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Tarot cards!

a project i've slowly been working on! I need to re-letter them of course (thats why the high priestess doesnt have text) but its been a little side project i've had :)!

The first one features my character Isa as the fool, since her backstory sort of represents the idea of "starting a new journey"

The second features one of my friend's characters Sodgel as the magician, since he's the wizard of the party and he's sort of "tapping into his true potential" with his spellcasting

and the last one is of an npc, Ms. Promise as the high priestess. She's a reformed succubus who is a worshipper of Sarenrae, the god of redemption. I chose her for it because there is currently a lot of mystery around her

fallow -

ohhhmygosh these are beautiful,,

idk how to word but i i rly like the texture you used of the little dots makes them look more like cards and the composition is rly good especially in the magician and high priestess ones with jsut... heckin...light shining through the window/the magic curling from sodgel's arm and the blast below him,, and isa's so cute ;; v good v good

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ohhhmygosh these are beautiful,,

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