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clouds and the ocean r so therapeutic to paint. heres a city in a boat

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[ID: a peaceful warm digital artwork depicting Helix, one of HiddenCarpet's ocs. They are a fat muscular brown person with loose shoulder lenght wavy brown hair and sideburns. They have a few yellow flowers in their hair and they are wearing a simple light dress in pink orange color with a loose yellow lace on top. It falls off them, partially uncovering their hairy body with big and messy scars of multiple cuts on the left side of their neck, burn scars on their right shoulder, and breasts with two large nipples. They are sleeping on their back, with one hand on their belly and second hand to the side. Their hair falls onto their face and a big canine stands out of their mouth. They are covered with warm light of bright yellow abstract flowers surrounding them. End ID]

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i really like how you drew the flowers, your art always has such nice ambiance!

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classtime with ian and carvel

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oo i like this dynamic,, is good, i like 'trickster mentor' type characters theyr fun

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sleepy kitty

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[id: simple digital drawing of an orange cat curled up in a ball to sleep. The cat faces away from the viewer and is mostly curled into themself, obscuring their belly, face, and paws, though one back paw is visible on the other side of their head. Two "Z"s are above the cat's head to represent snoring. end id.]

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instagram | ko-fi | print shop

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[id: a close-up photo of roses surrounded by leaves. The roses are brightly colored, fading from orange in the center to crimson on the outer petals. One of them is fully in-frame and you can see the concentric layers of petals wrapped up inside it, here and there a bit irregular, edges curling outwards to show their hue. Below this flower is another, which looks as if the former has shoved it slightly to the side, competing for room. Above both of them is a flower whose outer petals are looser, falling outwards a bit, not so tightly wound. There are several more flowers though they are mostly out of frame. A stalk extends from somewhere behind the first flower, green and new, covered in buds. Around the flowers there are shiny dark green leaves with pointed tips. end id.]

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When my grandma gave me my grandpa's old film camera, there was still an old roll of film in there so I got it developed with the rest of my film a few months ago and these were the only pictures on there. It's nice to have that small piece of him that he had probably already forgotten about since the film expired over a decade ago

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troublemakers in troublemaker town

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this looks amazing :0 did you use a limited palette from the start or just kinda go where the colors took you?

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Just playing with colors a bit.

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ooh!!! this is really pretty, i do like the colors you used.
also the use of simple shapes&layeredness of the mountains/hills makes this look like something from a video game!

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I could not focus at all before making this and then I started and it was suddenly 9pm and id done none of my homework


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[extends sympathy and understanding because mood]

yesterday my sister and i started talking about how our various mental things like anxiety and adhd and stuff manifested in our lives on a day-to-day basis,

we started talking at 9 pm as i was starting to get ready for bed

didnt actually get IN till midnight when our one (1) non-adhd family member was like "I'm glad you're enjoying each others' company but gO TO BED"

wander over yonder - the waste of time

(id under cut)

[id: a gif depicting the broken window of an old, worn-out gas station. The building is made of uneven wooden boards in dull tones. Inside the window, we see Wander, his colors faded and his hat drooping, with a patch sewn onto it. The hat is pulled completely over his face as he leans forward on the side of the window to rest. His arms are folded in front of him and Zs emerge from above his hat. Behind him the room is stocked with containers of oil and grease, and papers are pinned to a corkboard near a large crack in the wall. Everything is still, save his snoring. end id.]