every disturbing thing happening around you!

as for how i feel - news wasn't the only reason my brain shut down. i think that was the first time in my life where my brain literally went "wow, too traumatic. im not processing all of that. im just shutting down" instead of repression, escapism, etc. thats probably awful but also a good protection mechanism. and im better now!

fallow -

yeahh i read a book a while ago about how fear works and it talked about how peoplebrains decide how likely to happen something is based on how much they've heard of it happening (which is probably why my anxiety thought it was Fun&Fresh to tell me I needed to worry about fantasy-story-type-hazards around the house haha) and the book said the news can really skew the brain's count of what's likely and what's not and that's the reason for the evolution thing you mentioned.

about your brain yeah that makes sense, flight response type deal...I'm glad you're doing better now!!