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Here We Come A-Traveling

I exist

This is one of my D&D parties (I play the second one, half-elf bard)


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gligar -

sneater (snake sweater) (extended)

fallow -

omg this is so cute!!! th snake looks so happyyy

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stella picture smth like this!!! hehehe

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litl man 4 my bio :)

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aaaaa bee love

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A Galarian Ponyta I did following its reveal last year.

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some art of pluralkit discord bot mascot myriad

fallow -

aww this is really cute,, very good hand =0

what is pluralkit? is it thing to help systems use discord better?

work in progress for something im gonna be working on with my good friend

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Moth Friend!

I think the opacity on my shading lair got a little janky so it's hard to see but whatever.

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this is absolutely adorable i love that moths/bugs have been higher in popularity lately also urs looks so soft,,, *hearts*

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Like I said, I can't stop.



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O-K, post take 2!

this is mimi, lil spring fairy :D
she not got wings rn, since stella not confident can find/make OR attach proper, but!!
she likes as all spring fairies do: flowers, dancing, making chaos, birds, the usual :P

she's too small for pose, & only able stand if lean against object!
from top of head to bottom of feet, she 10 cm tall, & hair is 15 cm long!
all patterns made by stella, & everything sew by hand :D

fallow -

=0 she very cute!! long hair flower skirt is good

spring fairy life sound fun hgjfgnfg

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vii -

barebones refsheet of my tonberry fursona, lamplight!

she's 3 feet tall and afraid of the dark. she can also see in the dark tho, so the lantern is still only there so you can see her.

fallow -

aww this is really cute!! i like the little ruffly part of the robe around the shoulders.

also whats tonberry, is that a species?

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someone made a version of flipnote studio for the computer Im living

fallow -

[id: a simple animation drawn in black pixel lines on a white background. It depicts a cat marching triumphantly while holding a fish in their mouth. Their tail is up in the air to indicate happiness and their eyes are closed. The fish (jostled by every step the cat takes) flops around comedically. end id.]

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blobs -

some blobs like to relax in odd places, don't eat them though!

beefox -

am really proud this one, specificly glass c:

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a little alien guide who tries their best to convince you to commit intergalactic offences.. best not to listen to their advice