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worldbuilding be like e

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i accidentally hit post and yknow what? it's better this way

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valid and also i feel compelled to contribute this tangentially relevant thing i said the other day

[id: a screenshot from the chat program discord. it shows a series of messages with the icon/name cropped out. the messages read,

"new set of genders
lets just classify everything based on that now
make an entire language that has a suffix for thinsg
based on whether they believe in free will or fate
lets just
apply that to chairs now shall we
does this chair believe in free will
arguably that could lead to a classification of animate vs inanimate things but then there's the question of viruses
really any talent i have comes from taking the logical extension of ideas to the point where they no longer make sense and restructuring things around them in the industry we call it worldbuilding
i call it a good pastime during lectures"

another user has reacted to "[...] in the industry we call it worldbuilding" with an emoji that says "ok boomer". end id.]

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some art of pluralkit discord bot mascot myriad

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aww this is really cute,, very good hand =0

what is pluralkit? is it thing to help systems use discord better?

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if you feel like keeping this knowledge then please either save this to your device OR repour (or both! ^^)

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[id: screenshot from a discord conversation between lovecubus (nicknamed luvbuggie) and thellere (nicknamed The Science Team). It reads:

The Science Team (Today at 2:56 PM)
"Nah it's more me being very aware that I'm in a position to collect a ton of data about you guys if I wanted to so it was both a note to self to make sure I don't do that and also a memey way of telling you guys to hold me accountable if I do turn to the dark side"

luvbuggie [theyđź’–them] (Today at 2:58 PM)
"*screenshots for future*"

The Science Team (Today at 3:00 PM)
"Screenshot this too
If I ever start selling data externally rather than just using it in-house (with the caveat that I explain what it's being used for and let you ask questions and shit), stop using the site immediately"

end id.]

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I like groupchats in theory, but in practice I cannot handle them at all and i think thats because the only groupchats ive been in since middleschool are class groupchats and a couple fandom dicord chats, which tend to have 20+ ppl, as opposed to my two(2) former friends from middleschool.

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oof but also mood

largest group chat i keep up with is 7 people, and thats probably because i know all of them and also because i am the resident chatterbox//

i'm on a bunch of random discord servers but mostly only so i can hop on ask a weird question and probably never speak again

there was this one server tho.......had a channel called garbage-rp........................those were the days,,

me: today i planted three onions in the backyard without prompting
idly wondering if someone's gonna be upset like "i told u to weed the yard and u planted onions"
but can they really criticize me?

other person on discord: of course not, thats just advanced weeding