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The World of the Shining Prince: Court Life in Ancient Japan

Ivan Morris, 1969

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[id: an image of black serif text (the kind that might be found in a printed book) on a white background. It reads,

"The humanist idea that the naked body can be a thing of aesthetic joy and significance is alien to the Japanese tradition; the female figure was never included in the contemporary cult of beauty. In Murasaki's case we find not merely indifference to the nude form but actual aversion. In her diary she describes the scene in which two maids-of-honour are robbed of their clothes in the middle of the night. At the sight of the poor naked ladies, their fellow attendants are thrown into pandemonium and rush about ineffectually like frightened barnyard fowl. When things have quieted down, Murasaki comments, 'Unfortunately horrible is the naked body. It really does not have the slightest charm.'²" end id.]

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There's an extremely paraphrased quote from Frankenstein that, when translated from 1800's-speak, means something like this:

If you become very obsessed with something, and it starts dominating your life to the point where you can't derive any joy just from sitting outside in the sunshine, listening to the birds, and breathing the fresh air, then that thing is unhealthy for you to engage with. (SPECIFICALLY sitting outside, this is not metaphorical.) Work, school, hobbies, whatever - anything that makes you feel this way is bad for you and you either need to stop doing it or take a step back.

This way of looking at it is so amazingly 19th-century that it's almost silly, but honestly, it's true for me. When I remember, I kind of try to live by it.

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i really like this!!

sometimes when I happen to find myself outside I experience a sudden lift in mood as I sit for a while and soak in the sun and the presence of the trees and plants around me and wonder "why don't I do this more?"

i think the answer is that today's world often leaves little room for breathing space and makes it hard for people to take time for themselves. there's always something Going On that's more demanding or engaging than the physical world around us.

I remember trying to explain the feeling of peace and connectedness that comes from simple contemplation to a friend with a very different temperament than my own. Ey didn't understand it, which probably has to do with--as ey has told me--how ey has a mind that is constantly running and full of thoughts, to the point where this is evident to anyone upon interacting with em. And I see it in eir anxiety too. Anxiety thrives in a fast-paced environment, and my friend's mind certainly fits the bill.

That friend was constantly bemused by things I'd do like holding a leaf up to the sun and looking at its veins as the light shone through them (highly recommended, leaves are the coolest!!) I think ey just didn't see the value in sitting still and feeling wonder.

So hey. Here's a reminder to anyone reading this to stop and take a breath today.

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One of my finals got moved online, and then it got docked to only 10% of our grade "to alleviate some of the stress we're all under"

but now, since I did all the extra credit, there's literally no way I can't get an A in the class. even if I get a 0% on the final, I'll still have a 92% overall

the bad part is that I really loved my teacher this term so I want to do well on this exam, but now that I know it literally doesn't matter, it's practically impossible to motivate myself to study for it

(there's one topic I literally do not understand and I know it will be featured heavily on the exam, so if I don't study...)

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huh, this is an interesting situation for sure...i'd say just do your best!! if you want you can explain to your teacher that you are motivated by grades so the lack of potential worsening in the grade department takes away your motivation...

if i may ask, what is the topic you're having trouble with? (on the off-chance that it's something i or someone else could help you with)

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Am I the only person here who actually kinda likes """tumblr culture"""

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Whaddya mean?

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there are two wolves inside you

one of them wants to post your art on a website with more than three users

the other wants to post your art in a place that feels private

you are a waterfall user