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Trying some new stuff! Might make her a character idk yet

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oo pretty =0 how do you put the slightly offset red/blue effect (not sure the name) on ur art? i think ive seen other pieces uve done that have that, it looks neat

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this is from about a year ago but i wanted to upload it here too *:・゚✧

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Roxy lalonde fan pesterquest sprites ( Homestuck )

I was a little disapointed about roxys pesterquest talksprites so i made my own version a few months ago! :DDD.

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Like. I respect pink now as actually a good color and understand that the only reason I had a distaste for it when I was younger was because it was ~girly~ and I ~wasn't like other girls~ but I also. Really dislike it when someone gives you something pink over other choices only because you are "girl."

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i totally had this, when i was little at first i loved pink. like, really bright pink. i think it might've been bc it was my primary teacher's favorite color, idk. but then once i became aware of the gender stuff attatched to it i was like "ew pink! no i dont like pink!"

and now I think pink is nice (not my very favorite but it looks good) because i've kinda. sorted out gender stuff for me, figured out oh ok, it's fine for anyone to like pink, neato!

reminds me of how i used to vehemently resent disney princess stuff and just disney in general, like, if anything was disney it was automatically bad

(to be fair this could be in part from how loud the parks are which is bad for me)

but yeah, everyone at disney parks would call me princess, and dad explained to me that was because they were told to as a part of their job because they were told to "make little girls feel like princesses", so I (around 7yo at the time) got this big oversized shirt and used puffy paint or something to write out "Please don't call me princess--I'm a cat" in big letters and i think thats one of the most iconic moments of my childhood

artfight ref from summer last year but i still like it so might as well post!!

this is Sugar!! he's one of my favorite characters to plan dialogue/story things for,, i dont know how to express how much i enjoy his arc,,, expect to see him around

he's a sweet [hehe] lil friend who pretty much everyone likes! everyone except a certain few, that is...

[short id: a reference sheet for fallow's character, Sugar. Sugar is a cream-colored cat with a tuft of gray "hair"/fur covering the left side of his face. His visible eye is green, and he has thick eyelashes. The ref contains several drawings of him as well as some text. longer id under the cut.]

[id: a reference sheet for fallow's character Sugar. At the top of the page written in dark green swooping cursive handwriting there is the word "Sugar", and next to it in slightly smaller writing, "He/him". Below this writing is a long green rounded shape which holds some text, next to small bullet-point-like drawings of flowers. The text reads as follows:

"Enjoys baking and gardening

Very small

Dissolves when exposed to water

Very polite and positive with the occasional snark

Murder? What murder?"

Below this textbox is a drawing of Sugar from the side, as well as a color palette. Sugar is facing left and walking. He is a quadrupedal cat character, drawn in a semi-cartoonish style with soft paint-ish shading. He is small and cream-colored, with fluffy chest fur and a long swishy tail. He has darker-colored "hair" covering the left half of his face. His right eye, the only one visible, is large with a bright green iris and thick eyelashes. He also has a muzzle but no visible nose. In this drawing, his eye is open and he is smiling.

To the right of this is a second drawing in which Sugar sits down with his tail curled over his paws. His body is still facing left but his head is turned towards the viewer, and he looks off at something out-of-frame to the viewer's right. His eye is half-closed in a neutral or perhaps bored expression.

Below both drawings of him are two simpler chibi drawings depicting him wearing clothes. In both of these drawings he sits facing towards the viewer and smiling with his tail up beside him in a curved shape.

The first drawing shows him wearing what could be the cat equivalent of a bathrobe. It is dark green with lighter green fluff around the edges.

In the second picture, he wears a fullbody protective suit similar to a beekeeper's outfit. It features a pale green sun hat, shaped so that his ears can stick up through it but still be covered. The brim of the hat is covered in flowers. Pale pink/transparent material hangs down from the brim of the hat and attatches to the body portion of the suit, which is the same pale green, with a pocket in the front that's full of flowers, and darker green gloves/boots over his paws. His tail is covered in the same type of pink plastic-looking material that hangs down from his hat.

All of this is laid over a background of an image of some sort of dessert balls in a glass vase. The image is faded and mostly a pale pink color. There are pale green rounded shapes atop the background to emphasize certain parts of the ref, including one behind the text, one behind the walking Sugar's head, and one under each drawing of him so that it looks like he has ground to stand on. The corners of the picture are rounded off with a border of white lace, and the outside is colored a slightly darker pink.

end id.]

[photo source]

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Paper miniatures of the day!

fallow -

[id: a photo of some tiny papercrafted items. One is a poster showing a human skeleton with the parts labeled too tiny to read; one is a dart board; most are magazines, including "People", "The New Yorker", and "TIME"; to the bottom right there are a couple of boxes made of pink decorative paper; and to the bottom left there are two flower pots, one of which someone has picked up with their thumb and index finger, most likely to show scale. The pot is perhaps twice the size of their thumb, and the other items are similarly small. end id.]

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White-browed tit-warbler (their Chinese name 花彩雀莺 is far cuter!) are super cute small birds found across continental Asia. Photos via Courtney Noir

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finished another FR commission!! this one i had a lot of fun putting little pixel details everywhere

[short id: a drawing of Abysmal Sparkle, a brightly-colored, curvy cat/ish character with beetle wings. he walks towards the viewer with an aloof expression. full id under the cut.]

micron pen / watercolor / copics
scanned + edited digitally

rlly hope i get to play this fabulous friend more
his playbook is The Spider but i reflavored it as void portals/teleportation
hes my char from a game w/ @inara n a couple others

[id: a drawing of Abysmal Sparkle, a cat character with beetle wings.
His fur is mostly dark purple, but some tufts on his head, chest, and tail are magenta striped with lighter shades of purple in a swirly candylike pattern, and his paws are the same three colors, with the lightest purple around his ankles in a slightly drippy shape like cake icing.
He faces towards the viewer and appears to be walking. He is looking slightly downwards and wears an aloof expression with half-lidded magenta eyes and no pupils. His tail swishes outwards and to the right, showing its full length and candy-icing pattern. His wings are extended as well--the elytra are patterned with the same candy-stripes, and his true wings are colorless, as one would expect most beetle wings to be.
Also he has two gems in his ears that look like ear studs. 'Nuff said.]