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The World of the Shining Prince: Court Life in Ancient Japan

Ivan Morris, 1969


[id: an image of black serif text (the kind that might be found in a printed book) on a white background. It reads,

"The humanist idea that the naked body can be a thing of aesthetic joy and significance is alien to the Japanese tradition; the female figure was never included in the contemporary cult of beauty. In Murasaki's case we find not merely indifference to the nude form but actual aversion. In her diary she describes the scene in which two maids-of-honour are robbed of their clothes in the middle of the night. At the sight of the poor naked ladies, their fellow attendants are thrown into pandemonium and rush about ineffectually like frightened barnyard fowl. When things have quieted down, Murasaki comments, 'Unfortunately horrible is the naked body. It really does not have the slightest charm.'²" end id.]