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kidd -

seeing a well-meaning but ultimately stupid post circulating tumblr about the new pokemon unite game. the OP does the whole tumblr song and dance about how you're a horrible person if you support the game because it is being funded by Tencent.

if after reading that, you have questions, let me elaborate with some Lore before i explain my opinion

what is pokemon unite?

pokemon unite is a MOBA coming to the Switch and mobile devices, created by a partnership between the Pokemon Company and Tencent. i believe it is intended to be free to play.

what is Tencent?

what isn't Tencent? it's an insanely huge conglomate with international reach that is owned/operated in Shanghai, China. most people are familiar with the fact it owns Riot games and therefore League of Legends. it became notorious in social justice circles for censoring any pro-Hong Kong politics (and players) in Riot games. however, Riot is not the only company Tencent has its claws in.

while it is one of the biggest gaming companies--if not The gaming biggest company--in the world, its reach is well beyond gaming. Tencent offers streaming services, social media, teaching platforms, AI software, facial recognition software, movie production, e-commerce and online payments, etc. what it doesnt own, Tencent invests in: it has invested in Discord and Reddit, for example.

I can't even compare it to a western equivilent. it's way too big--it's like if Facebook, Google, Disney, and Amazon were a single company. it is everywhere. and it is watching. so...

are you a horrible person for supporting/playing Pokemon Unite?

no!!!!!!! Tencent is something that is so insanely huge and powerful that many people CANNOT not consume their products/services. living in China, I literally have no choice but to use Tencent and their services in daily life. my work depends on their services to function. it doesn't make me a bad person, nor does it make pokemon fans bad people for playing a free game by the Pokemon Company.

besides, again, even if you don't play tencent games, you very like use a product or service owned and/or invested in by Tencent anyway. if you're european or american, you likely use services/products free of Tencent that are just as awful in their own ways (FB, Google, Amazon, Apple, etc).

what's important is to be aware and remember there really is no ethical consumption under capitalism. don't let ignorant people who underestimate how powerful Tencent is make you feel shitty about enjoying a free pokemon game.

babushka -

I think i saw this post too, and i really don't like how it's worded. They could have just wrote the facts as they saw it: the game is funded by Tencent, like many other things, Tencent is doing terrible things, in case you don't know it, period. But no, they just chose to write "if you claim to support black lives and at the same time want to play this game, you are a hypocrite". It doesn't even matter if you know who supports who, you are a hypocrite anyways. "Mom, can I play this game about cute pokemons?" "Absolutely not, you racist piece of crap!! Get out of my sight!!"

I think people being guilt tripped by those kinds of posts are the very reason those posts spread.

kidd -

that is exactly the post i saw. i have since seen another one on the same topic which was worded a little better.

but even with the better wording, i do not agree with shaming people for enjoying a game sponsored/invested in/owned by tencent--even if they do know how terrible Tencent is. while well meaning, it is so...delusional to think not supporting one tiny free game by the company will matter. Tencent is just too big.

americans especially shouldn't be jumping on Tencent when we depend so much on Amazon, Disney, Google, and Facebook--all awful companies with their own amounts of human rights violations and censorship. i might be being too sensitive, but it comes off as so self-righteous and a little racist to target Tencent.

of course, if you somehow live your life without any of the mentioned companies above, then talk all you want i guess. but tencent is so ingrained into chinese society and daily life that calling anyone who supports is a bad person is just evil. it's a result of global capitalism and a monopoly that has been allowed to grow far too powerful.

fallow -

oh oh this make sense. yeah me i try minimize supporting company like amazon google etc but they still everywhere =| most i can do is just Not Buy Things but am still young so dont control money in the house, could probably do more than i am right now against them but have other things to worry about so dont really get around to it.. [more ramble under cut]

did not know about tencent! vaguely aware somethings Up in china high surveillance stuff some sort of conglomerate thing of companies fused with government?? dont know much about it since i dont live there but some years back saw article where china build diplomacy-meeting-place gift to a country in africa then country find out meetingplace is bugged, remember i talked about that and someone say china government does a lot of spy things like that these days.

is scary to think is company so much bigger than companies i am familiar with. didnt kno they could get that big honestly! is it so big bc it not have competition?

sometime i feel like i am behind in perception of world, spend so much time school learning history not present that could prob tell u more about ancient china than china now, at least if i remembered all the stuff they taught

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babushka -

really wanna address @kidd 's thoughts about Sinophobia in a separate post if they don't mind

I don't really know why this happens, but i guess, people really want to have something which is easy to hate on? Because when the actions of Chinese government started getting viral recognition, very few people started saying "Chinese government is bad". Most people just said "China is bad. I hate China" and so on. There was a wave of hate for everything made in China (which is a lot of things) or funded by China and it never really stopped.

The same thing happened to Russia before that. No one on the viral internet post says "Russian government is bad", everyone just says "Russia is bad". And if Russia is bad, that means it's cool and woke to boo Russian contestants on song contest, and uncool to even reblog pictures of Russian forests. Bad! Country!

It's so easy to label a whole nation or country as "bad", and i imagine that sinophobia got even worse since the virus... Why is this kind of logic, logic of someone who straight up writes war propaganda, is still allowed?!

fallow -

sinophobia is word for be racist to Chinese people right? if so then i wrote an essay on that! it has indeed gotten worse since the virus. lots worse. can share essay if people want read, was for english class but yeah my topic was racism+covid. was suppose compare with witch hunt in the crucible (assignment find historical thing where harmless group gets accuse of smth not their fault, mob mentality etc).

yeah is sad..people make generalization, try simplify complicated things...

which person you mention straight-up write war propaganda?

(also i havent seen original post so if something i say very off-topic is prob bc i dont have context ehe)

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kidd -

this is literally the cutest thing i've seen all day: click

babushka -

beefox -

fallow -

^ me

^ kweeka (character!)

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sidh -

Language discourse is fun and English is a clusterfuck but in the effort to say a nice thing about it

I appreciate the flexibility

The fact that you can just word however feels goodest and the message is still conveyed well enough is neat

Also I like that our language doesn't inherently gender things, that's pretty cool. The fact that some languages don't even have a built-in concept of nobinary existance is so strange and sad to me

star-rice -

While we could be better about gender things (some languages have gender neutral pronouns *sobs*, not to mention ways to signify which of two people of the same gender you're refering to in a scenario) and i know I'm kind of attacking english in other posts. SAME.

There is an incredible amount of nuance to our language and, especially with the advent on new technologies, it has changed so much in just the past couple decades. We can communicate on such a minute level and this speaks to both the language itself purely and the societies and people that use them. Especially in online spaces, if we need a new word, there are many cases where we will just make one up and we all agree collectively that "yeah thats a new heckin word alright". And this isn't even touching the nuance in slang itself.

I fucking love english. Theres so many times where I have a word in mind (but ofc can't summon it immediately) and its a coin flip between whether I can use a synonym or if any of the synonyms I have sort of function but do not have the same specific connotation that I need (or feels right/necessary).

I have such a love for this language, even if it is a huge clusterfuck.

babushka -

doesn't this thing work with??? other languages?? isn't every language's purpose clear communication and easy use of new words??

babushka -

not being able to change the word order in a sentence is flexibility??

and you know, some languages gender every noun adjective and verb so english is not too bad about this whole gender thing it only misses like 2-3 pronouns/words

star-rice -

Honestly I think it just depends on the language family more, because, for say, Japanese, as far as I'm aware, you absolutely cannot do the same thing with sentence structure because theirs is already rigidly put together. Also sarcasm isn't a thing in Japanese (or if it is it has to be very blatant?) They're much less open to the word fuckery we commit. I once heard a comedian go on about how their mothers language (i cant remember if it was a form of chinese or japanese) did not have "ish" written into their language anywhere. So they had to explain to their mother the concept of trying to do something "around noon-ish" and she had a hard time understanding.

And those are just a few examples.

On the polar opposite site, you have german which takes words it already has and combines them 15 different ways til sunday to great 35 different new words, many of which are INSANELY specific. Some translate well, some are explainable when you break it down and some are an enigma for English speakers.

luna-megalopolis -

isn't "rashii" (らしい) the closest to "ish" in japanese? but then again I know nothing about other dialects...

kidd -

it borders on racist to imply that other languages lack sufficient nuance and slang to communicate in ways just as complex as--if not more complex than--English.

yes, English has its unique quirks--every language does--but to act like sarcasm and synonyms or even online lingo are the defining characteristics is wild lol. language is always evolving, no matter where you live. native English speakers think their language is so ~unique~ because it's often the only one they speak.

babushka -

Woke up, better wording:

As far as i understand from linguistic standpoint (saw an interview with linguist, work with languages on a daily job, etc.), flexibility, nuance and ability to easily create new words are essential for any language since the entire purpose of language is to help communication. If those requirements aren't met, the language isn't really easy to communicate in?? The ways it is reached is, like, a whole other thing, and we could even say some languages are less developed than others since they weren't around for as long as others were. What we appreciate in basic characteristics is the concept of language itself and how our human minds deal with it, i think???

About Russian below the cut

Flexibility has a lot of ways like. In Russian word order any sentence still sence makes (and the word order adds up to intonation). The constant gendering of everything? Not so flexible, but well. Everyone has its own stuff. English, to me, too has a fixed word order. I can also get rid of a noun entirely and make a sentence like "Raining. ". It's a valid book quality sentence.

Nuance? How many cute words does English have for a word "dog"? Dog, doggie, doggo, and that's probably about it. If you want to decend into cuteness while calling your dog a name, try russian. "Собака! Собачка! Собачечка! Собаченция!" the third word has two sufficces at once and is hard to translate, since its not quite a doggie but a doggieie if it makes sence.

New words? Nowadays Russian is integrating rus-ified English words quite successfully, since they don't have synonims in Russian and describe the things that we need to address that haven't been addressed before, from feminism to programming. But again, if new words were hard to make, the language would die, that's just how language works

fallow -

this is a neat addition, i am [whats the word...out of all the posts to lose a word on its this one djlfkhg.......] i dont know the adjective i'm looking for!! but basically the thing about word order/intonation is new information to me, and i am glad to have read this, because that's interesting! i imagine ordering words different entirely depending on the tone you want to convey would be a neat way to speak. i enjoy learning about the structure differences between languages and the types of thinking they promote.