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knife go krr

[id: digital drawing of the character Mallory Yun, a human with brown skin, vitiligo, pierced ears, and a dyed-magenta buzz cut. They are wearing round shades, jeans, combat boots, and a long-sleeved striped shirt with a t-shirt over it. They also wear a blue-and-purple sparkly crop jacket with scalloped decorations at the edge that look somewhat like teeth. In one hand they hold three rocks with glowing pink fire around them, and in the other they hold a knife, which they drag down a golden staircase railing behind them, making a horrible KRRRR noise. They pay the noise no mind and instead stand tall staring aggressively at someone out of frame. the background is drawn somewhat abstractly in blocks of color showing the stairs and darkness behind them. the drawing is done in a cartoon style. end id.]

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well california's on fire again

fallow -

dad told me to pack a bag and i started worryin

we've never had to evacuate before but we kno plenty o people who have and now that the fire's close enough to be tangible its quite frightening tbh

especially with more lightning and wind on the way

dad says we prob won't hafta evacuate unless the other side of town starts burning but we're preparing just in case

getting out the cat carriers, dad's gonna put grampa's old film photos by the door, packing clothes, i guess i'll probably put my old sketchbooks there too

i remember the fire in paradise

since i'm pretty young it lead me to assume all summers would be like this and i guess this one's picking up the slack

fallow -

@autiestella and @babushka -

yeye i will thanks =3

air quality's veeeeeeeeeery bad rn but my family is in the house w air purifiers on and mom taped up the faulty seal on the door so we breathe alright

the packing is just a super-ready-ready thing so if we have to go we're ready but dad say he dont think house will burn down, think at most we might end up in mandatory evacuation zone and have to stay at hotel for few days (i say "what about cats?" he say "wont tell hotel about cats", i go "whooooa you can just do that???" ), but hopefully will just be able stay here

is storm on the way with more lightning so we'll see but in any case we prepared

hope other folks do alright

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well california's on fire again

fallow -

dad told me to pack a bag and i started worryin

we've never had to evacuate before but we kno plenty o people who have and now that the fire's close enough to be tangible its quite frightening tbh

especially with more lightning and wind on the way

dad says we prob won't hafta evacuate unless the other side of town starts burning but we're preparing just in case

getting out the cat carriers, dad's gonna put grampa's old film photos by the door, packing clothes, i guess i'll probably put my old sketchbooks there too

i remember the fire in paradise

since i'm pretty young it lead me to assume all summers would be like this and i guess this one's picking up the slack

currently editing audio from our new campaign, placeholder name is ashtonvilla high but hopefully another one will come to us soon lol

we're gonna play again tomorrow, something real rough happened to my character last time im on the edge of my seat-

(i think tomorrows gonna be our fifth session if i've counted right? but yeah, i'm editing stuff and we intend to post it as a podcast!!)

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i still wonder how on earth did we get from "its okay and necessary to experience negative emotions" to "if negative emotions are not your main driving force right now you are doing life wrong"

you have the right to be angry and sad, yes! but you also have the right to be happy!

autiestella -

plenty things in world be angry & sad abt rn, plenty things where might want demand change

but still need take care of self, & that means allow happy too
in hard times more than ever need happy moments! happy moments is how not lose self into spiral where feel nothing worth anything & should give up!
not to mention happy moments is how connect w other ppl, & even self - if destroy all happy then destroy any chance of real connect, & that's WORST thing when world this messy & ppl already so disconnect! is not smth should promote!

like obv be mindful & careful of circumstance, stella not say should throw big corona party or anything, but like
talk to ppl, make jokes, dance round & sing, work on arts & crafts, do anything which fun even if others want say "useless"!
does not matter if never leaves your room, or if reaches whole world: happy is NOT useless, is NOT ignorance, is NOT giving up!

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we just started another dnd campaign (itll continue alongside fallin' angels, we're just taking a break from that for now so our dm can work on somethin different) and its pretty epic and its set in high school and yeah its just been very good so far ill prob post abt my character later im just excited !! hope we get to do second session today but depends on how long the other players are watching minecraft championships fdjksl

fallow -

ahhh we did play yesterday and we're most likely gonna play again today because we're gigantic nerds,, i'll absolutely be posting art once i finish somethin!!

shoutout to my pal @creative-void who dms this campaign as well as fallin angels, she just joined waterfall n shes real good with art n stories =D

artfight attack for @requiemarchitect!!

[id: a pen-and-watercolor bust shot of requiemArchitect's character Jade, who appears human save for her multitude of eyes. she has pale skin, seven blue eyes, and shoulder-length brown hair blowing slightly in the wind. she wears a green shirt and cap. she faces forward and slightly to the side, looking in the other direction out of the corner of her eyes, some of which are shut in what's probably her version of a wink. Light shines from behind her, framing her face in shadow. She's smiling. end id.]


[id: a colored digital doodle of Commander Peepers from Wander Over Yonder. He's a small humanoid with an eye for a head, and he wears a black-and-red uniform and a helmet with a lightning spike on top. His arms are crossed and he looks off to the side with his eye half-closed. end id.]

#hes such a neat character im fascinated by the way he and hater depend on each other/each cant be an effective villain without the others help #also how he laughed when wesley asked to be picked up and was legit gonna leave him stranded on a random planet but at the end when he thinks wesley died trying to keep w&s from escaping he says "we'll all miss wesley sir" #or something to that extent #like #it highlights...not valuing people until theyre of use to you #also his interactions w sylvia are neat??? like #its really funny tbh #i wonder whats going through sylvias head like "literally this guy is evil and wants to rule the galaxy but we have bigger problems at the moment" #i mean that is the situation #but its just really funny to me how they also have a sort of mutual understanding with each other bc they both have friends who get into a Lot Of Trouble and. yeah its just funny #that understanding contrasted with "literally peepers *is* mean and evil and stuff but they can still relate to each other" #its neat to think about i love woy's char dynamics............... #anyway #tag ramble #art #fallow arts #commander peepers #wander over yonder #peepers #woy #described #july 2020 #2020 #ow spindle is biting me #cartoon

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babushka asked:

Eyyy happy birthday to you too then!!!

thanks =D !

[id: watercolor bust drawing of snake, a human with fluffy brown hair, pale skin, a green t-shirt, and square glasses, smiling and doing a peace sign with one hand. end id.]

ayy drew this on the sixteenth but scanner wasnt workin, solved the problem now-

attack on Ghostlysnake !

[artfight] / [more of my art]

[id: four-panel gru's plan meme. the text on his board reads, "smart kid / eager to learn / cant focus for shit / fails all their classes (also theres a global pandemic for some reason)" end id.]

during school i made memes to vent. 10/10 will probably do again, might post some more choice ones later

finally admitted to myself that i was hungry, decided not to eat tomorrow's lunch, spent a solid chunk of time trying to climb the front of the fridge to reach the brownie brittle, eventually remembered that tools are a thing and grabbed a stirring spoon to pull it down, spent another chunk of time trying to open said brownie brittle as the cats watched with fascination, came to the conclusion that resealable bags are pointless if i cant unseal them in the first place and just cut it open with scissors, explained all this to dad as he concernedly looked on because it is midnight and i have just spent half an hour in hand to hand combat with the kitchen

quarantine day 125(?) - 5:43 am

its been two days and im still laughing over compilations of flug saying jefecito. they keep replaying in my head i went to bed laughing and woke up laughing i spent most of yesterday downloading minecraft texture packs and thinking about how i should really work on my comic or do chores but no this is my life now i guess

minecraft wedding went pretty great id say

[id: minecraft screenshot. @inara, a player with light blue skin, pale purple hair, a white skirt/top and gold armbands, shifts next to abby, a player with pale skin and brown hair wearing a tuxedo with a flower on the lapel. Abby is also shifting. They're standing under a wedding arch surrounded by flowers and fallen snow. fallow, a player who looks like a blue slime creature with goggles on aer head, lurks in the background. end id.]

attack on skaiachaii's character coco! [artfight]

[id: a drawing done in pen and watercolor of coco, a deer shown here in cartoony anthro form. coco has white fur with brown spots and little lacey patterns on her back and on one of her legs. She has blond hair and blue eyes with visible eyelashes and is wearing a reddish-brown beanie, a brown cloak, and a necklace with star-shaped beads. She sits in quarter-view facing to the viewer's right, waving and smiling. she is drawn in a cute cartoon style and white gel pen has been used to make texture marks on her clothes and little white spots on her fur. end id.]

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hello i'm fucking tired of hearing explosions every day

fallow -

me too
here they stoppd mostly after yesterday? dont remember hearing today but don't know that would notice, might be used to them by now

attack on pluto-paws' character pluto! [artfight]

[id: pen-and-watercolor drawing of pluto, an anthro cat character with calico spots on their tail and ears. They're wearing a turquoise sweater and lying on their side propped up against a pillow next to them. Their sweater has a shirt-collar with a bell. They smile with their eyes closed and a paw up to their mouth, as if laughing. There is a cartoony five-pointed star on top of their head. end id.]

opportunity asked:

have you shared your artfight page yet? ive seen you posting about it but i can't find if you said your user for it yet ^^ (i love your ocs btw!)

oh thank you so much!!! ='D fdksjlhdghj am really happy to hear u like,,

characters and stories are my Absolute Favorite and yeah is just..is just so good when can share and other folks enjoy???

my artfight page is here: https://artfight.net/~Skycicle

im on team sugar!!! some of my chars are hidden rn bc i haven't updated their pages in a few years but i'll unhide them when i do =0 dang im finally free of homework that means i can actually work on hoi polloi now...............the possiblities...................

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kidd -

seeing a well-meaning but ultimately stupid post circulating tumblr about the new pokemon unite game. the OP does the whole tumblr song and dance about how you're a horrible person if you support the game because it is being funded by Tencent.

if after reading that, you have questions, let me elaborate with some Lore before i explain my opinion

what is pokemon unite?

pokemon unite is a MOBA coming to the Switch and mobile devices, created by a partnership between the Pokemon Company and Tencent. i believe it is intended to be free to play.

what is Tencent?

what isn't Tencent? it's an insanely huge conglomate with international reach that is owned/operated in Shanghai, China. most people are familiar with the fact it owns Riot games and therefore League of Legends. it became notorious in social justice circles for censoring any pro-Hong Kong politics (and players) in Riot games. however, Riot is not the only company Tencent has its claws in.

while it is one of the biggest gaming companies--if not The gaming biggest company--in the world, its reach is well beyond gaming. Tencent offers streaming services, social media, teaching platforms, AI software, facial recognition software, movie production, e-commerce and online payments, etc. what it doesnt own, Tencent invests in: it has invested in Discord and Reddit, for example.

I can't even compare it to a western equivilent. it's way too big--it's like if Facebook, Google, Disney, and Amazon were a single company. it is everywhere. and it is watching. so...

are you a horrible person for supporting/playing Pokemon Unite?

no!!!!!!! Tencent is something that is so insanely huge and powerful that many people CANNOT not consume their products/services. living in China, I literally have no choice but to use Tencent and their services in daily life. my work depends on their services to function. it doesn't make me a bad person, nor does it make pokemon fans bad people for playing a free game by the Pokemon Company.

besides, again, even if you don't play tencent games, you very like use a product or service owned and/or invested in by Tencent anyway. if you're european or american, you likely use services/products free of Tencent that are just as awful in their own ways (FB, Google, Amazon, Apple, etc).

what's important is to be aware and remember there really is no ethical consumption under capitalism. don't let ignorant people who underestimate how powerful Tencent is make you feel shitty about enjoying a free pokemon game.

babushka -

I think i saw this post too, and i really don't like how it's worded. They could have just wrote the facts as they saw it: the game is funded by Tencent, like many other things, Tencent is doing terrible things, in case you don't know it, period. But no, they just chose to write "if you claim to support black lives and at the same time want to play this game, you are a hypocrite". It doesn't even matter if you know who supports who, you are a hypocrite anyways. "Mom, can I play this game about cute pokemons?" "Absolutely not, you racist piece of crap!! Get out of my sight!!"

I think people being guilt tripped by those kinds of posts are the very reason those posts spread.

kidd -

that is exactly the post i saw. i have since seen another one on the same topic which was worded a little better.

but even with the better wording, i do not agree with shaming people for enjoying a game sponsored/invested in/owned by tencent--even if they do know how terrible Tencent is. while well meaning, it is so...delusional to think not supporting one tiny free game by the company will matter. Tencent is just too big.

americans especially shouldn't be jumping on Tencent when we depend so much on Amazon, Disney, Google, and Facebook--all awful companies with their own amounts of human rights violations and censorship. i might be being too sensitive, but it comes off as so self-righteous and a little racist to target Tencent.

of course, if you somehow live your life without any of the mentioned companies above, then talk all you want i guess. but tencent is so ingrained into chinese society and daily life that calling anyone who supports is a bad person is just evil. it's a result of global capitalism and a monopoly that has been allowed to grow far too powerful.

fallow -

oh oh this make sense. yeah me i try minimize supporting company like amazon google etc but they still everywhere =| most i can do is just Not Buy Things but am still young so dont control money in the house, could probably do more than i am right now against them but have other things to worry about so dont really get around to it.. [more ramble under cut]

did not know about tencent! vaguely aware somethings Up in china high surveillance stuff some sort of conglomerate thing of companies fused with government?? dont know much about it since i dont live there but some years back saw article where china build diplomacy-meeting-place gift to a country in africa then country find out meetingplace is bugged, remember i talked about that and someone say china government does a lot of spy things like that these days.

is scary to think is company so much bigger than companies i am familiar with. didnt kno they could get that big honestly! is it so big bc it not have competition?

sometime i feel like i am behind in perception of world, spend so much time school learning history not present that could prob tell u more about ancient china than china now, at least if i remembered all the stuff they taught

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really wanna address @kidd 's thoughts about Sinophobia in a separate post if they don't mind

I don't really know why this happens, but i guess, people really want to have something which is easy to hate on? Because when the actions of Chinese government started getting viral recognition, very few people started saying "Chinese government is bad". Most people just said "China is bad. I hate China" and so on. There was a wave of hate for everything made in China (which is a lot of things) or funded by China and it never really stopped.

The same thing happened to Russia before that. No one on the viral internet post says "Russian government is bad", everyone just says "Russia is bad". And if Russia is bad, that means it's cool and woke to boo Russian contestants on song contest, and uncool to even reblog pictures of Russian forests. Bad! Country!

It's so easy to label a whole nation or country as "bad", and i imagine that sinophobia got even worse since the virus... Why is this kind of logic, logic of someone who straight up writes war propaganda, is still allowed?!

fallow -

sinophobia is word for be racist to Chinese people right? if so then i wrote an essay on that! it has indeed gotten worse since the virus. lots worse. can share essay if people want read, was for english class but yeah my topic was racism+covid. was suppose compare with witch hunt in the crucible (assignment find historical thing where harmless group gets accuse of smth not their fault, mob mentality etc).

yeah is sad..people make generalization, try simplify complicated things...

which person you mention straight-up write war propaganda?

(also i havent seen original post so if something i say very off-topic is prob bc i dont have context ehe)

just woke up from this highkey stressful dream about going shopping???

i mean it was about more than that, i remember some other parts that I can't explain but

in the main part I remember, my family and I were going shopping, just at a normal grocery store, except there were all these protections in place, idk if it was for covid or what

and anyway I guess I wanted a pie? and mom sprayed whipped cream in a pie tin and I was like >=| is it vegan whipped cream tho (also how is that a pie) [food being vegan or not is a constant in my dreams I swear I had this entire one where I was explaining to dad that no there was not one single hot sauce bottle on this shelf that I had seen that I could eat because they all had milk powder really tiny in the ingredients list]

anyway yes it was vegan whipped cream and I was already holding the closest thing to a vegan pie the store had which was some combo of peanut butter chocolate and bananas in a wide paper bowl (not baked just called a pie anyway because reasons) so anyway ofc I scraped the whipped cream out of the pie tin and put it on my "pie"

and then later we went to check out

and this was the part when things started to get stressful

dream!me remembered there had been headlines about people carrying "pie alternatives" [for the record vegan pies exist and theyre delicious im laughing my butt off now that im awake] getting harassed but especially Black people carrying pie alternatives?? (hello racism getting a cameo in my dreams apparently) anyway I started getting nervous about that because see there were all these crowds in checkout lines and such and the parking lot...checking out went alright but when we were outside trying to get back to our car we were stopped by this guy who was a mashup of one of our family friends and tim minchin

it was his job to check our groceries (i dont remember what for) and he was kind of an asshole about it but we let him because we knew he had a gun =/

I held out my pie, assuring him it was just peanut butter/chocolate/banana with whipped cream, and he reached over and (with gloves on; gloves were required for the job) lifted up a huge chunk of it to my dismay and took a bite. He set the rest of the chunk back in the tin and I felt relieved (I really wanted to be able to eat that ~pie alternative~ later on). Next it was time for him to check everyone else's groceries.

My sister had some sort of candy, almost like large sprinkles, and he made a show of checking the sprinkles container and then using sleight of hand to (somewhat noticeably) hide some of the sprinkles in his palm and eat them. He laughed and I saw the sprinkles in the back of his mouth. I was mostly just thinking about how we were halfway done and we could go home soon and was relieved that things were going well.

Mom didn't have anything to get checked because she wasn't carrying that particular type of grocery (maybe it was sweets? maybe that's what had to get checked?) so now the guy turned to Dad and asked him if he had anything that required checking.

Dad stood there in his blue t-shirt, arms folded, photography gear slung over his back, no visible groceries to speak of, and said "Fuck off."

This was the part where I started panicking because, if you remember, in this reality the people who are hired to check sweets have guns. I knew that dad was pissed off because of the way the guy had been treating us but swearing would certainly not help.

I went up to dad and tugged on his shirt and tried to get him to calm down but he kept telling the guy to fuck off and refusing to answer the question of if he was carrying sweets.

The guy started threatening us. There was something about eyes?? like dad had lost two of his eyes and he had two left but the guy was happy to take care of that for him??? i dont know what was up with that, visually we all looked normal, but somehow we at the same time had different amounts of eyes and anyway I didn't want any of us getting shot in the eye so I was still urging dad to comply

another sweets-checking person who was dressed in a very specific white suit-type thing that i don't know the name of pointed a gun at dad in passing bc he saw that he was causing a scene

this dream did not resolve except by me waking up! end the story how you like but it would seem there was just about one plausible conclusion and it did not involve me eating my pie alternative!

spent a while vibing inside a rock with a few other players, we became immortal and stuff

i guess this is what social interaction is nowadays