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That Pact Dynamic When ur patron is a LG bureaucrat and ur a moody teen


[id: a three-panel comic in which Luka, a ghaya made of starlight with cyan fire atop his head; and Mal, a human teenager with brown skin, vitiligo, dark choppy hair partly dyed magenta, and round glasses; sit on a couch together. They appear to be relaxed. Luka wears a pink sweater, darker pants, and a sparkly space-bi scarf. Mal wears cuffed jeans, plain socks, a purple shirt, and a sparkly crop jacket matching Luka's scarf. Mal sits leaning against Luka with their head on his shoulder. Both of Mal's legs are up on the couch, one folded up towards their chest, knee supporting their sketchbook as they draw in it. Luka is reading a book he holds in one hand. Both sit in contented silence.


"Mmyeah?" Luka says distractedly, eyes still on his book.

Mal wraps one arm around their sketchbook, leans their head further back onto his shoulder and looks up. "If I kill someone, do you have to do paperwork?"

Luka's fire turns a darker color as he smiles nervously and cartoon sweat forms on his face. "UM-"

The 'bonus' image shows, later, Luka sitting at a desk wearing his full glittery coat. His brother Zak, a shadowy creature with four red eyes and three arms, sits next to him, wearing a fancy outfit with loose off-the-shoulder sleeves and a gold necklace and bracers. Zak's head rests on one hand and he is smiling.

"You must regret not letting me keep them, huh?" Zak says teasingly, flicking the collar of Luka's jacket.

Unamused, Luka does not look up from the stack of papers he is currently working on. "No."

end id.]

[id: a digital drawing done in soft limited-palette colors in a style that looks like watercolors or markers. It shows Mal, a human kid with a pink buzz cut, medium-toned skin, and visible vitiligo, hugging Luka, a humanoid angelic creature with a round head crowned in teal fire and matching wings. Mal is wearing two layered shirts, a sparkly periwinkle crop jacket, dark pants, and combat boots; Luka has a matching sparkly coat, long, with a tall collar, fading from the same periwinkle down to pink; as well as green pants, long gloves, and pointed pink shoes with tied laces.

The two of them are drifting gently through space, eyes closed, arms around each other. Mal's head rests against Luka's chest sleepily, smiling slightly, and they have one arm around his back and the other one folded close to their chest. Luka looks down; the bottom of his face touching the top of Mal's head, and he has his arms around them as well, around their back and shoulder. His wings are held such as to almost encircle them both as they drift in the stars.

Handwritten above them, following the curve of a circle, are the words, "Everything sucks but I have faith in you."

end id.]

maddy let me hug luka challenge

[id: a hand-drawn meme which reads as follows: if a ghaya had a beard, would it go like this? (drawing of a ghaya with fiery hair and a similarly fiery beard going downwards) or like this? (drawing of a ghaya that is the same except the beard behaves like normal fire and goes upwards, covering the ghaya's face almost entirely. end id.]

an open question

[id: an illustration of Luka and Zak sitting at a bar, as viewed from over the counter. It is done in a slightly cartoonish style with a dark painted background.

Luka is a figure made of light with cyan fire burning on top of his head and eyes the same color with slit pupils. His head is notably round and he has no nose. He is wearing a button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up and holding a martini glass partially filled with a bright green liquid. He rests the side of his face in his other hand and looks down at a mask, of similar appearance to a calavera, which is lying on the bartop. The mask has a purple flowerlike pattern around the eyeholes, blue dots on the cheeks and eyebrows, and a pink scallopped pattern around the upper edge. As Luka looks down his expression is pensive/worried and his face is flushed indicating that he's drunk.

Zak, a figure made of shadow sits next to him, facing away, leaning back on his elbows against the bar counter. He is wearing a pale shirt with ruffled cuffs and a purple vest with golden embroidery. He has a total of three arms, two on the right side. Wisps of shadow drift off of his head in curls.

The dialogue reads,

Luka: Zak...

Zak: Yes?

Luka: Do you think we're doing the right thing?

Zak does not respond.

end id.]

hi folks im currently dealing with technical difficulties by which i mean coming to terms with difficulties that were there a long time ago but im only now facing them and these difficulties are

[id: an error message for corrupt audio]

as a result for those of u who listen to @by-suns-and-stars you may notice that partway through an episode there's a change in audio quality on one side or the other so sorry bout that but there's not anything i know how to do. fortunately we have not lost any of the actual story material as far as im aware it's just that we play over call so we each record on our side and if one side's recording doesn't work we still get their voice we just get it as it sounds over the call which is somewhat badly. i will do my best to work with this!! and later on audio will get better too as i have begun to use blanket etc, we started getting better about avoiding background noise, that sort of thing

anyway ! episode will most likely come out this weekend as usual [potential slight delay tho], if youve been enjoying this story do lemme kno, and either way i hope you have a nice day! back 2 editing-

just realized i forgot his bow...maybe later ill draw him again, bonus points if nathans riding on his shoulders

[id: a digital drawing done in cartoon style with flat color depicting Aaron Clarenfellé, an air genasi teen with pale blue skin, blue eyes, long pointed ears, and fluffy white hair like clouds. He is wearing a dark blue and white letterman jacket with an A on the front over a white shirt, black pants, and red sneakers. He is standing in a dark forest represented somewhat abstractly in shades of green. He holds a red flashlight which sends a neon beam through the night. He is looking around nervously. end id.]

By Suns and Stars | Ep 3: Dorothy Was Not the Impostor [A Dangerous Little Game]

We have made a continual lapse in judgement. Also we're constipated.

Chaos and panic descend upon the camp as four troublemakers run loose in the woods following their supposed kidnapping. Will they face the consequences, or can they sneak their way out of even that? What happened to the actual missing kids? Does any of this even matter compared to the utter majesty of pizza?

I dunno, but there's a lot of bird people... Jose, pick me up, I'm scared!

[episode list] / [content warnings] / [no transcript yet]

fallow -

hfdsjkl just finished this one a bit late but here it is !!!!

a real doozy here folks plenty of shenanigans this go-round >=3

knife go krr

[id: digital drawing of the character Mallory Yun, a human with brown skin, vitiligo, pierced ears, and a dyed-magenta buzz cut. They are wearing round shades, jeans, combat boots, and a long-sleeved striped shirt with a t-shirt over it. They also wear a blue-and-purple sparkly crop jacket with scalloped decorations at the edge that look somewhat like teeth. In one hand they hold three rocks with glowing pink fire around them, and in the other they hold a knife, which they drag down a golden staircase railing behind them, making a horrible KRRRR noise. They pay the noise no mind and instead stand tall staring aggressively at someone out of frame. the background is drawn somewhat abstractly in blocks of color showing the stairs and darkness behind them. the drawing is done in a cartoon style. end id.]

By Suns And Stars | Ep 2: Birds of a Feather... [A Dangerous Little Game]

After an unsettling disappearance, the squad sneaks out at night. How do I know? Well, let's just say a little birdy told me.

[episode list] / [content warnings] / [no transcription yet]


[id: a four-panel comic, drawn digitally in a cartoonish style and colored in dull shades of purple. It features Mal, a human who is at this point somewhere around nine years old. They have long black hair and vitiligo, and they're wearing a loose t-shirt. Their eyes appear to be blankly staring ahead rather than focusing on any given thing.

1: a room. in the foreground, another kid sits eating a sandwich. in the background, young mal stands by a window, setting their backpack down near a table.

2: Mal sits at their table looking down disinterestedly with one hand on the lid of a metal lunchbox. Around them are various noises from other people talking, represented visually as blank word bubbles and score marks.

3: Mal opens the lunchbox to see their stuffed bunny, Chuffles, immediately sit up from inside and reach out towards them. "Mallory!" exclaims a voice in their head. They stare blankly, seemingly caught off guard. Text next to their head says "ah".

4: Someone from out-of-frame says, "Hey Mallory! What's [obscured text] lunch?" Mal immediately slams their lunchbox shut, their mouth extending into a rigid line and sweat beading on their face. The voice in their head says, "Hey. Hi! It's time to talk! Rude."

end id.]


[id: two colored drawings of Sunny and Mikayla respectively wearing fancy clothes.

Sunny is a human with somewhat dark skin, brown eyes, and dark hair shaved on the sides. She is wearing a gray suit over a blue shirt. The suit has turquoise accents at the collar, sleeves, and ruffles at the bottom portion that hangs down behind her. She also wears black lipstick, eyeshadow, and a necklace with a diamond-shaped pendant. She has one hand in her pocket and the other raises a glass in the air, and she's smiling.

Mikayla is an elf with light skin, blue eyes, and wavy blond hair pulled into a loose bun. She is wearing a floor-length dress the color of fire and a pearl necklace and matching bracelet. She also has round glasses and eyeshadow. She holds one arm with her other hand as though shy and looks off to the side wistfully, smiling.

end id.]

drawn by maddy, who asked me to upload them here!


[id: several sketches in bright colors on a black background. the first is a cartoony depiction of Mallory's head with an X over the mouth. They're a human with a shaved head and pierced ears. They're wearing round shades. Their eyes are partway closed in a resigned sort of manner, eyebrows furrowed slightly. Around them are the words, "I'll take a vow of silence". Yes I was listening to lemon demon.

The second image is two drawings of Luka, a humanoid with a floating fiery orb for a head. He's wearing a long coat and gloves, with a sash tied around his waist. In the first one, he walks hurriedly with one hand on his hip and the other holding a piece of bread. He says, "lol sry gotta go toast is done ✌". From out of frame, Mallory says, "dammit luka". Luka adds, "(also it's cosmic toast that will consume your whole dimension if I don't consume it first but that didn't seem important to mention)". In the second sketch Luka is wearing a mask that looks like a simplified version of a human skull. He smiles and gives a thumbs up. end id.]

[heres the photo overlaid on the lines in the second one]

By Suns And Stars | Ep 1: Start of a Long Year [A Dangerous Little Game]

Meet our protagonists in a slice-of-life style prologue before it all goes to pieces. And it does. Seriously what were you expecting.

[episode list] / [content warnings] / [transcript (wip)]

Note: The transcript is not, as of me typing this, finished. This is because I (fallow) have a lot on my plate already with editing the episodes and can't exactly cover everything myself. However we do want our story to be as accessible as possible. My kinda halfway solution is this: The document is open for others to work on, so if you have some spare time an energy/want to lend a hand go right on ahead and start transcribing! And if not that's chill too.

In any case, hope you enjoy!

fallow -

the first episode is up!!! i'm very excited to share this story with everyone, if all goes well i should be posting the second episode next week =D

(sorry for any residual background noise, i try to clean it up as best i can! it'll get better in the future as the others get more conscious of the noises they're making on mic lol)

[id: a grayscale drawing (fountain pen on bristol board) of Mal, a human wearing large round glasses and a hooded coat. They are scowling with their teeth grit, nose wrinkled, and tears running down their face. Through one lens you see one of their eyes, entirely dark including the schlera. The other lens is filled by darkness, a distorted spiral, and a reflection of flames. They face straight towards the viewer. Their coat is clasped at the neck and the hood is up. A sort of glitch causes the edges of the hood to flicker to the side around their face. The space around their head is angry scribbles and crude drawings of knives and cross marks. Two semi-transparent hands are on their shoulders from behind, and bordered by fire come the words, "Focus. Focus. Focus the energy." end id.]

[id: a black and white image, drawn with fountain pen and scanned in. It's a bust shot of Sunny, a human with a round face, wide nose, and a partially-shaved head, with longer hair on the top in tight curls. She wears a bandanna around her neck. Both her eyes are closed and she smiles and says, "Be OK, okay?" end id.]