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knife go krr

[id: digital drawing of the character Mallory Yun, a human with brown skin, vitiligo, pierced ears, and a dyed-magenta buzz cut. They are wearing round shades, jeans, combat boots, and a long-sleeved striped shirt with a t-shirt over it. They also wear a blue-and-purple sparkly crop jacket with scalloped decorations at the edge that look somewhat like teeth. In one hand they hold three rocks with glowing pink fire around them, and in the other they hold a knife, which they drag down a golden staircase railing behind them, making a horrible KRRRR noise. They pay the noise no mind and instead stand tall staring aggressively at someone out of frame. the background is drawn somewhat abstractly in blocks of color showing the stairs and darkness behind them. the drawing is done in a cartoon style. end id.]


[id: several sketches in bright colors on a black background. the first is a cartoony depiction of Mallory's head with an X over the mouth. They're a human with a shaved head and pierced ears. They're wearing round shades. Their eyes are partway closed in a resigned sort of manner, eyebrows furrowed slightly. Around them are the words, "I'll take a vow of silence". Yes I was listening to lemon demon.

The second image is two drawings of Luka, a humanoid with a floating fiery orb for a head. He's wearing a long coat and gloves, with a sash tied around his waist. In the first one, he walks hurriedly with one hand on his hip and the other holding a piece of bread. He says, "lol sry gotta go toast is done ✌". From out of frame, Mallory says, "dammit luka". Luka adds, "(also it's cosmic toast that will consume your whole dimension if I don't consume it first but that didn't seem important to mention)". In the second sketch Luka is wearing a mask that looks like a simplified version of a human skull. He smiles and gives a thumbs up. end id.]

[heres the photo overlaid on the lines in the second one]

[id: a grayscale drawing (fountain pen on bristol board) of Mal, a human wearing large round glasses and a hooded coat. They are scowling with their teeth grit, nose wrinkled, and tears running down their face. Through one lens you see one of their eyes, entirely dark including the schlera. The other lens is filled by darkness, a distorted spiral, and a reflection of flames. They face straight towards the viewer. Their coat is clasped at the neck and the hood is up. A sort of glitch causes the edges of the hood to flicker to the side around their face. The space around their head is angry scribbles and crude drawings of knives and cross marks. Two semi-transparent hands are on their shoulders from behind, and bordered by fire come the words, "Focus. Focus. Focus the energy." end id.]

[id: a black and white image, drawn with fountain pen and scanned in. It's a bust shot of Sunny, a human with a round face, wide nose, and a partially-shaved head, with longer hair on the top in tight curls. She wears a bandanna around her neck. Both her eyes are closed and she smiles and says, "Be OK, okay?" end id.]

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mousey mousey maybe cut your hair

[ID: a cold blue toned digital artwork depicting a gray anthro mouse with straight black hair, icy blue strip marking under mouth and two under the eyes of the same color. They are in a black hoodie and their messy hair falls into their tired eyes. They look into a light screen of a pad that floats below their head. The background is dark purple with lighter blue strokes of light. Foreground is what looks like an obscure cloud of light. End ID]

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[Pic ID: A fan art piece of Minecraft. A Moobloom calf rests on the ground as a Bee flies beside it. End ID.]

[id: a three-panel comic.

Mal as a child, maybe around ten years old, stands with their long dark hair messy over their face, wearing a t-shirt and jeans and holding a stuffed bunny in one arm. They're drawn in shades of blue. From out of frame, their mom asks, "Are you sure you want to bring Chuffles to school, hun?"

Mal clutches Chuffles tighter and nods silently as a sort of vivid darkness gathers around their head.

The third panel is golden and warm as Mal's mom stands smiling down at them. Her hair is pulled back in a ponytail and her face is kind. She says, "Alright. Ready?" and holds out a backpack.

end id.]

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[id: an image captioned "Ancient Greeks loading their Dishwasher". it appears to be a photo of a diorama with two greek statues, one leaning on a fridge and the other is that one with the person throwing the disc. There is an open dishwasher full of broken plates and more pieces of plates smashed into the wall and on the floor. This is perfectly fine. end id.]

thanks dad

Transcript- [audio from brooklyn 99]

Mal: "So again, your alibi is...a mysterious stranger handed you the gun, made you put your prints on it, robbed the store, and then hid the gun in your underpants." [A series of scribbles shows R doing these things except instead of robbing a store they kick Tina into a hall of mirrors.]

Zak: "Well yeah, if you say it like that it don't sound believable."

Mal: "Oh, hey Captain! Did you get my report on the Finley murder?"

Luka: "Uh, yeah I looked it over--nice work."

Mal: "Good. Thanks, Dad."

[silence. in the background Zak laughs so hard he falls out of his seat.]

Mal: "Why is everyone staring at me?"

(offscreen): "You just called Captain Holt 'Dad'. You said 'thanks, Dad'."

Mal: "What? No I didn't--I said 'thanks, man.'"

Luka: "Do you see me as a father figure, Peralta?" [In the last frame, text next to Mal's head says "maybe".]

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thanks, atomicrops

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[id: screenshot of a game achievement in pixel text that reads, "Recieve: Polygamy". end id.]


[id: screenshot of waterfall interface. it says "Followers: 69". end id.]

waterfall on its birthday

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[id: screenshot of waterfall image post button, but it's been squished so the text says "Im age". end id.]

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@fallow asdfghjkl WHAT

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yeah i just saw this

[id: screenshot of a post by babushka which is blank except for the text "privacy badger has replaced this spotify player widget" and below it a rectangle with a badger head that says "allow once".]

and my brain went thats it thats the post


[id: unfinished digital doodle of fallow's character mal. the drawing so far depicts their head, torso, and a single thin leg. mal has a shaved head and is wearing round sunglasses. they have an indecipherable expression. everything else about them is drawn very simply. end id.]

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[ID: a peaceful warm digital artwork depicting Helix, one of HiddenCarpet's ocs. They are a fat muscular brown person with loose shoulder lenght wavy brown hair and sideburns. They have a few yellow flowers in their hair and they are wearing a simple light dress in pink orange color with a loose yellow lace on top. It falls off them, partially uncovering their hairy body with big and messy scars of multiple cuts on the left side of their neck, burn scars on their right shoulder, and breasts with two large nipples. They are sleeping on their back, with one hand on their belly and second hand to the side. Their hair falls onto their face and a big canine stands out of their mouth. They are covered with warm light of bright yellow abstract flowers surrounding them. End ID]

fallow -

i really like how you drew the flowers, your art always has such nice ambiance!

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Never have I had such an unpleasant experience with a mob.

[Pic ID: An iteration of the "haunted doll that drinks all your pepsi and calls you a bitch" meme. An image of a Vex from Minecraft as it prepares to attack is in a black box to the left. Text to the right reads, "summoned vex that drinks all your potions and calls you a bitch." Other text reads, "50 emeralds, 0 bids. Free, 3 hours, 48 minutes, or buy it now." End ID.]

artfight attack for @requiemarchitect!!

[id: a pen-and-watercolor bust shot of requiemArchitect's character Jade, who appears human save for her multitude of eyes. she has pale skin, seven blue eyes, and shoulder-length brown hair blowing slightly in the wind. she wears a green shirt and cap. she faces forward and slightly to the side, looking in the other direction out of the corner of her eyes, some of which are shut in what's probably her version of a wink. Light shines from behind her, framing her face in shadow. She's smiling. end id.]


[id: a colored digital doodle of Commander Peepers from Wander Over Yonder. He's a small humanoid with an eye for a head, and he wears a black-and-red uniform and a helmet with a lightning spike on top. His arms are crossed and he looks off to the side with his eye half-closed. end id.]

#hes such a neat character im fascinated by the way he and hater depend on each other/each cant be an effective villain without the others help #also how he laughed when wesley asked to be picked up and was legit gonna leave him stranded on a random planet but at the end when he thinks wesley died trying to keep w&s from escaping he says "we'll all miss wesley sir" #or something to that extent #like #it highlights...not valuing people until theyre of use to you #also his interactions w sylvia are neat??? like #its really funny tbh #i wonder whats going through sylvias head like "literally this guy is evil and wants to rule the galaxy but we have bigger problems at the moment" #i mean that is the situation #but its just really funny to me how they also have a sort of mutual understanding with each other bc they both have friends who get into a Lot Of Trouble and. yeah its just funny #that understanding contrasted with "literally peepers *is* mean and evil and stuff but they can still relate to each other" #its neat to think about i love woy's char dynamics............... #anyway #tag ramble #art #fallow arts #commander peepers #wander over yonder #peepers #woy #described #july 2020 #2020 #ow spindle is biting me #cartoon

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nearly made me spit out my müsli

[id: cropped screenshot of the messaging app Telegram. it shows a notification that says "Bernie Sanders joined Telegram". Bernie Sanders has no icon and as such simply shows as an orange circle with the letters "BS". end id.]

here are some cosplays ive seen around feral!

[id: a collection of screenshots of the game fer.al. They show players who have designed their avatars to look like other characters.

  • castawaykobold is cosplaying the NPC castaway (while standing right beside them)

  • zinc is cosplaying ralsei

  • burritocat is cosplaying eevee

  • bistro is cosplaying ink!sans

  • gloomybutt is cosplaying milotic

end id.]

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i love them three graduation kids :heart emoji:

[ID: a digital painting of the 3 Thundermen from The Adventure Zone: Graduation. Firbolg has green skin and long puffy green hair. Argo has blue skin and long blue curly hair, and Fitzroy has brown skin and short brown wavy hair. They all sit with Firbolg in the middle. Firbolg hugs Argo and Fitzroy from behind which catches them off suprise and makes their heads collide with each other. The background is light blue with white splotches of paint. End ID]

[id: watercolor bust drawing of snake, a human with fluffy brown hair, pale skin, a green t-shirt, and square glasses, smiling and doing a peace sign with one hand. end id.]

ayy drew this on the sixteenth but scanner wasnt workin, solved the problem now-

attack on Ghostlysnake !

[artfight] / [more of my art]

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A reinterpretation of Twila and Brighton.

[Pic ID: A piece of fan art depicting Brighton and Twila from the Super Mario franchise. The two are humanoids with a Sun and a Moon for a head for Brighton and Twila, respectively. They both also wear slightly baggy robes.

Brighton's robe is made of two colors, split down the the middle of his robe. The right side is dark red, and the left side is yellowish pink. The top of the robe also has red-colored spikes. The bottom of the robe ends in a white hem. The sleeves of the robe are long enough to hide Brighton's hands. Brighton's head is shaped like a Sun and slightly glows. His eyes and mouth appear like sunspots. He is smiling.

Twila's robe is split into four quadrants. The top left and bottom right are dark blue, while the remaining two are light blue. The left sleeve ends in a light blue hem while the right sleeve ends in a dark blue hem. She is wearing gloves. In her right hand she is holding a wand with a dark gray metallic handle and a shiny blue-green glass ball on top. Twila's head is shaped like a waning crescent moon, and her eyes and mouth are shown as black craters. End ID.]

[id: four-panel gru's plan meme. the text on his board reads, "smart kid / eager to learn / cant focus for shit / fails all their classes (also theres a global pandemic for some reason)" end id.]

during school i made memes to vent. 10/10 will probably do again, might post some more choice ones later

minecraft wedding went pretty great id say

[id: minecraft screenshot. @inara, a player with light blue skin, pale purple hair, a white skirt/top and gold armbands, shifts next to abby, a player with pale skin and brown hair wearing a tuxedo with a flower on the lapel. Abby is also shifting. They're standing under a wedding arch surrounded by flowers and fallen snow. fallow, a player who looks like a blue slime creature with goggles on aer head, lurks in the background. end id.]