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robot -

drew one of my d&d parties in the don't starve art style

only one here that's mine is antoine on the far left

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Tarot cards!

a project i've slowly been working on! I need to re-letter them of course (thats why the high priestess doesnt have text) but its been a little side project i've had :)!

The first one features my character Isa as the fool, since her backstory sort of represents the idea of "starting a new journey"

The second features one of my friend's characters Sodgel as the magician, since he's the wizard of the party and he's sort of "tapping into his true potential" with his spellcasting

and the last one is of an npc, Ms. Promise as the high priestess. She's a reformed succubus who is a worshipper of Sarenrae, the god of redemption. I chose her for it because there is currently a lot of mystery around her

fallow -

ohhhmygosh these are beautiful,,

idk how to word but i i rly like the texture you used of the little dots makes them look more like cards and the composition is rly good especially in the magician and high priestess ones with jsut... heckin...light shining through the window/the magic curling from sodgel's arm and the blast below him,, and isa's so cute ;; v good v good

Here We Come A-Traveling

I exist

This is one of my D&D parties (I play the second one, half-elf bard)


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intrepid-inkweaver -

People think that these memories that you return to over and over are like coins. Ancient coins of gold and silver that wear away and wear away beneath your caressing fingers, eventually disappearing with the passing of time.

But I do not think that these memories are coins. I do not feel them withering away. I think that they are more like a piece of sand in the mouth of an oyster, gaining laquer and luster each time that I return to them.

And maybe they are different than they were before--the only truth remaining at the center in that little piece of grit, but I have made them into artwork in my mind, all the colors brighter and the senses happier. I have made them into a place of retreat, a lovely sanctuary of memory and fantasy and I can live with not remembering the truth.

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im tired of being baby now im angry

hello gamers i havent posted here in a while but here's a pixel art thing i made of Isa and her animal companion (well more like her giant son) Acacia :)!

fallow -

oooooh rly like it is good is good,,, who angered isa???

Sukayla (SunnyxMikayla)

They are the cutest. Sunny is the human girl and Mikayla is the elf. Sunny is a paladin and Mikayla is a wizard

Reference for Patron

he has a name but it has not been revealed yet ;), anyways this art is for my campaign Ashtonvilla high

fallow -

it is Him.....................

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Forest Study

Reference: https://unsplash.com/photos/jFCViYFYcus

Wanted to focus on creating depth within a piece and it really expanded into this study of hue and saturation. Spend only about a hour on this bc its something I did before jetting off to work.

fallow -


My first post

Normally I’ll post D&D stuff from my campaigns but I Don’t have any art from my campaigns that I really want to post yet so I thought I’d show an example of my art :)

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clouds and the ocean r so therapeutic to paint. heres a city in a boat

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robot -

this was for that style-bending art challenge! basically, i asked my art friends what things were distinct for my style and i had to create a piece of art without any of them. they said blocky and painterly brush strokes, the colors red and blue and brown, and people. came up with this in the end- there are some bluish and brownish shades, but they're almost all just fun uses of greys, dark yellows, and the surrounding colors. the closest i got to brown was a khaki beige-ish color.

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Some other recent stuff: NeoScum band AU and casual Zenith inspired by the Gen Con-stand-in charity live stream the other week and a purple Lex bc the Moroverse has been living on the backburner of my mind again

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babushka -

i still wonder how on earth did we get from "its okay and necessary to experience negative emotions" to "if negative emotions are not your main driving force right now you are doing life wrong"

you have the right to be angry and sad, yes! but you also have the right to be happy!

autiestella -

plenty things in world be angry & sad abt rn, plenty things where might want demand change

but still need take care of self, & that means allow happy too
in hard times more than ever need happy moments! happy moments is how not lose self into spiral where feel nothing worth anything & should give up!
not to mention happy moments is how connect w other ppl, & even self - if destroy all happy then destroy any chance of real connect, & that's WORST thing when world this messy & ppl already so disconnect! is not smth should promote!

like obv be mindful & careful of circumstance, stella not say should throw big corona party or anything, but like
talk to ppl, make jokes, dance round & sing, work on arts & crafts, do anything which fun even if others want say "useless"!
does not matter if never leaves your room, or if reaches whole world: happy is NOT useless, is NOT ignorance, is NOT giving up!

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[ID: a peaceful warm digital artwork depicting Helix, one of HiddenCarpet's ocs. They are a fat muscular brown person with loose shoulder lenght wavy brown hair and sideburns. They have a few yellow flowers in their hair and they are wearing a simple light dress in pink orange color with a loose yellow lace on top. It falls off them, partially uncovering their hairy body with big and messy scars of multiple cuts on the left side of their neck, burn scars on their right shoulder, and breasts with two large nipples. They are sleeping on their back, with one hand on their belly and second hand to the side. Their hair falls onto their face and a big canine stands out of their mouth. They are covered with warm light of bright yellow abstract flowers surrounding them. End ID]

fallow -

i really like how you drew the flowers, your art always has such nice ambiance!

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How amazing it is to find someone who wants to hear about all the things that go on in your head.
Nina LaCour, Hold Still

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i love them three graduation kids :heart emoji:

[ID: a digital painting of the 3 Thundermen from The Adventure Zone: Graduation. Firbolg has green skin and long puffy green hair. Argo has blue skin and long blue curly hair, and Fitzroy has brown skin and short brown wavy hair. They all sit with Firbolg in the middle. Firbolg hugs Argo and Fitzroy from behind which catches them off suprise and makes their heads collide with each other. The background is light blue with white splotches of paint. End ID]