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beefox -

bee want talk bout communication.

lots people go "oh bee no talk must be hard cause hard communicate" but is like.

issue not bee nonverbal, before when verbal was still big issues.

brain just. can't.

no way work out word things right that allistics understand easy.

autistics better understanding bee but just is. not talk not issue, issue brain and words.

bee say prefer sign cause easier communicate, and is true! sign more information dense, more flexible, make more sense bee. but still struggle lots. get overwhelm. is just hard.

bee put on brave face lots, cause hate people say that should just learn talk cause communicate easier.

but no matter what, people always always misunderstand bee. very few people understand. real only other who think bee.

and just frustrate. make want hide, never communicate, hate hate hate. just wish people understand.

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beefox -

*casual relate more with dog taught use button board speak then speaking people*

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conner-kent -

Maybe there is no right thing to say. Maybe the right thing is just a myth, not really out there at all.
Nina LaCour, Hold Still

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difficulty in expression

reupload cause last one fsr convert png sometime after upload which ... this supose be animate!
if this convert png again then not know what do :(

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conner-kent -

What cannot be said will be wept.”

Sappho, Fragments (ca. early 6th century BC)

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beefox -

shout out all bee mutual who no speak proper! you valid and am love how you speak! no matter if it's "cringy" or "stpd" or anything. is beautiful

fallow -

!! thank thank ='3 you too you too!

is good do things with language

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waterfall -

wheres the fun exciting jrpg where it just starts off each day with you taking all your various medications, vitamins, etc etc

fallow -

honestly for long time i been think of make game representing my daily life

could be powerful tool illustrate ones own experiences portray them to others...maybe someday if i do that could try make it so easy for anyone make game abt their life, could be neat tool communication

if was doing for me would have energy bar for meltdown + energy bar for anxiety but would affect each other--maybe be like one of those things where is 2 sides of one bar split at middle and if one bar gets all the way low it starts taking from the other bar

also would have hunger/thirst etc bars hidden unless u go to special place to look at them (i have big adhd i forget to eat and drink)

prob also some currency would have to spend on actions, would have hidden number generated at start of each day = how easy tasks will be for brain today, if not easy have to spend more to do things (adhd med would make slightly more likely easier number but still is random chance still could get low)

also time-counter at corner of screen would not say time would be more like morning/midday/afternoon/evening/night etc, and would be random timeskips of a few hours whenever go near mirror or just sometimes randomly

often would get stuck w no more task currency and not be able to do things. would be frustrating for player but, well, is frustrating for me!! no more currency, just end up do low-effort thing like look at waterfall or message friend.

also would be things like meltdown or panic!mode where not fully in control of character, if meltdown too bad just have to watch them flail around onscreen, only sometime be able control movement...depending on how meltdown+anxiety bar is doing dialogue be different, at low levels character start hunching over talk simple and make noises that wouldnt otherwise (is strange bc people who dont kno im autistic can still get read that Somethings Wrong when im low-energy like that, people im not around all the time seem put on edge/discomfort at seeing my discomfort and the big difference in how i move and bodylanguage)

would be something like brain-bar too where when walking around when brainbar is low would cause random minigames to pop up themed abt objects i walk past, best way i can think of to describe the ping-pong around the house of adhd, just keep distracting. need have high brain-bar but brain-bar go down so fast, i guess would represent just stimulation/engagement in general

sometime character would not obey controls, like if is friends fighting in chat online would not be able do anything except check chat or pace room

and when meltdown/anxiety bar low then certain things would make bars go down even faster, like if step on lines or do thing Wrong or wear the wrong shirt

+would be debuff from being around lots people but also other debuff from being alone

+would get energy from be outside or around happy plants

+sometimes if brain bar low also get play through daydream sequence >=3c or storyplanning, player get play as story character and act out scene before can proceed...

if was game of your life, what would mechanic be like? =0

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beefox -

bee psychologist like say bee like Yoda cause theory that yoda talk like Yoda to make people think about what yoda say, and because bee nonverbal and do typetype so people have think about what bee say when read

fallow -

oh oh like font "sans forgetica" font is has lines and curves in the letters makes it more challenge to read but function is so you can remember the words because took more time to read them

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unicorns -

Have been wondering for a while, how emotion work for others? Know how my emotion work, but not proper match with books. Became curious if have been misunderstanding books or if my emotion different?

unicorns -

@beefox commented:
what mean how work?

Have wondered how emotion feel for other people, what emotion feel like, where in body emotion felt. Like in book, people say "show not tell" but I not feel emotion like "tell", not just know "oh I feel sad/angry/happy" but body reacts to emotion, but "show" often not match either, so emotion feel different for different people, but in which ways? Do other people feel emotion in brain or in body or in both? Is hard to explain...

beefox -

ooooh bee think understand is like. bee body show emotion but bee brain no understand by self so bee need look at what body do to work out emotion

alsoalso bee body emotion different look then nt body emotion

autiestella -

stella tend feel emotion so strong, sometime emotion themself basically make overload - & always had emotions which easy set off, so stella been thought of like "ticking time bomb" just cause NTs not understand

plus some ppl think stella reactions weird, cause got hard time frown right so make sad seem more like anger to someone outside

stella always confuse by ppl who say where emotions "feel," too - stella immediately feel in head & all of thoughts & not notice any else unless outward physical (shake, cry, etc)

emotions is weird, basically. not broke or wrong, just NTs tend only account for selves!

beefox -

yeye! bee get overwhelm by emotion lots too! bee just bad identify emotion

fallow -

me i feel emotion in chest most times. like love, sad, jealous, etc. all in chest, as if chest is 'radiating' emotion energy. emotion get very strong for me too which can get painful in a way? not literal physical pain, but...emotion pain i guess. Used to be more of a problem when younger bc didn't know about flapping (it just never occur to me; some year ago read thing person write about flapping and was like "wait i could do that too!" )

is like emotion-energy need to get out, and before I read about stim I had no way to get it out. made even "good" emotions feel bad when too much of it because emotion too strong to handle.

have hard time express gratitude most. always think "am i doing it right?" after accepting gift. even if really like gift is hard to express somehow. easier now cuz am comfortable flapping and make noises!! really is only good way i've found of getting out emotion. Well besides play instrument or draw but those are not really use in conversation.

(sometimes also have physical things like headache, tired, temperature, heart fast, tummy feel weird, etc in response to emotion, not sure if is type of 'locational' thing you mean though)

also @ unicorns what books?

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autiestella -

no more words . communicate only abstract picture

autiestella -

fallow -

[id: drawing depicting red "x" next to word bubble with three dots in it. green check mark next to drawing of picture frame with green, yellow, and red squiggles in it. end id.]

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fallow -

i just had a ~brilliant idea~ and its keeping me awake so i gotta test it hold on a sec

fallow -

k this is weird actually

my brilliant idea is this:

-tagging using emoji because emoji are language-neutral for the most part

scenario: since there are people from so many different places on this site who speak so many different languages, it's likely that people will tag things in different languages. The reason I bring this up is because if this is the case, then someone could stumble upon something from a tag they muted/blocked/[?] because it was not tagged as such in their language.

However since emoji are recognizeable by virtually anyone who encounters them regardless of language (including, to my knowledge, people using screen readers) that would prevent this from happening as long as everyone could agree on what emoji meant what. And in most cases (in the ones representing objects at least) I think that would be fairly straightforward.

So for example if someone draws something with blood then someone with the 🩸 tag muted/blocked/whatever wouldn't accidentally see the drawing; ordinarily they might have muted the tag of whatever the word for "blood" is in their language but if the person who posted the art speaks a different language then the tag they put on their art would not be the same as the tag the other person blocked so that person might end up seeing something that upsets them.

Also if someone wanted to see pretty pictures of clouds they could put the cloud emoji in their search bar and see everyone's pictures of clouds, regardless of the language the posters speak. & people could use online translators to get the gist of others' textposts in different languages while having context about what they mean from the tags/while not having to worry about potentially running into something that bothers them. (i know auto translators can garble things up a bunch but they're still really cool/useful tech!! as long as people keep in mind that what they're reading might not be the literal translation of what the poster actually said i think it would be neat for cross-language conversations to be a more common thing!)

What I was testing was if emojis are searchable. So it turns out they are........kind of. It looks like all emojis register as the same tag as it currently stands. However if waterfyall think this is a good idea we can totally ask staff about it and see if it's plausible/what they think.

Conclusion: Basically I know a lot of people here have english in common as a language but I think it would be really neat to set things up so that it's easier to communicate across languages because...it's important, I think. And because pictures are something that people from any place, provided they can see, can understand. And also so people don't accidentally run into content they'd rather avoid.

And another thing: I personally, at least, think that English should not be the internet's default.

In the past people have tried making "universal languages" and such but those take a lot of effort to learn and not many people know them.

Let's turn instead to something we all know.

distance learning has been hard but one lesson i'm learning from it is the extent of. of that communication is really important. like. just in general in any given situation communication probably plays a role somehow yakno?
&also that sometimes, people are nicer than you expect!

it's easy to forget that others can have the same goals as you. like, in my instance, that teachers are there to help you do the school things, and it's good to talk to them about where you're struggling, so they can help. I know not all teachers are nice or helpful but. The good ones want to help because, from what they've told me, most people become teachers because they want to help people. So they want to help you. and i just think that's nice.