rise and shiine it's such a lovely morning

ayy i'm fallow, thanks for stopping by!

i'm a simple storyteller lookin for a place to put my random thoughts. (and art, occasionally!)

nice ta see ya traveller, hope you enjoy your stay!

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"who is this slime creature and why is ae on my dash"

hey, call me fallow!


naturally as a byproduct of the internet i have a lot of other names too so dont be surprised if some folk call me frost, sky, or cat.

I'm just a friendly face floatin' around out here, feel free to drop in n say hi!

In the interest of providing context for the things I say:

(the bolding/italics is to make it easier to read for my fellow folks out there who have trouble w dense blocks of text, just fyi its not meant to convey tone)

I'm autistic and queer as hell. I love storytelling in all its forms and my favorite ways of engaging with it are through drawing, writing, roleplaying, and performing. I don't have a byf page because I don't feel like I need one really (i think for me personally since i mostly post positive things or silly things i don't mind if hateful people see them because maybe it'd make them soften up a bit?) but if I did it would probably have all the usual things on it plus something like "meat enthusiasts dni" (which i would say facetiously because it seems the vast majority of the population suddenly gets very enthusiastic about meat whenever i mention that im vegan so if i legit tried to avoid them id have no one to interact with lmao. just respect folks and ur a-ok to chill here.)