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My verison of Maria Robotnik

fallow -

this is really lovely style, love how some parts you use lines some parts you dont! feels very purposeful and effective!

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emydoidea -

hey wlws and fellow nblws... is there anything better than a lady wearing a unbuttoned flowy shirt a la gay fantasy pirate

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megafauna -

how tf do you study fashion for character design cause I really gotta but I have no clue where to even start

katiebirdie -

a lady i follow on tumblr described her process and basically she says you should

a) learn about different terms for specific styles like "bohemian" or "punk" that relate to your characters' personality or your idea of their style so you know what to search for,

b) collect all related/similar terms to those styles and keep them save somewhere so you know what the range in terms there is, and

c) build a reference folder of clothes in those styles to either take inspiration form or use wholesale, since it's not uncommon for artists to just use actual clothing-- i think the sailor moon manga is pretty well known for just using runway looks for the villains. she also said that pinterest, while overall terrible, is a good site for this since it has a big fashion scene and you can make individual pages for each character to pin things too. if you don't want to use it though you can also literally just go to actual clothing websites and save/take screenshots of the clothing you like in that category and save it to a folder on your computer.

autiestella -

also!! if aim create a specific subculture look: look into where first sprung from, how became popular, even typical music tastes & more - subculture able show lot abt character, if put together right :D

will also find if learn lot of one subculture, will start learn others too, just cause lot of influence & bounce between!

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local dude is a cane user.

AKA: i thought of this for a moment, then decided it needed more seams!

anatomy's a fuck!

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persephone -

one of the teachers at work wears a full suit and tie every day except the past two times i’ve seen him, he has had that outfit on with crocs. i have no idea why. it’s confusing and mildly unsettling

fallow -

ive done basically the equivalent except instead of suit pants its my grandma's old primary-colored striped shorts

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drew my gw2 character!

fallow -

ooh i really like the flowery/lacey edges on the gloves&boots!!

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astr0 -

tried something a little different with this one

fallow -

this is really neato, i like the colors/placement! =D

.̶.̶w̶i̶n̶k̶y̶ ̶f̶r̶o̶w̶n̶ ̶

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I'm too impatient to wait one (1) day to know what alt outfit I want from the next season in sky.

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Happy International Nonbinary Day

fallow -

i really like the way you used flag's color palette! it looks rlly good =D i tend to forget how cool purple and yellow are...

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a commission for a friend AND introduction to some characters featured in aerandir and farraige’s world- jen (white hair) and runa (brown hair)

they live together at an elf camp belonging to runa and her people

fallow -

aaaaa this is adorable!!! i. i dont know how to express that other than by stating that i saw this and made a mostly-inaudible noise,, hngngggn i really like how the hair looks like it has volume yaknow and how you drew the leafy bracers/belt pouches and just the clothes in general?? like, thats some good *cloth folds in the expected places* right there, me i tend to struggle with that but im trying to learn
also does rena have wings =0

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"Welcome to Glimmerpost; I will be your Gym Leader."

Team Lineup: Fae, Blade, Eclipse, Athena, Asriel, and Poi

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Chrys and Safin

fallow -

!!! these characters are so pretty,, i love their color schemes and hair and clothes and everything!!