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i'm a simple storyteller lookin for a place to put my random thoughts. (and art, occasionally!)

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@inara finally has a sona so ofc i draw

[id: traditional watercolor drawing of inara/chaotic. She's a person(ish) with red hair, blue eyes, and light freckled skin, except on one side of her face where her skin is bright indigo and her eye is all black with a white pupil. Her ears are long like an elf's and she's wearing a blue strapless top, purple leggings, and a thin transparent-purplish garment that hangs from her shoulders. Additionally a broken halo floats above her head. She's bunched up in a strange position--she's sitting, with one of her legs sideways resting atop the other leg's knee, and her arm resting on the sideways-leg's ankle as she holds her chin up with the back of her hand in a sassy manner. Her other arm is rested on an invisible object. She side-eyes something to her left and smirks with two cartoon sparkles floating next to her head. end id.]