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The sea speaks to me and I begin to understand.
Semyon Lipkin, tr. by Yvonne Green, from Poems; By The Sea,

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this was for that style-bending art challenge! basically, i asked my art friends what things were distinct for my style and i had to create a piece of art without any of them. they said blocky and painterly brush strokes, the colors red and blue and brown, and people. came up with this in the end- there are some bluish and brownish shades, but they're almost all just fun uses of greys, dark yellows, and the surrounding colors. the closest i got to brown was a khaki beige-ish color.

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[ID: a peaceful warm digital artwork depicting Helix, one of HiddenCarpet's ocs. They are a fat muscular brown person with loose shoulder lenght wavy brown hair and sideburns. They have a few yellow flowers in their hair and they are wearing a simple light dress in pink orange color with a loose yellow lace on top. It falls off them, partially uncovering their hairy body with big and messy scars of multiple cuts on the left side of their neck, burn scars on their right shoulder, and breasts with two large nipples. They are sleeping on their back, with one hand on their belly and second hand to the side. Their hair falls onto their face and a big canine stands out of their mouth. They are covered with warm light of bright yellow abstract flowers surrounding them. End ID]

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i really like how you drew the flowers, your art always has such nice ambiance!

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not sure what this function call but stella found while mess round in sketchbook & knew how put to use

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ooh ooh v pretty!! like the colors =0

is function call symmetry tool?looks like could be symmetry

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Spirit Blossom Sky

Needed to cheer myself up, so concepted this X'D

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ooh ooh very pretty, love the clothes design...

wings are INCREDIBLY fun but boy do they become even more fun when you actually use reference photos

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double daffodil

philadelphia flower show (2019)

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i present to you: my dad's cat

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💛💛💛💛💛💛quality cat 10/10

also thats a beautiful forest ='0

if my cat jumped up a tree while i was walking them i wouldnt kno what to do honestly x'D

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[id: textured oil painting of a black cat sitting in the snow. The cat is in a loaf position, hunched over near the ground, and their tail is puffed up. Their eyes are open and they look intently down and to the right at something out of frame. Below the cat there are three feathers lying in the snow. The cat appears to have fallen snow on top of them--either that or just white spots. Behind them is a plant with small bare branches reaching up against the muffled azure-gray sky. end id.]

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this is from about a year ago but i wanted to upload it here too *:・゚✧

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(I finally got an idea for this one!!)

I’ve sat in the woods and watched the leaves. I’ve sat there and watched the rain, and the snow, I’ve watched as much of the sky as I can see. I’ve seen the foxes rush by, and the squirrels in the trees and so many birds, I long ago lost count. They run and fly and climb like they have places they must be, and here I sit, watching. I lost count of the times I’ve seen the sun and the moon and the stars rise and set. I think I’ve been here months, I think I’ve been here years, I think I’ve been here decades and centuries and millennia. Moss has grown over my body, I am indistinguishable from the fallen trees around. Flowers grow in my hair and my eyes and my fingernails have crystallized. My heart is covered in leaves, but it still beats out thumping rhythm that I hear when the woods get quiet. That is a rare occurrence, though, and sometimes I am forced to wonder if it has stopped. I am content waiting here, and smelling the springs, summers, falls and winters come and go. Watching a seedling grow into a massive sentinel, only to be struck down by lightning in the first century of it’s prime. It has returned to the earth from whence it came in a way that I have not. I hang on and hang on and hang on because I have a promise to keep. I promised I would wait. They promised they would come. And I trust to that promise, though I cannot remember their voice, or their face, or their name. I know they will come, and until then, I am content in the forest. I watch the leaves, and the rain and the snow and the sky. And I can hear my heartbeat under the moss. I am content to wait.

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Finally pulled out my acrylic ink again and messed around with it on glass. Idk if I'm done with it yet, but it's so pretty

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Mixed media drawings from last year which I half did for school. They are of my character Cherillick, who's part of a story I'm working on.

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ooh this is super detailed!! are their back legs made of wood?

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fun fact of the day the california poppy reproduces by making these really long seed pods when theyre done flowering and then the seed pods explode scattering their seeds everywhere

i think theyr neat

[id: photo of four long greenish-brown plant pods set on a gray surface. Three of them are lying side by side and one of them is apart from the rest. This one has partially split open to reveal a row of round black seeds lined up inside it. One seed has fallen out and is sitting near the pod. end id.]

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crownedwithwisteria tagged:
#those are what california poppy seed pods look like?? #wow they look WAY different from the seed pods of the poppies I've got growing in the side garden #so cool!! :D

oh neat, what do your poppies look like?

crownedwithwisteria -

it's dark out so I only have the pics off my phone from a few days ago but for the flowers themselves:

and the seedpods look like this, but when they're completely ripe/have mature seed they turn brown:

they're a mother-of-pearl poppy seed mix! so far I've had red, white, and kind of a peachy-pink pop up. each flower only lasts for about a day or two, but they're lovely while they're here!

fallow -

oh neato!! =D those are really pretty...i love the colors.....i don't have a picture of our poppies onhand but they're all orange! really bright orange too. it's silly to see them close at nighttime or when the sky's dark and open up in the day. it seems like to close each flower twists its petals into a little spire, it's funny...plants are just super neat

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Flowers for the lost

Finished painting these flowers for a little cryptid blog I found on tmblr!!

Anemone for the feeling of been forsaken, Queen Anne’s lace for sanctuary, and Gladiolus, Statice and Forget me not for remembrance. I think that all of them look rather cute together <3

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fun fact Iri can turn his eyes into smoldering coals

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wowie thats stunning!!