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mousey mousey maybe cut your hair

[ID: a cold blue toned digital artwork depicting a gray anthro mouse with straight black hair, icy blue strip marking under mouth and two under the eyes of the same color. They are in a black hoodie and their messy hair falls into their tired eyes. They look into a light screen of a pad that floats below their head. The background is dark purple with lighter blue strokes of light. Foreground is what looks like an obscure cloud of light. End ID]

Here We Come A-Traveling

I exist

This is one of my D&D parties (I play the second one, half-elf bard)


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im tired of being baby now im angry

hello gamers i havent posted here in a while but here's a pixel art thing i made of Isa and her animal companion (well more like her giant son) Acacia :)!

fallow -

oooooh rly like it is good is good,,, who angered isa???

Reference for Patron

he has a name but it has not been revealed yet ;), anyways this art is for my campaign Ashtonvilla high

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it is Him.....................

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Just Me and the Fam (aka possessed shovel) Chillin'

Art trade with overlord-pink from a while back

Just a couple of uploads from my Insta that are decent, and then I'll post more recent stuff

the figure reaches out and holds your face in both hands. "Focus. What do you see?"

Mal takes another look yet it seems nothing has changed. "Still just space..."

The figure gets blurrier now. While at first they were an indescribable mote of light now they seem to be made of the blur of a faded photograph. Their gaze almost seems to be going through you. "Look harder."

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Some other recent stuff: NeoScum band AU and casual Zenith inspired by the Gen Con-stand-in charity live stream the other week and a purple Lex bc the Moroverse has been living on the backburner of my mind again

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Radio Isotope : Antagonists

Alternate title : Radio Isotope : the guys who are just good at their job, which is chasing pirates and other outlaws, and are the bad guys because our heroes are doing crimes (and being gay, but the villains are gay too)

From left to right :

The Emperor (any pronoun is fine) : captain of the Imperator, the biggest bounty hunter spaceship of the galaxy. They want the Earth, and will not let anything stop them.

W├źnn (she/her) : the Emperor's second in command. She's very sweet and kind and doesn't like her job. She used to work on the docks of the Imperator.

Raki (they/them, but doesn't mind other pronouns) : independant bounty hunter, Tired(tm).

The Lieutenant (he/they) : he's just here for the money. He's a mercenary and sides with the people who can get him what he wants. Secret (or not) lore : he and the Captain used to be together, a lifetime ago.

ive been making somewhat cryptic posts on my character mal's worldanvil profile as the storys been going down, its here if u'd like to observe the chaos >=3 https://www.worldanvil.com/hero/mallory-yun

(fyi the story does involve school, a cult, and kidnapping and mal does curse, just a heads up)

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[ID: a peaceful warm digital artwork depicting Helix, one of HiddenCarpet's ocs. They are a fat muscular brown person with loose shoulder lenght wavy brown hair and sideburns. They have a few yellow flowers in their hair and they are wearing a simple light dress in pink orange color with a loose yellow lace on top. It falls off them, partially uncovering their hairy body with big and messy scars of multiple cuts on the left side of their neck, burn scars on their right shoulder, and breasts with two large nipples. They are sleeping on their back, with one hand on their belly and second hand to the side. Their hair falls onto their face and a big canine stands out of their mouth. They are covered with warm light of bright yellow abstract flowers surrounding them. End ID]

fallow -

i really like how you drew the flowers, your art always has such nice ambiance!

artfight attack for @requiemarchitect!!

[id: a pen-and-watercolor bust shot of requiemArchitect's character Jade, who appears human save for her multitude of eyes. she has pale skin, seven blue eyes, and shoulder-length brown hair blowing slightly in the wind. she wears a green shirt and cap. she faces forward and slightly to the side, looking in the other direction out of the corner of her eyes, some of which are shut in what's probably her version of a wink. Light shines from behind her, framing her face in shadow. She's smiling. end id.]

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i love them three graduation kids :heart emoji:

[ID: a digital painting of the 3 Thundermen from The Adventure Zone: Graduation. Firbolg has green skin and long puffy green hair. Argo has blue skin and long blue curly hair, and Fitzroy has brown skin and short brown wavy hair. They all sit with Firbolg in the middle. Firbolg hugs Argo and Fitzroy from behind which catches them off suprise and makes their heads collide with each other. The background is light blue with white splotches of paint. End ID]

u .u

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the colored lines are so good....................hdfdjghf cozy

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stella toss this superstella villain design
cane in wrong hand but wanted pose like this so oopsie
not sure WHAT hold but... cube? danger cube?? danger cube.

think she got kindof techy lair, but is either stolen stuff or badly cobble together
not necesarly base on any fashion era, but wanted keep b&w theme autumn got... hehehe

fallow -

mm danger cube... imagination likes danger cube heres random ideas

maybe throw cube, cube unfold into bigger cube/is smokebomb/techy thing? or maybe cube is remote for control something big like mech =0

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A reinterpretation of Twila and Brighton.

[Pic ID: A piece of fan art depicting Brighton and Twila from the Super Mario franchise. The two are humanoids with a Sun and a Moon for a head for Brighton and Twila, respectively. They both also wear slightly baggy robes.

Brighton's robe is made of two colors, split down the the middle of his robe. The right side is dark red, and the left side is yellowish pink. The top of the robe also has red-colored spikes. The bottom of the robe ends in a white hem. The sleeves of the robe are long enough to hide Brighton's hands. Brighton's head is shaped like a Sun and slightly glows. His eyes and mouth appear like sunspots. He is smiling.

Twila's robe is split into four quadrants. The top left and bottom right are dark blue, while the remaining two are light blue. The left sleeve ends in a light blue hem while the right sleeve ends in a dark blue hem. She is wearing gloves. In her right hand she is holding a wand with a dark gray metallic handle and a shiny blue-green glass ball on top. Twila's head is shaped like a waning crescent moon, and her eyes and mouth are shown as black craters. End ID.]

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Spirit Blossom Sky

Needed to cheer myself up, so concepted this X'D

fallow -

ooh ooh very pretty, love the clothes design...

wings are INCREDIBLY fun but boy do they become even more fun when you actually use reference photos