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is just me or is ironic that same people who take first amendment free speech out of context and apply to say, being banned from website and things, seem heavy overlap with people who want less regulation on corporation??

first amendment is for usa government specifically, government can't get you legal trouble for saying random stuff (except maybe hate speech? dont remember) but it dont apply to corporation bc corporation is private entity is not government and is not control by government

conservative ppl tend support deregulate market and stuff, not want putting restriction on company, but also tend use free speech as argument against [insert anything here] which usually ends up being say that social media place violate free speech by ban them but if social media was required to not ban ppl because free speech then that would be government regulation of corporation?????????so dont understand their logic there maybe they just not think abt it???

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*whispering to myself* don't. don't make a post about death penalty. this is a wholesome site. you're a wholesome person. don't

babushka -


death penalty is not about "well some people just DESERVE to die", it's not about who deserves what is about is what a government is legally allowed to do to you

"well, we'll just assure the system can never make a mistake" every system can make a mistake (not to mention people meddling with the law deliberately), but not all mistakes are reversible. if someone is in jail by mistake, they might live to see freedom or let out earlier when this mistake is corrected. if someone is fined by mistake, a compensation can solve it. if someone dies - well, whoops.

fallow -

ye my dad and i have talked about this

- i told him about a time in history class when our assignment was to put the nazis on trial and decide what to do with them. specific nazis i mean, specific people hitler put in charge of specific stuff, dont remember their names. the entire rest of the class put them all to death. i do think i was the only person who argue against it. when i say no and try to explain why (say something along lines of "death is too easy, they don't have to deal with aftermath [more on this later]), one my groupmates says "oh yeahh solitary confinement is worse than death we should put them in solitary instead!" and i just look at them like no this is not what i meant, i-

  • my thinking is this: should not kill them because is not much practical reason to. other than people's sense of vengeance what reason is there? pretty sure there are enough resources to keep the big baddies from escaping jail, is not like they'll dig secret tunnel out or something. they did terrible, terrible things. in my mind is not reason to kill them; is reason to have them work (in reasonable, fine working conditions) to make things--clothes, shoes, bandages, literally anything--that will help people, esp if possible the people they hurt. obvs need to keep under supervision make sure they not sabotage but. this is my thought.
    reason for this is...in general, things in this world are messy. aftermath, i said that word before--aftermath not something you must deal with if you're dead. you are just out. no have to help clean up. everyone else do the cleaning up the mess you made, you don't have take responsibility for any of it.
    if have them do good work, even if is not voluntary, they are still helping people. may not be personal choice but: people are being helped. if they dead they can't help people! basically...i think is wrong to kill in general, and people who did verybadthings should be (kindly) put to work because then they will put some good into world, even if was not personal moral change, even if will not outweigh or cancel bad. Just think is responsibility.
  • Dad have concern like you said of sometimes government not get the right person. He say he not a fan of assassination too. our family generally support obama but he say one thing obama do that he not in favor of is the killing. drone strikes&what have you. we had conversation about this was good to talk about, he got emotional, he very glad that I agree with him that should not kill.
  • after that conversation i did this:

    [id: photo of a cat holding their paw up as if pumping their fist; overlaid text says "while you studied the blade I bonded with my dad over a shared moral objection to capital punishment and the current state of the usa prison system" end id.]