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gligar -

sneater (snake sweater) (extended)

fallow -

omg this is so cute!!! th snake looks so happyyy

thanks dad

Transcript- [audio from brooklyn 99]

Mal: "So again, your alibi is...a mysterious stranger handed you the gun, made you put your prints on it, robbed the store, and then hid the gun in your underpants." [A series of scribbles shows R doing these things except instead of robbing a store they kick Tina into a hall of mirrors.]

Zak: "Well yeah, if you say it like that it don't sound believable."

Mal: "Oh, hey Captain! Did you get my report on the Finley murder?"

Luka: "Uh, yeah I looked it over--nice work."

Mal: "Good. Thanks, Dad."

[silence. in the background Zak laughs so hard he falls out of his seat.]

Mal: "Why is everyone staring at me?"

(offscreen): "You just called Captain Holt 'Dad'. You said 'thanks, Dad'."

Mal: "What? No I didn't--I said 'thanks, man.'"

Luka: "Do you see me as a father figure, Peralta?" [In the last frame, text next to Mal's head says "maybe".]

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difficulty in expression

reupload cause last one fsr convert png sometime after upload which ... this supose be animate!
if this convert png again then not know what do :(

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inara -

Soooooo this is my first finnished animation uwu


Two time

*Clap clap*

Tis Skephalo :p

fallow -

aw is really cute! (also sad ;; ) props to you for animating so much =0 u been at it a lot lately!

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someone made a version of flipnote studio for the computer Im living

fallow -

[id: a simple animation drawn in black pixel lines on a white background. It depicts a cat marching triumphantly while holding a fish in their mouth. Their tail is up in the air to indicate happiness and their eyes are closed. The fish (jostled by every step the cat takes) flops around comedically. end id.]

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fallow -

ooh this looks really neat, i like the characters design =D! they look like marble...

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im getting back into developing my animated short :> here's a wip!

fallow -

=0 hold up, is that on paper???

it looks awesome, i hope you have a good time doin' the rest of it!