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this done now, atleast...
was not orignly what try draw, idea come after unable do first few
some thing llook awkward & wrong but think happy too

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fuuuull collage!
some normal optical illusions, some direct from (or inspire by) show, & some also just stella being strange >:)

beefox -

these all real awesome!!!

fallow -

the black and white with gray lines illusion worked on me i was like "wait how'd you get it to tilt in so few pixels--oHHH"

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autiestella -

stella had funky dream, not even able detail eveything cause soooooooooooo darn much

but this stick out: stella said "hmmm BORED" in middle conversation w dream chara, & just ... WILLED unicorn + deer centaur girls into exist

...then stella woke, cause her dreams REFUSE be control!!!! happens most time try

autiestella -

still want more mad mod ones >:)

lastnight stella actually start imagine if WAS in mad mansion ... but fellsleep before able figure out much!

funnyest mad mod dream so far was, he took over world & made sky orange + grass blue? so stella sat on bench outside house & sang abt tuna sandwich, & mad mod greeted her (just float head in sky)

was nother one, stella explore biiiig techy lab? reached end & biiig white staircase, staircase had "shelf" under, which actually screen. was broke & want try fix, so stella put string inside & somehow work. whole time, someone behind stella! never saw who but just feel was mad mod. also stella was talk but mouth not move, was infodump abt smth but dunno what

fallow -

this is neat! i very much feel the dreamvibes of "thing is thing but Not" and "knowing something you cant see"

in my dreams i dont realize it's a dream except sometimes i do and then i can't control things is more either i try to escape dream or i wake up within dream tell people within dream of weird dream i had last night.....X'3 is very silly

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stella ... should hav sleep instead of this, but was too tempt - not done any of together before
this style hard. took way more long than thought. ow

but! meet autumn (get it? autie) , echolalic multiply-disable autistic, & reformed mad mod, who now fulfil dream of fashion design
mad mod also autistic - finds kinship in autumn & accidently adopts :P