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not only do I have to sow it myself but now I have to reap it too this is ridicilous

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Folk songs are the best songs because they weren't made up with like, technique and performance in mind but just for the fun and joy of it. I mean people shouldn't be shamed for being 'bad' singers(and that;s like. by the music industry standards. which already makes no sense) anyway, no matter what it is they're singing. I guess what I'm trying to say is that folk songs-like, litteraly, the people's songs- really embody what music is all about at its core and all the best stuff about it, with the way they come to be.

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ok damn inspirobot

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its just giving a friendly reminder, wouldnt want humans to get too complacent

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hat that says "my eyes are up here (the human form is an illusion)"

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ya ever just come up with random little lyrics and they get stuck in your brain?

anyway I'm si ging in the rain, there's a spider in my brain ~

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my sister does that alll the time she'll run around singing alternate versions of various songs and jus kinda morphing them into weird usually potato-themed variants of their original lyrics

sometimes i join her its a hoot

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hello! are you doing alright?

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To be honest I could be doing better. It's hard for me to convince myself to focus on important tasks and it's become a serious problem now more than ever. If I put in the effort I will manage, but I have spent a lot of time ignoring responsibilities and now it's all piled up and uh, it's a mess.

Anyway, thank you for the concern, it's really sweet of you, but please dont worry about me! I will get it together one way or another!

fallow -

ah, yeah...me i have been having trouble focusing too. (though not sure if it's the same because i do not know your life so can't compare, and also because i always have trouble focusing so i'm kinda used to it now ehe-)

ok! i hope you find a less-difficult path to get where you're goin! metaphorically speaking i mean. unless your important stuff is, like, cartography for some reason, in which case i guess i hope you find it literally speaking? lmao anyway yeah-

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  • your marble story (iconic btw) reminded me of. something I did. it's time for: the sibling saga.
    background info:

    • sorry to break it to you but im the evil older sibling in this here establishment

    • i have one human sibling and shes great but as my dad put it when i was younger i was a little shit. i can confirm this, he basically sat me down and tried to explain to me that other folks have feelings. i didnt get it lmao-

      • so naturally i was really mean to her but in creative ways so its fine riiiiight /j
    • we bought this tube from the toy store. it's one of those ones that you swing around like a helicopter and it goes wOoOWooOoOoooOo at different notes depending on how fast you swing it.

    • we have a bunk bed. i am on the top of the bunk bed and she is on the bottom. we put the noise tube between the top bed and the wall so each of us had one end and we could talk to each other at night with basically a weirdass modern equivalent of two cans on a string.

      • recall again that im like eight to ten years old and i am a little shit.
    • so one night we're talking and she mentions she's hungry. i say 'oh i have something you can eat'

      • the foolish lass has not learned any better than to trust the fey. she says oh ok
    • 'should i send it down the tube?'

      • the foolish lass has not learned better than to trust the fey. she says oh ok
    • i roll a marble down the tube.


thats it thats the post- (dont worry shes fine she just has a chipped tooth and we're basically best friends nowadays)

  • other shenanigans include that time i got her to sign a contract agreeing to temporarily become my dog whenever i said a code word. the contract specified that she would be bound by its terms forever. this was not the first nor the last time i pulled something of the sort.

  • i am still Like That but nowadays rather more toned-down and benevolent because I no longer have the unburdened amorality of early childhood. however this tendency did lead to some friction in middle school.