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ayy i'm fallow, thanks for stopping by!

i'm a simple storyteller lookin for a place to put my random thoughts. (and art, occasionally!)

nice ta see ya traveller, hope you enjoy your stay!

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kweeka as of our most recent session

home sweet home...

[id: pen-and-watercolor drawing of Kweeka, a short, stocky dwarf with medium-dark skin and lots of freckles. Kweeka has long straight green hair pulled into one braid on their back, and their beard is made into one braid as well. They have a pale yellow flower beyind their right ear. They're wearing worn traveller's clothes--a dusty-green jacket with a patch on the elbow and mismatched buttons down the front and a pair of heavily-scuffed brown trousers with patches on the knees. Their intricately-designed boots are their only clothing item that does not appear to be worn down with use. They also have a backpack slung over one shoulder, one hand raised to grip the strap (their right hand, on which most of their pinky finger is missing) and in their other hand they hold a set of wooden panpipes with beads hanging down from the binding. They're smiling and looking off to their right with a slightly-worried yet amused expression. end id.]

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