rise and shiine it's such a lovely morning

lol my blog desc got deleted but basically im an artist whos here sometimes and im vibing

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i still wonder how on earth did we get from "its okay and necessary to experience negative emotions" to "if negative emotions are not your main driving force right now you are doing life wrong"

you have the right to be angry and sad, yes! but you also have the right to be happy!


plenty things in world be angry & sad abt rn, plenty things where might want demand change

but still need take care of self, & that means allow happy too
in hard times more than ever need happy moments! happy moments is how not lose self into spiral where feel nothing worth anything & should give up!
not to mention happy moments is how connect w other ppl, & even self - if destroy all happy then destroy any chance of real connect, & that's WORST thing when world this messy & ppl already so disconnect! is not smth should promote!

like obv be mindful & careful of circumstance, stella not say should throw big corona party or anything, but like
talk to ppl, make jokes, dance round & sing, work on arts & crafts, do anything which fun even if others want say "useless"!
does not matter if never leaves your room, or if reaches whole world: happy is NOT useless, is NOT ignorance, is NOT giving up!