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knife go krr

[id: digital drawing of the character Mallory Yun, a human with brown skin, vitiligo, pierced ears, and a dyed-magenta buzz cut. They are wearing round shades, jeans, combat boots, and a long-sleeved striped shirt with a t-shirt over it. They also wear a blue-and-purple sparkly crop jacket with scalloped decorations at the edge that look somewhat like teeth. In one hand they hold three rocks with glowing pink fire around them, and in the other they hold a knife, which they drag down a golden staircase railing behind them, making a horrible KRRRR noise. They pay the noise no mind and instead stand tall staring aggressively at someone out of frame. the background is drawn somewhat abstractly in blocks of color showing the stairs and darkness behind them. the drawing is done in a cartoon style. end id.]


[id: a colored digital doodle of Commander Peepers from Wander Over Yonder. He's a small humanoid with an eye for a head, and he wears a black-and-red uniform and a helmet with a lightning spike on top. His arms are crossed and he looks off to the side with his eye half-closed. end id.]

#hes such a neat character im fascinated by the way he and hater depend on each other/each cant be an effective villain without the others help #also how he laughed when wesley asked to be picked up and was legit gonna leave him stranded on a random planet but at the end when he thinks wesley died trying to keep w&s from escaping he says "we'll all miss wesley sir" #or something to that extent #like #it highlights...not valuing people until theyre of use to you #also his interactions w sylvia are neat??? like #its really funny tbh #i wonder whats going through sylvias head like "literally this guy is evil and wants to rule the galaxy but we have bigger problems at the moment" #i mean that is the situation #but its just really funny to me how they also have a sort of mutual understanding with each other bc they both have friends who get into a Lot Of Trouble and. yeah its just funny #that understanding contrasted with "literally peepers *is* mean and evil and stuff but they can still relate to each other" #its neat to think about i love woy's char dynamics............... #anyway #tag ramble #art #fallow arts #commander peepers #wander over yonder #peepers #woy #described #july 2020 #2020 #ow spindle is biting me #cartoon

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...la segunda es que ocurría cuando mi hermanita decide unirse en mi dibujo xD

español no es mi idioma primera, perdón si hay errores de gramática-

descripción corto: dos dibujos de dr flug. en la segunda hay un bocadillo con la cara de skeppy.

no tengo la energia para describir más al momento-

attack on skaiachaii's character coco! [artfight]

[id: a drawing done in pen and watercolor of coco, a deer shown here in cartoony anthro form. coco has white fur with brown spots and little lacey patterns on her back and on one of her legs. She has blond hair and blue eyes with visible eyelashes and is wearing a reddish-brown beanie, a brown cloak, and a necklace with star-shaped beads. She sits in quarter-view facing to the viewer's right, waving and smiling. she is drawn in a cute cartoon style and white gel pen has been used to make texture marks on her clothes and little white spots on her fur. end id.]

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A Galarian Ponyta I did following its reveal last year.

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some art of pluralkit discord bot mascot myriad

fallow -

aww this is really cute,, very good hand =0

what is pluralkit? is it thing to help systems use discord better?

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i drew thiz yesterday ;_; itz uhmmm. something. i Guess??

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head test

bee practice head! almost forgot ears hehe! made process into gif!

picrew big help on making hair, help bee think hair as 2 layer instead 1 blob, help lots lots cause that always why bee struggle hair.

am really proud shape head!

fallow -

oh really neat to watch the gif =0

yeye picrew helping make sense! remind me of at some point i played sims and just messed around in the sim creator for a while making characters and found it helped me draw humans better later on (used to draw but not humans, was hard starting out) =D

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drew Catra in her awesome outfit from the dream sequence B)

bro i loved that fucking jacket

Sonic OCs! They work together. Frost is Rouge's sibling.

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ooh i love ember's tail colors and how it matches her name-

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who are they? why do they weave between the shadows without batting an eye?? these and more questions to be answered sometime in the future, possibly,

[ID: Many drawings of a tiny kid with long wavy black hair and light brown skin. They wear a short hooded red robe with giant sleeves and a golden emblem on the chest, and black leggings and shoes. Despite the dark circles under their big curious eyes, they heartily dance, play and nestle up to towering hooded silhouettes. They also curl up and pull their hood over their head when overwhelmed, and chew on things. End ID.]

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stella ... should hav sleep instead of this, but was too tempt - not done any of together before
this style hard. took way more long than thought. ow

but! meet autumn (get it? autie) , echolalic multiply-disable autistic, & reformed mad mod, who now fulfil dream of fashion design
mad mod also autistic - finds kinship in autumn & accidently adopts :P

mood of the day

[id: fallow, a cartoon creature of indeterminate species (blue in color, with orange autumn leaves on each side of aer face and pale fluff atop aer head as well as two curled antennae), sits in the space behind your dash. Ae is wearing a light-colored t-shirt, a pair of yellow-and-brown striped overalls with a sunflower on the front, and a pair of goggles with orangeish vermillion lenses pushed up onto aer forehead.

Ae leans forward and rests aer head on aer top pair of hands, which are folded together, elbows rested on a solid block of color. Aer eyes are wide and ae looks intently at something out of frame. Aer mouth is a straight horizontal line pushed about halfway up aer face.

With aer lower set of arms ae gestures to a large floating lowercase letter "a" in serif font.

end id.

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Happy International Nonbinary Day

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i really like the way you used flag's color palette! it looks rlly good =D i tend to forget how cool purple and yellow are...

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ :D

!! oh my! a 5 star rating I see-

  • last fourth of july at camp they decided to express their patriotism[??] by replacing all the breakfast utensils with random niche kitchen supplies. I took this opportunity to eat my entire breakfast [oatmeal, veggie 'sausages', and pancakes] with a whisk. The counselor sitting next to me was surprised by my resolve and asked if she could take pictures. I like to think of this as my establishing character moment in her eyes.

  • In a similar vein as the above, one time I spilled a container of pasta I was about to eat. Unfazed, I proceeded to eat it directly off of the table/bench and continue about my day. This later earned me a special role on a particularly chaotic Discord server. [note: whenever I tell this story people assume it was a park bench. it was not a park bench; in my house we have benches that go around the dinner table. don't worry i wasn't *that* unsanitary lmao.]

  • I tend to seem much older or younger than I really am! I have no read on when this is or is not happening and in the past it lead a now-friend then-internet-stranger to suspect me of faking my age. I was 14 at the time and the reason she thought I was an adult faking my age was that I (gasp) had insight into how my emotions work. I believe it is the combination of my rapidly fluctuating levels of verbosity as well as how I am at the same time incredibly oblivious and (apparently) very wise. [wow, i really uhh leaned into the long words there. whoops lmao]

  • I absolutely love Wander Over Yonder. There's many reasons for that but one of them is that I see a lot of myself in Wander. Like, I know it's supposed to be set up as Hater being the relatable one and Wander being on a higher level of self-actualization or whatever but...I see myself in how he struggles to pick between the practical and the ideal--how he struggles with being obligated to do every single little thing he can to help random people and creatures even when it makes him run late or end up breaking a promise he made to someone else. And how he's cheerful in times when it's not appropriate to be, and that makes other folks uncomfortable, but he doesn't realize that. He's just out there doing his own thing and being comfortable in who he is but sometimes he just can't read the situation. And his anxiety and tendency to fixate on one thing...and exaggerated expression...I know some of these things come from the fact that it's a cartoon but I just. I vibe with it a lot. We have this joke about me being a living cartoon but it's true; I exaggerate my emotional responses cuz I wanna make sure people understand them, and I play my own traits for comedy all the time, and though I'm "the chill one" in my friend group, I strike myself as an intense presence to have around the house 24/7.
    He's a really comforting character for me because he's silly and naive and a strictly-principled-idealist but the world takes care of him, and he has friends wherever he goes, and he has a good life. And those are things I sometimes fear I won't have myself...so it's calming to see that in his world, at least, he has a place, and friends like Sylvia to help him in situations where his principles don't serve him well.
    It's nice to see a place for the person who bends over to move every worm lost on the sidwalk on a rainy day and ends up late to class, because that person is me.

  • I don't stop talking. In my bio when I put that yall could send in asks for virtually any reason I meant it, because I am an absolute chatterbox who can go for hours on end and not shut up. [Literally! The longest observed ramble of mine was about 2 hours 15 minutes, out loud, to my mom while she was trying to do the dishes. It was about my special interest of course.] In fact, I have found that I seem to process information by monologuing about it, since I don't have an internal monologue in my head!

  • I can't count! [/j]

im testing out sum new brushes/style ideas and thought id share! been havin' a lot of fun so far :D

[id: Sissselia sits facing the viewer, her snout pointed downwards and her eyes staring directly ahead with an urgent air. She is drawn mostly in green sketchy lines, but some parts of her are a bright yellow--her eyes and scars--one over her left eye, two on her neck, and a puncture scar on her chest. Lines extend out from her scars into the background around her--they aren't physically there within the story but are intended rather to draw attention to them. She has been shaded with a brush resembling rough marker. The background is uncolored. end id.]

drew this a bit ago,, more info/id under the cut

these are two of the characters from my comic Hoi Polloi!!! (which I have been working on for a long time and hope to post on comicfury at some point!!)

I was tryin' out a new style here because I'm gonna do each chapter in a different style corresponding to which character it takes the viewpoint of. This is the style I'm going to use for Sissselia's/Puffy's/potentially both...? [unsure] chapters. I'm pretty hyped about this because a) this style is way more fun than other ones I'm used to and b) i can't wait to explore the discrepancies between how the characters see each other vs how they see themselves!!! also i'm having fun givin' each of them their own lil motifs (for example in Splashynuke's chapter there's a buncha random references to video games, the chapter after that is gonna be like really bad noir, etc...) Anyhoo yeah!!! expect to see more of these fellas cuz they're some of the oldest characters i have and they aint goin' away anytime soon!

[id: uncolored digital drawings of the characters Sissselia and Sir Puffy Palendrome (or just Puffy for short). The lines are clean and textured as if they've been drawn with chalk or pencil, and the drawing style itself is simple, cartoony, and gloopy.

Sissselia is a four-legged creature akin to a cat or dog. She has a long snout, two snakes where her tail would be, and one snake in place of her left ear. She is slightly taller than Puffy (mostly due to her long neck) and has a scar over one of her eyes. She is sitting facing left and glancing off to the right with a sad, resigned expression. The snakes are having a staring contest which each other which is kind of weird actually because I'm pretty sure snakes don't have eyelids.

Sir Puffy Palendrome is a slight, fluffy cat with fur that forms large curls around the sides of his head and his two tails. His eyes are large, watery, and round, with visible eyelashes on the bottom, his nose is small and heart-shaped, and his mouth is scrunched up in a worried expression. He wears a big bow tie around his neck and a tall tophat on his head, out of which four flowers grow at the top. He is sitting facing to the right, and he looks out towards the viewer. end id.]