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worldbuilding be like e

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i accidentally hit post and yknow what? it's better this way

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valid and also i feel compelled to contribute this tangentially relevant thing i said the other day

[id: a screenshot from the chat program discord. it shows a series of messages with the icon/name cropped out. the messages read,

"new set of genders
lets just classify everything based on that now
make an entire language that has a suffix for thinsg
based on whether they believe in free will or fate
lets just
apply that to chairs now shall we
does this chair believe in free will
arguably that could lead to a classification of animate vs inanimate things but then there's the question of viruses
really any talent i have comes from taking the logical extension of ideas to the point where they no longer make sense and restructuring things around them in the industry we call it worldbuilding
i call it a good pastime during lectures"

another user has reacted to "[...] in the industry we call it worldbuilding" with an emoji that says "ok boomer". end id.]

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gendered bread...

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[illuminati noises]