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How do you hhhhhhh self compassion

darkhorsedouglas -

It's hard to do. My anxiety used to make me focus on my mistakes and nothing else. Like, getting nervous about something I did wrong 3 years ago.

The easiest trick I've found is to tell yourself "good job" for the small things. Did I get my dirty clothes washed today? Yes. Then I say out loud or in my mind. "Good job me." Did I stay calm while talking to a rude customer? Yes. "Good job me!"

Telling yourself good job helps with self-confidence. And helps you notice the good things you are doing. It's easy to look at the mistakes you make and think you're a bad person. But if you increase the number of times you encourage yourself it makes it easier to see the good things you are doing.

The final step is to change what you are thinking about. If you notice you are thinking to yourself that "you suck" or "you're so bad at this". Catch yourself and think of one of your "good job!" moments.

Ex. "Darn I didn't get the dishes done. I suck at being an adult." *pause* "But I did do the laundry today and cleaned up some trash in the living room. I guess I'm not that bad at being an adult."

babushka -

sounds like it'll help! thanks!!