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Looking at the star-filled sky, I sometimes imagine it as a flowering garden, sometimes a dark, dangerous sea, sometimes a taciturn face flooded with tears.
Nikos Kazantzakis, tr. by P. A. Bien, from “Report To Greco,” publ. c. 1961

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For many years, night had been friendly to me, the cocoon of quiet in which I read and wrote.
Elizabeth Kostova, The Historian

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I climbed the stairs to the base of the tower. My steps echoed into the night, the loneliest sound I had ever heard. There was no door, so I simply walked inside, into a round, empty room, open to the sky. I felt like I was inside a spool of thread; there were no windows, and the walls around me had no edges or corners. Where were the stairs up to the top? The room seemed to stretch the deeper I went inside. Its stillness reminded me of a temple, but there were no deities to worship. No incense, no offerings to the gods. And I no longer felt alone.

Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim

finally admitted to myself that i was hungry, decided not to eat tomorrow's lunch, spent a solid chunk of time trying to climb the front of the fridge to reach the brownie brittle, eventually remembered that tools are a thing and grabbed a stirring spoon to pull it down, spent another chunk of time trying to open said brownie brittle as the cats watched with fascination, came to the conclusion that resealable bags are pointless if i cant unseal them in the first place and just cut it open with scissors, explained all this to dad as he concernedly looked on because it is midnight and i have just spent half an hour in hand to hand combat with the kitchen

ok srs tho why do i hear fireworks at night

friends said they hear same burstnoise see flash of white light

havent seen light but then again i tend to avoid window when burst sound at night

dunno what would be

crownedwithwisteria -

it's 12:30 am and since I'm only apparently permitted to have a single brain cell at night I have only just realized that I am an adult and that means if there is a meteor shower,, that is supposed to peak at predawn,, I can stay up all night watching the sky if I want to and no one will stop me

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Drew some Night In the Woods Fanart because i am now once again free from the schoolz

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! i like how the tower curves inward =D that plus the [mind is blanking but the thing that holds telephone lines to the right side that is curved as well] leads the eye nicely & gives a cool feeling of distance!

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long exposure night time photography that captures images that feel liminal and desolate with an ambiguous lighting source that makes it feel like time has stopped and you are a chrononaut trying to find the right place again.

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Do you ever wake up and wonder if you should try to go to sleep again or just. Give up and stay awake

fallow -

yeah that was me this morning,

usually what i do is go downstairs and make myself some oatmeal (im always hungry by that point) and spend a bit reading/something similar. then when im done eating and ive sat around digesting for a bit i go back upstairs and try going back to sleep. doesn't always work but at least a higher success rate than doing nothing at all!

this morning instead i went outside and looked at the stars. the moon had already set but i saw jupiter as well as scorpio (which i mistook for orion until a friend corrected me!) it was pretty. being awake very early always makes me want to play guitar but i generally don't for fear of waking the family haha..

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Night, it was so peaceful- but not in a happy way. Many people died and the smoke and debris was thick. But it didn’t die. I was just running down our street. A dog alongside me, blood pouring through a gash in it's side.

Stayin' Alive started playing ominously in the distance.

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don't ask questions that you don't want answered

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Moonrise with Pink, 2017 - David Vickery

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[id: a detailed painting showing the dark silouhette of the landscape--a forest of coniferous trees--against the dusk sky. The moon rises, only its top half visible above the trees, glowing faintly orange where it touches the horizon. The sky is shades of dark, faded blues, purples, and reds. There are clouds overhead, reflecting the last of the sun's bleeding rays, but they are barely visible as night sets in. end id.]