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[id: two colored drawings of Sunny and Mikayla respectively wearing fancy clothes.

Sunny is a human with somewhat dark skin, brown eyes, and dark hair shaved on the sides. She is wearing a gray suit over a blue shirt. The suit has turquoise accents at the collar, sleeves, and ruffles at the bottom portion that hangs down behind her. She also wears black lipstick, eyeshadow, and a necklace with a diamond-shaped pendant. She has one hand in her pocket and the other raises a glass in the air, and she's smiling.

Mikayla is an elf with light skin, blue eyes, and wavy blond hair pulled into a loose bun. She is wearing a floor-length dress the color of fire and a pearl necklace and matching bracelet. She also has round glasses and eyeshadow. She holds one arm with her other hand as though shy and looks off to the side wistfully, smiling.

end id.]

drawn by maddy, who asked me to upload them here!

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chicory -

hat that says "my eyes are up here (the human form is an illusion)"

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Some other recent stuff: NeoScum band AU and casual Zenith inspired by the Gen Con-stand-in charity live stream the other week and a purple Lex bc the Moroverse has been living on the backburner of my mind again

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Radio Isotope : Antagonists

Alternate title : Radio Isotope : the guys who are just good at their job, which is chasing pirates and other outlaws, and are the bad guys because our heroes are doing crimes (and being gay, but the villains are gay too)

From left to right :

The Emperor (any pronoun is fine) : captain of the Imperator, the biggest bounty hunter spaceship of the galaxy. They want the Earth, and will not let anything stop them.

W├źnn (she/her) : the Emperor's second in command. She's very sweet and kind and doesn't like her job. She used to work on the docks of the Imperator.

Raki (they/them, but doesn't mind other pronouns) : independant bounty hunter, Tired(tm).

The Lieutenant (he/they) : he's just here for the money. He's a mercenary and sides with the people who can get him what he wants. Secret (or not) lore : he and the Captain used to be together, a lifetime ago.

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stella toss this superstella villain design
cane in wrong hand but wanted pose like this so oopsie
not sure WHAT hold but... cube? danger cube?? danger cube.

think she got kindof techy lair, but is either stolen stuff or badly cobble together
not necesarly base on any fashion era, but wanted keep b&w theme autumn got... hehehe

fallow -

mm danger cube... imagination likes danger cube heres random ideas

maybe throw cube, cube unfold into bigger cube/is smokebomb/techy thing? or maybe cube is remote for control something big like mech =0

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Spirit Blossom Sky

Needed to cheer myself up, so concepted this X'D

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ooh ooh very pretty, love the clothes design...

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x3 -

blanca.. heard tht theyre not in new horizonz :(

fallow -

=0 this outfit is really cool, i like how you drew the folds in the clothing!

work in progress for something im gonna be working on with my good friend

@inara finally has a sona so ofc i draw

[id: traditional watercolor drawing of inara/chaotic. She's a person(ish) with red hair, blue eyes, and light freckled skin, except on one side of her face where her skin is bright indigo and her eye is all black with a white pupil. Her ears are long like an elf's and she's wearing a blue strapless top, purple leggings, and a thin transparent-purplish garment that hangs from her shoulders. Additionally a broken halo floats above her head. She's bunched up in a strange position--she's sitting, with one of her legs sideways resting atop the other leg's knee, and her arm resting on the sideways-leg's ankle as she holds her chin up with the back of her hand in a sassy manner. Her other arm is rested on an invisible object. She side-eyes something to her left and smirks with two cartoon sparkles floating next to her head. end id.]

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astr0 -

Trying some new stuff! Might make her a character idk yet

fallow -

oo pretty =0 how do you put the slightly offset red/blue effect (not sure the name) on ur art? i think ive seen other pieces uve done that have that, it looks neat

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drew Catra in her awesome outfit from the dream sequence B)

bro i loved that fucking jacket

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vii -

barebones refsheet of my tonberry fursona, lamplight!

she's 3 feet tall and afraid of the dark. she can also see in the dark tho, so the lantern is still only there so you can see her.

fallow -

aww this is really cute!! i like the little ruffly part of the robe around the shoulders.

also whats tonberry, is that a species?

Sonic OCs! They work together. Frost is Rouge's sibling.

fallow -

ooh i love ember's tail colors and how it matches her name-

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My verison of Maria Robotnik

fallow -

this is really lovely style, love how some parts you use lines some parts you dont! feels very purposeful and effective!